Gold prices to jump after US loses trade war & its debt bubble blows

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Gold prices to jump after US loses trade war & its debt bubble blows
Investors that bet on US economy against gold will soon be disappointed, and bullion prices will soar, according to veteran stock broker Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital.

Gold prices have plunged this year from $1,400 to $1,200. Some say this happened because the US Federal Reserve raised interest rates, but Schiff has a different opinion.

“It happens because of a collective delusion of investors around the world that the US economy is actually booming (and it is not) and that the US can win the trade war (while it can’t). When the reality rears its head, I think that gold prices will head much higher than they are now,”Schiff told RT’s Boom Bust show.

According to Schiff, US economy was a bubble when Donald Trump was elected as president, but he has managed “to blow same air back in it”. However, the US stock market bubble has only been soaring, Schiff says.

“The tax cuts were a bit of an artificial stimulus, but the larger deficits the tax cuts produced would be a bigger drag on the economy than the temporary boost from the cuts,” he said. While introducing tax cuts, Trump is making the US government more expensive by signing bills on increased military and welfare spending, Schiff said.

“If taxpayers don’t pay for that with income taxes, they are going to do that by increasing debt, higher inflation and rising consumer prices. As the economy goes back to recession, it becomes obvious we are going to lose the trade war because we are now benefiting from the subsidies that foreign economies are extending to us by allowing to buy what they produce on credit,” he added.
This will end in a US dollar collapse, and people will rush to buy gold, Schiff concluded.

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sinophobia kejang-kejang, yang kalah perang malah amerikaemoticon-Ngakak
Gold prices to jump after US loses trade war & its debt bubble blows - Peter Schiff to RT...

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emoticon-Wkwkwk emoticon-Ngakak amerika kalah lagi

sampai skrg amerika aja belum mampu bayar utang duit negara pada china
dulu China juga unggul dalam perang dagang dengan amerika

China has become the world's biggest trading nation in goods, ending the post-war dominance of the US, according to official figures.
China overtakes US in world trade

America has finally lost its crown to China as the world’s biggest goods trading nation.
China overtakes US to become world’s biggest goods trading nation
China overtakes US as world’s largest goods trader
emoticon-Leh Uga
Cinak emang lebih unggul dari Amerika dan Eropa dalam hal berak sembarangan emoticon-Najis (S)

Countries that account for almost three-quarters of the people who practice open defecation:

India (626 million = 48 % of population )
Indonesia (63 million = 26 %)
Pakistan (40 million = 23 % )
Ethiopia (38 million = 45 % )
Nigeria (34 million = 22 %)
Sudan (19 million = 44 % )
Nepal (15 million = 54 %)
China (14 million = 1 %) emoticon-Najis (S) emoticon-Ngakak (S)
Niger (12 million = 80 %)
Burkina Faso (9.7 million = 61%)
Mozambique (9.5 million = 41%)
Cambodia (8.6 million = 57 %).

Amerika & negara-negara Eropa ngga masuk disitu emoticon-thumbsup

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kebetulan ane sekeluarga nyetok emas bersertifikat LBM, ane gak pernah percaya dengan greenback, bitcoin masih bisa diandalkan tapi nambangnya susah cuy, lebih susah lagi belanjakannya emoticon-Leh Uga emoticon-Leh Uga emoticon-Leh Uga emoticon-Leh Uga emoticon-Leh Uga emoticon-Leh Uga emoticon-Leh Uga emoticon-Leh Uga emoticon-Leh Uga emoticon-Leh Uga

lha indonesia juara 2 tuh yah ?
tetep aja tytyd cokin mini bau tokai lagi

BBB (BANI BAU BABI) emoticon-Wkwkwk

Tapi beraknya nggak di dalem angkot bos
mau lagak apalah bule amerika itu !!!
mayoritas di amerika itu sama spt di australia & kanada
semuanya bule domba kulit putih aka keturunan tukang genosida perampas tanah

leluhurnya bangsa eropa genosida penduduk pribumi asli & merampas tanah pribumi amerika/australia/kanada
setelah sukses genosida ,langsung bule2 eropa berbondong2 pindah ke tanah rampasan & ngesex membuat keturunan
bule2 kulit putih yg ada di amerika/australia/kanada skrg itu semuanya keturunan tukang genosida & perampas tanah

kalian bajingan bule domba kulit putih paok yg di amerika/australia/kanada akan selamanya diremehkan !!!

karena kalian bule domba kulit putih paok yg skrg di amerika/australia/kanada adalah keturunan tukang genosida perampas tanah[
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china dan cokin bakalan menguasai seluruh dunia termasuk indonemoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ultah emoticon-Ultah emoticon-Toast emoticon-Jempol emoticon-Jempol