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Woman in China uses restaurant's bowl as a mini toilet for her kid
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Woman in China uses restaurant's bowl as a mini toilet for her kid

Woman in China uses restaurant's bowl as a mini toilet for her kid

Woman in China uses restaurant's bowl as a mini toilet for her kid

People tend to have varying views towards hygiene. For example, keeping one’s desk neat and tidy is a must for some, while others relish unorganised mess. However, what happened recently in a restaurant in China went beyond subjective standards of cleanliness.

A Weibo user witnessed a mother using a blue bowl to contain her son’s pee, and pour it into another food bowl. After being caught, the unrepentant woman even retorted, “The bowl has to be washed anyway.”

Netizens debated whether there was any virtue to what the mother did. One user said sarcastically, “Since the bowl is used, the lady might as well drink it.”

Another played on the same logic as the woman and said, “We are all going to die anyway. Since you are so uncouth, why don’t you die first?”

“Next time we’ll give her a spittoon for eating,” another person commented.

The restaurant said that such a thing had never happened before, and that they had disposed of all the bowls that day. They found the incident strange, because even if her son was in urgent need of the toilet, the toilets could be found in every floor of the restaurant.

haiyaaa ciilaaka luuwa weelas waaa

mo bilang ape yeeee????
Beri apresiasi terhadap thread ini Gan!
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Bingung ya, negara semakin banyak penduduk semakin banyak orang bodoh kayak begini.

Kebanyakan berita-berita "gila" asalnya dari China, India, Indonesia, dan Amerika. emoticon-Bingung

Tapi beginian pasti yang dibahas cuma ras emoticon-Big Grin
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Utk agan dabbrain
Woman in China uses restaurant's bowl as a mini toilet for her kid

Woman in China uses restaurant's bowl as a mini toilet for her kid
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jadi inget web sukatoro
😲😵😨😰😱 bener bener sakit china
orang china emng gila, barusan nemu orng cina pake mobil di jalan eh dia sengaja buka pintu tiba tiba pas saya mau salip. Niatnya pengen saya nabrak trus ganti wkwkwk parah cina
haiyaaa ciilaaka luuwa weelas waaa

Maap guys ane kecepatan gak perhatikan tanggal,si Ah Yan ngadu!!!

Tapi kejadian kyk gini magh gak anegh dimane ade Cina waaa!!!

Sangat memalukan,pdhal ade toilet tetapi dasar tradisi yg biadab yaaa gitu laaaa!!! emoticon-Frown

Ane gak ngarang2 mereka sangat joooooorok kurang peradaban waaa!!!!

Nov 4, 2016

I am a cleaner . Even using a standard Australian toilet these visitor have major problem as to what to do along how to use a toilet. I they urinate on the floor,the seat and somehow wash themselves with the toilet paper from the water in the bowl. The our one which I have come across is the used toilet paper is place in the rubbish bin and not flash down the toilet. These are a total germ fest habits along the daily soiling between cleans,plus the smell of urine. Lessons are need for these visitor.Cleaner need to take care if cleaning these toilets if don,t what pick diseases.

Two Chinese tourist caught for public urination in Sydney

Woman in China uses restaurant's bowl as a mini toilet for her kid

An incident involving two Chinese tourists who were arrested for publicly urinating in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens has sparked a heated debate in their home country about the behaviour of people travelling overseas, after photos of the pair being detained by police went viral.

The two tourists, aged 41 and 66, were visiting Sydney from Wenzhou, in Zhejiang province, as part of a tour group at the Royal Botanic Gardens on Saturday afternoon when they were caught urinating against a tree in public view.

NSW police said in a statement the pair tried to walk away when they were approached by patrolling officers and a ­“struggle ensued with the older man, who allegedly resisted ­arrest”. The older Chinese man was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital with leg and shoulder injuries.

Photos taken of the arrests by another tourist in the group have been widely shared on Chinese social media platforms including WeChat, a messenger service used by more than 800 million Chinese users.

Witnesses who were there took to social media to express their confusion as they said there was a public bathroom metres away from the spot where the men urinated.

Wendy Huang from The Daily Chinese Herald, an Australian-Chinese publication, said the Royal Botanic Garden pictures had gone viral in China because of the sensitivity of the subject matter.

“There has been a lot of effort going towards education and making tourists aware of appropriate behaviour when they leave the country,” she said. “It’s an issue the Chinese government is aware off and they have come out and tried to educate citizens ... it’s a great embarrassment to have citizens do that kind of thing.”

The Chinese National Tourism Administration monitors the behaviour of its citizens overseas, issuing rules that all tourists leaving the country must abide by or risk being barred from leaving China for two to five years.

The program is designed to counter the negative impression left by several highly publicised incidents involving Chinese tourists worldwide. The cultural understanding of tourists is in the spotlight after nine Australians were arrested for flashing budgie smugglers at the Malaysian Grand Prix last month.

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tinggal tambahin telor dan direbus, jadi deh telor yang cukup terkenal di sana. emoticon-thumbsup

dua tuiris bule australia kencing sembarangan ditangkap polisi indonesia
turis bule amerika kencing di itali di denda
emoticon-Leh Uga emoticon-Leh Uga
hahaiya vs drunkard

Menglen emang jorok2 orangnya kok...
Di hongkong aja berak di ember itu biasa emoticon-Big Grin
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Uncivilized monkey
Wkwkw...emoticon-Ngakak (S)
Kenapa kok bisa sampai terjadi yg gini gini ?
Berhub ane udh pernah ke china dan lihat langsung gimana emoticon-DP

Ya baca berita gini udh gk kaget lagi

Serius...balik dr sana. Ane sangat bersyukur tinggal d indonesia
beber tiker sambil nunggu si ayan, nge-counter pake kasus yg sama tapi pelakunya western. .emoticon-Leh Uga
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