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Nissan Akui Palsukan Data Emisi Hasil Tes
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Nissan Akui Palsukan Data Emisi Hasil Tes

Nissan admits falsifying emissions tests in Japan

Nissan has admitted that it has uncovered falsified data from car exhaust emissions tests at most of its Japanese factories.
The firm did not disclose how many cars were involved, but said emissions and fuel economy tests had "deviated from the prescribed testing environment".
The carmaker added that inspection reports had been "based on altered measurement values".
Nissan pledged there would be a "full and comprehensive investigation".
It added that "appropriate measures" would be taken to stop any future recurrence.
Nissan has not revealed how many cars were involved in the altering of data, or if it involved vehicles manufactured outside Japan.
The company said it had rechecked "reliable" data and confirmed that all vehicles except the GT-R sports car conformed to Japanese safety standards. It did not explain why the GT-R had been excluded.
by Jonty Bloom, BBC business correspondent

This is a very embarrassing affair for Nissan and it will damage its reputation, but it does not seem at the highest levels to have been deliberately trying to beat the system.
VW was caught cheating emissions testing by deliberately writing software that meant its cars met emissions standards only when they were being tested but not at any other time.
Nissan on the other hand seems to have been running its testing system very badly, they did not meet legal requirements and measurements were altered.
That does not sound as bad as what happened at VW but it is still very shocking. This was going on at all of Nissan's factories in Japan, bar one; that means it is hardly a one-off accident or down to a few rotten apples.
Nissan is still investigating what went wrong and so more details may emerge, although strangely enough Nissan believes nearly all of its cars do pass emissions standards.
But, if this scandal ends here, Nissan will probably be able to say it made a sin of omission rather than VW's sin of commission.
Safety probe
Nissan's shares fell more than 4.5% on Monday after the company alerted investors that a statement on exhaust emissions was imminent.
Last year, Nissan recalled 1.2 million vehicles in Japan after regulators said safety checks did not meet domestic requirements.
A subsequent investigation into why its safety inspections did not meet government standards has now led to the latest revelations.
The admission by Nissan comes after a huge scandal involving diesel emissions test cheating by Germany's Volkswagen.
Last month, VW was fined €1bn (£880m) by German prosecutors for selling more than 10 million cars between mid-2007 and 2015 that had test-cheating software installed.

buset, satu lagi perusahaan jepang ketangkap basah, di sini kok selalu adem ayem ya, tuh airbag takata udah diperiksa belum
Beri apresiasi terhadap thread ini Gan!
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Nissan Akui Palsukan Data Emisi Hasil Tes

ane tetep demen nissan nyang ntuh

Andalan ane kalo maen Gran Turismo yg di PS 2 emoticon-Games
Teganya kau nissan...

nostalgia apa masih maen gan emoticon-Big Grin ?

Udah gak maen lah gan, PS 2 udah dijual emoticon-Ngakak


Sabar ya bre... emoticon-Swedia
wah sedih.. emoticon-Nohope
Nissan Akui Palsukan Data Emisi Hasil Tes

kenak kasus dia, bakalan bernasib seperti VW kah? emoticon-Traveller
Di Indon siapa yang peduli sama emisi mobil? Bisa makan nasi sehari aja udah bahagia, apalagi kalo bisa beli mobil, wuihhh.. Mau mobilnya ngeluarin kentut juga gak ada yang peduli.. emoticon-Ngakak Yang penting ahok gak jd presiden dan indon syariat islam.. emoticon-Ngakak
Diubah oleh brentie
wuling jauh lebih bagusemoticon-Imlek emoticon-Ultah

bukti jepong tukang ngibul, dulu indon di kibuli jadi sodara tua, skrg di kibulin emisi mobilemoticon-Traveller

kami cokin jauh lebih jujur dan dapat di percayaemoticon-Traveller

apa perlu gw pajang foto anjing yg didandani singa di kebun binatang cungkok? klo soal tipu" masih cungkok yg nomor wahid
ngibul semua kalo emisi
nissan skyline gt-r... emoticon-Big Grin
tret gini aja masih dibawa sara
panasbung emg goblok semua

Jgnkan mobil ratusan jt kena kartel di papanja no fitur tembus 200jt sblm ada wuling xpander, motor belasan juta aja dikartel harga sama duo jepun
Nissan Akui Palsukan Data Emisi Hasil Tes
djahat sekali nissan...pembohong
ane sukanya rasa cokelat
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