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July Notes - The Lucky 7

July Notes - The Lucky 7

Be GRATEFUL for small things, big things, and everything in between 

Hola everyone, I plan to keep this post simple and straightforward, so i come up with the thoughts of posting my daily journal of the things that i am most grateful for. Here's my top 7 most grateful things list of the day: 

1. It's 7th of July (thanks God for giving me another day to live) 
2. Final exam has finally over (it's time to focus on LIMA Basketball Go-JEK Sumatera Conference 2018)

3. Everything was on schedule (Hari ini semua berjalan lancar dan pertandingan selesai lebih cepat dari perkiraan, or at least lebih cepat dari perkiraan aku) 
4. The audiences were quite enthusiast and active (seneng banget ketika bisa mentransfer and surrounded by positive energy) 
5. Having a light and intense talks with the other committees (Tadi di sela-sela break, sempat sedikit bincang" dengan beberapa committees, i found it truly precious when people share their thoughts and life experiences with me, thank you guys!) 
6. My friends bought me drink ( thank you for the sincerity agnes and ci selvia) 
7. Got home safe and sound 
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