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How Moscow is Special for Jakarta Vice Governor Sandiaga Uno
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How Moscow is Special for Jakarta Vice Governor Sandiaga Uno

Posted On 03 Aug 2018
By : Leo Jegho
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Since taking office in October 2017, the vice governor has made five overseas trips
How Moscow is Special for Jakarta Vice Governor Sandiaga Uno
The scene in Moscow, Russia. (Photo source: Pixabay/cattu)
Jakarta, – Jakarta Vice Governor Sandiaga Uno’s recent visit to Moscow is special. The first reason is because this is the vice governor’s fifth overseas work trip since taking office in October 2017, partnering with Governor Anies Baswedan. Secondly, Sandiaga visited the Russian capital shortly after the World Cup 2018 in Russia was over.
Sandiaga Uno, the businessman-turned politician, left Jakarta for Moscow, Jakarta’s sister city, for a two-day visit to the Russian capital. While in Russia, Sandiaga Uno held discussions with Moscow Deputy Mayor Khusnullin Marat and other local leaders.
According to a report by the Jakarta Post, traffic management was among the major topics discussed between the Jakarta vice governor and Russian officials. Meanwhile, reported that officials also discussed about international sports competition management and the possibility of Jakarta government sending its athletes for training at Moscow Gym. The trip to Moscow also coincided with the two-week Asian Games 2018 that will be hosted in the capital of Jakarta as well as Palembang, South Sumatra, this month.
Sandiaga Uno’s Moscow trip followed up on the similar trip made by Djarot Saiful Hidayat in August last year. Then governor Djarot, the predecessor of the current Governor Anies Baswesdan, signed an agreement with Moscow city officials to renew the two capital’s sister-city cooperation. During the same trip, Djarot Saiful visited Moscow Traffic Management Center and the renowned Moscow Central Circle, according to a Jakarta Post report.
Sandiaga Uno’s first overseas trip as vice governor was to Dubai in November 2017. In February this year, Sandiaga went to Tokyo, which was followed by his trip to Los Angeles in June. Sandiaga then went to Singapore early last month, making it as the fourth city he visited as a Jakarta vice governor. All those places are Jakarta’s sister cities. While in those cities, Sandiaga discussed with local officials several issues about city management, notably traffic management and spatial planning as a whole.
Jakarta had also developed sister city cooperation with more than 21 capital cities around the globe including Cairo, Islamabad, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Athens, Berlin, Budapest, Paris, Rotterdam, London, and Sydney.
Meanwhile, the Jakarta-Rotterdam cooperation, which has lasted for more than 30 years, is perceived to be the Asian capital’s most remarkable sister city relationships. The Netherlands’ port city has contributed significantly for further development of Jakarta’s Tanjung Priok, the largest harbor in Indonesia. Then governor Basuki ‘Ahok’ Tjahaja Purnama visited Rotterdam in 2015 and his talks with local officials on the occasion reportedly included the development of 17 new artificial islands in North Jakarta.

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How Moscow is Special for Jakarta Vice Governor Sandiaga Uno

How Moscow is Special for Jakarta Vice Governor Sandiaga Uno
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