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Leading Russia media slams China for inflating GDP figures to suit needs of ruling
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Leading Russia media slams China for inflating GDP figures to suit needs of ruling

Leading Russia media slams China for inflating GDP figures to suit needs of ruling class

Leading Russia media slams China for inflating GDP figures to suit needs of ruling

For the second time in recent weeks Russian media, after pulling up China for its Belt and Road Initiative,has criticised Beijing for artificially inflating its GDP figures and accused the ruling class of using this in self-interest.

Leading Russian business daily Kommersant in a detailed commentary titled 'The Deception of the GDP' claimed that the amount of non-productive economic activity in China is huge, which artificially increases the GDP figure.

The criticism of Chinese GDP figures in the leading Russian business daily is significant given that Sino-Russian economic partnership is strong and Beijing imports huge quantities of natural resources from Russia.

Beijing is using this GDP figure to confront GDP figures of Western countries, the daily alleged. This is not to say that there is no unproductive economic activity in the western market economies, but it is far less than such economic activities in China, the daily claimed.

The article went on to say the growth of GDP in China does not necessarily mean the growth in country's economic strength and that its ruling class is using it for its own purposes.

Kommersant cited an example to buttress its argument say “A company built a large stadium. This investment activity did contribute a huge amount to GDP, but it did not create wealth for the company. On the contrary, it reduced the company’s wealth and even contributed to its financial difficulties. In this case, the growth of GDP negatively impacted economic power.”

“There is a very simple statistic to know: 75 percent of the Chinese people’s wealth is in the property market. You don’t need to explain anything else. The Chinese leaders think they are the smartest and can shrink the bubble slowly and painlessly,” the daily quoted an analyst as saying.

Many Chinese experts have graduated from American universities and they should ideally understand functioning of the economy.The calculation of real economic strength should exclude non-productive financial investment from GDP, make adjustments for income distribution, and replace the GDP value with calculations of the basic assets of the society, the daily claimed.

Recently another leading Russian daily newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta alleged that several citizens in the central Asian countries believe that China’s“One Belt, One Road” initiative exhibits the intention to “occupy central Asia”. The article claimed that the more actively China promotes the “One Belt, One Road” policy and more money it puts in it, anti-China protests will grow louder in tandem.

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Beri apresiasi terhadap thread ini Gan!

kulihat lu org tolol sampai skrg otaknya tak update krn masih pikir China adalah Sickmen of Asia..

China itu bukan lagi Sickmen of Asia.
China itu satu2nya di asia yg dianggap mampu gantikan dominasi amerika (barat)

hahaiyaa,. .dominasi junjunganmu bule barat amerika (barat) udah memudar
step by step digantikan oleh china ,ras chinese yg paling dibenci olehmu
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Leading Russia media slams China for inflating GDP figures to suit needs of ruling
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Help us out, Europe begs China:
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junjunganmu bule amerika (barat) juga masih utang duit pada chinese yg lu hina sickman of asia]
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