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Gmail Login, Gmail Account Login

Gmail Login, Gmail Account Login

gmail account login process is easy as it can’t be; I know it’s frustrating when things are not happening just with a click when you want it to be. You are on the write page looking for what you need to do to get your Gmail Account login .

Gmail Login, Gmail Account Login

Quick & Easy — Gmail Account Login

First of all open a web browser if its already on, Click on File and Click on new window. So that you have this website opened at the same time and a new one in which you can also try all the steps to get your Gmail Account Login.
Make sure you can see both your bowsers side by side so that you can see and try at the same time rather than going back and forth.
On the address bar you can type in or or any of these three. If you see the page, which gets loaded after you entered the address than its good to go to another page,

Gmail Login, Gmail Account Login

but if someone else photo or name comes. (Like in this picture below)

You will have to logout that person from that page. To know how to do that, please go to Gmail Sign out.
After you hit enter you’ll be asked to type in your email address or username, which you had created with or if you don’t have Gmail account please go to Gmail sign up to create one.
Now please enter your password to access your account. But if this is not the page you want to see, please scroll down to see more.

Now, here’s the difference, if you type in & which will direct you to mailing site of yours, in which you’ll have all your emails. See pictures below
But if you type that will direct you to another page, see picture please {Gmail login Page)

If this is the page you want, great!! You have it and you are good to go from here. Now what can you go with this Gmail Login Account Page?
As you can see on the first column “Sign-in & Security” by clicking on that you’ll be able to:
1- Signing in to Google
2- Device activity & notifications
3- Connected apps & Sites
Second Column allows you to choose how you want your Gmail account login privacy to be which also included your personal info’s.

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