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Itinerary Jogja 2018

Jogja Itinerary 2018


Itinerary Jogja 2018

DAY 1 (Itinerary Jogja 2018)


Itinerary Jogja 2018

The Hill of Panguk in the village of Kediwung, Mangunan is the new tourism alternatives in Bantul Regency. Mangunan area alone, we often hear the tour Mangunan Orchards, pine forests and the peaks of Becici. Panguk Hill is almost similar to the peak of Mangunan Orchards with a view times the Oyo snaking decorated mist magisnya. The difference is, on the Hill of Panguk we get additional views of the awesome Sunrise and viewing options. The route headed to the Hill panguk kediwung puns angat easy. From the city directly to the Road East of imogiri. Travel straight towards the orchards and pine forests mangunan dlingo. After arriving in the area of Orchard mangunan, visitors can directly ask the citizens the direction heading into the hamlet of kediwung. If you've arrived at the village kediwung there already exists the directions to bukit panguk kediwung.
Address: Kediwung, Mangunan, Mangunan, Dlingo, Dlingo, Bantul, Yogyakarta 55783
Opening hours: open 24 hours
*TIPS: The best time to visit is Panguk Hill at dawn (sunrise), or if you can not visit when the dawn, you can come in the afternoon, because during the day the weather was quite hot. In order to be more satisfied, come on weekdays (Monday-Friday), if you come when the weekend or holidays, get ready to meet with dozens of other visitors. Don't litter and always obey the rules. If you want to take pictures in viewing, lining up with other visitors please Yes.


Itinerary Jogja 2018

Abyss Tembelan arguably is one of the new attractions in Yogyakarta. Tourists usually come to selfie and photographing sunrise or before sunrise. In addition to the Tembelan Ravine, the site of another place to photograph the sunrise, usually on a hill Panguk Kediwung. But many tourists prefer Viewing Mangunan to capture the sunrise.

Address: Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region of Indonesia, 55783
Price: Free. Donation basis.

*TIPS: the road to the abyss of Tembelan is quite extreme, so make sure the kendaraanmu in top shape. Can be accessed by car or motorcycle. More are advised to use private vehicles, particularly motorcycles. The best time to visit is when the Tembelan Gorge in the evening or in the morning on weekdays. Don't litter and always obey the rules


Itinerary Jogja 2018

The beach is located in the hamlet of Danggolo timang, village of Purwodadi, Kec. Tepus, Gunung Kidul. Its location is approximately 50 km from Yogyakarta city and can be reached in 2 to 2.5 hours drive.
A very iconic beach with coral reefs large is indeed originally known for many fishermen seeking lobster in this place. The uniqueness of the Gondola or Timang Beach is the cable used to cross toward the great reef.

Address: 55881 Kabupaten GunungKidul, Yogyakarta special region, Indonesia 55881
Opening Hours: 9 a. M – 5.00 P. M
* £ 200.000 S $20 (with gondola) and £ 100,000 a S $10 (with bridge).
* motorcycle servicesfrom parking area is $50,000 (S $5), or with a jeep to £ 350,000 (S $35)/jeep for max 4 people

*TIPS: Better choose to ride a Own Transportation if
* Carry car sedan or the condition of the car tires are not good
* Rainy weather/rain will potentially
* Unusual driving on the street with a rocky incline and sharp derivative


Itinerary Jogja 2018

The location of the Pengger pine forest is located in the northernmost part of Bantul, bordering the region of Gunung Kidul Subdistrict pathuk nevertheless still entered in Kecamatan Dlingo. Actually, pine forest pengger this is not a new tour in Bantul, having already appeared along with the popularity of Imogiri pine forests the last two years. However, the new spot is a photo selfienya.

Addressemoticon-Big Grinlingo, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region of Indonesia, 55783
Price: Entrance Rp2,500, carpark fee of Rp10,000 (~ S $1) per car applies.

*TIPS: on holiday to the pine forests of Pengger: anytime is the best time for a visit to the pine forests of Pengger. But, more recommended for a visit while the afternoon and evening. Don't litter and always obey the rules. Very suitable for a family or romantic tourist excursions along the couple. Very suitable for photography lovers you visited.

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This Itinerary Jogja 2018 For Tourism Purpose

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