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For Survivors of a 9-Hour Chinese Exam, a Door Opens to America
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For Survivors of a 9-Hour Chinese Exam, a Door Opens to America

For Survivors of a 9-Hour Chinese Exam, a Door Opens to America

For Survivors of a 9-Hour Chinese Exam, a Door Opens to America
Family members waiting outside a school in Hangzhou, China, last week on the first day of the gaokao, the university entrance exam.

HONG KONG — Every June, millions of high school seniors in China sit down for a grueling university entrance exam, knowing they may not get into a top school or any school at all. If their results are disappointing, finding another route to university can take a year or more.

Now they may have a faster option.

The University of New Hampshire says it will start accepting scores from the Chinese exam, making it the first flagship state school in the United States to evaluate Chinese applicants using the results from that test, known as the gaokao.

There are 377,000 Chinese students in the United States, representing more than one-third of all international students, according to the federal government. Since they often pay full tuition, they are an important source of revenue for American universities, which have been intensifying their efforts to recruit Chinese students.

Erika Mantz, spokeswoman for the University of New Hampshire, said the gaokao program was meant to attract “outstanding Chinese high school graduates” after they get their test results in late June, months after the deadline has passed under the regular admissions process. Most incoming freshmen would have been admitted by the time Chinese students take the gaokao test.

The university — which had 781 international students last fall, almost half of them from China — has introduced a recruiting website in Chinese and English. Before the program for gaokao students was created, applicants who took the test would have to wait for a new application cycle to start in the fall. The new program allows them to start one semester earlier.

The gaokao, which generally lasts about nine hours over two days, determines the fates of almost 10 million students, less than 1 percent of whom gain admission to China’s top universities. Students spend years preparing for it.

While the Chinese education system has been praised for its rigor — a Stanford study found that freshmen at Chinese universities outpaced their American and Russian peers by two or three years in critical thinking skills — critics say the gaokao incentivizes memorization over creativity. There have also been cheating scandals in recent years.

About 3 percent of Chinese students bypass the gaokao by paying to attend private “international track” programs that prepare them for standardized testing abroad. But their classmates planning to take the gaokao have little time for anything other than intense cramming in the years leading up to this rite of passage.

That single-minded focus isolates students from educational opportunities outside China, said Andrew Chen, the chief learning officer of the WholeRen Group, an education consulting firm based in Pittsburgh. It is rare for students to apply to programs abroad while also preparing for the Chinese exam, which takes place months after the deadline for most American universities.

Students unhappy with their gaokao results can wait a year to retake the test, as almost 1.5 million did last year, or take a gap year to prepare for the next cycle of American admissions. The University of New Hampshire program would take a bit of agony out of the wait, with an Oct. 1 deadline to apply for admission in January 2019.

“From the student’s perspective, it opens a door,” Mr. Chen said in a phone interview.

Like other out-of-state students, students admitted to the University of New Hampshire through the gaokao program would have to pay over $45,000 a year in tuition and housing costs.

The University of New Hampshire joins dozens of European, Australian and Canadian universities, as well as a handful of private American institutions, that have been screening candidates using cutoff gaokao scores. The university reviews how students perform on the gaokao, and on an assessment of their English language skills, before determining whether they can move forward with the application process.

Ms. Mantz, the spokeswoman, said that although admissions criteria were still being finalized, students considered for the University of New Hampshire would most likely have to take the SAT or the ACT, a similar test, after their scores on the gaokao were vetted.

But admitted students would still set foot on campus earlier than they would have otherwise.

“This streamlined process quickly gives feedback to students who need additional English prep, so that they can start on that path right away,” Ms. Mantz wrote in an email.

A similar program at the University of San Francisco allows Chinese students to bypass U.S. standardized testing altogether. A Jesuit institution with about 6,800 undergraduate students, the university has an early admissions program that allows June test takers to enroll as early as the fall semester, based solely on their gaokao score, grades and a one-on-one interview in English. Last spring, more than half of the school’s 1,600 international students were from China.

On the program website, Paul J. Fitzgerald, the school’s president, said that although he was aware of criticism of the gaokao, it had the “advantage” of evaluating “whether students are able to master a given body of knowledge, as well as their ability to work hard and consistently.”

Mr. Fitzgerald noted that the SAT, which serves as a basis for admission at most four-year colleges and universities in the United States, is also an imperfect predictor of college success.

haiyaaa ciilaaka luuwa weelas waaa

As Confused Man once said:"Ah Tiong SICKmen of Asia from the Land of SICK and RETARD,to be smart go to the West and learn from Ang Mo in “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” waaa!!!!"

For Survivors of a 9-Hour Chinese Exam, a Door Opens to America
Beri apresiasi terhadap thread ini Gan!

Ada ayan tolol marah" nanti
reserved dulu buat klipingan...dah ngantuk emoticon-Big Grin


Katanya univ di cina sono ud nyalip havard ama m.i.t

katanya loooooo...wkwkwkwkwkw emoticon-Big Grin


Doi lg siap lebaran bray emoticon-Ngakak

bata* ucli* ren D

Pernah di mainland (tempat universitas) ada bule paok mau belagak sok hebat tapi dipencundangi habis2an.........


Ane rasanya prnh baca yg agan tulis tp dmn ya.

berasa dejavu emoticon-Ngacir Tubrukan
universitas mahal di dunia ada di amerika
apa salahnya kalo org kaya asia ( chinese,japanese,korean,indonesian ) yg mau kuliah ke amerika

lebih bermoral lagi org asia masuk ke amerika sbg imigran
ketimbang junjunganbmu bangsa eopa yg masuk dgn cara genosida penduduk pribumi & rampas tanah pribumi amerika/australia/kanada

kulihat lu org paok sampai skrg otaknya tak update krn masih pikir China adalah Sickmen of Asia..

China itu bukan lagi Sickmen of Asia.
China itu satu2nya di asia yg dianggap mampu gantikan dominasi amerika (barat)

hahaiyaa,. .dominasi junjunganmu bule barat amerika (barat) udah memudar
step by step digantikan oleh china ,ras chinese yg paling dibenci olehmu
China's rise signals the end of the global dominance of the west
For Survivors of a 9-Hour Chinese Exam, a Door Opens to America
China kalahkan amerika dan menjadi Negara Perdagangan No.1 Dunia
China kalahkan Amerika & menDominasi 10 Perusahaan Terbesar di Dunia
China Kalahkan AS Jadi Importir Minyak Terbesar Dunia
China Kalahkan Amerika dalam Superkomputer Tercepat
China Kalahkan AS Jadi Konsumen Terbesar Dunia
China Lampaui Amerika Dalam Teknologi
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junjunganmu bangsa eropa kulit putih juga mengemis bantuan pada chinese yg lu hina sickman of asia
Humiliated Europe forced to beg China for bailout
Help us out, Europe begs China:
China Menguasai Eropa Sejak 2005
junjunganmu bule amerika (barat) juga masih utang duit pada chinese yg lu hina sickman of asia]
emoticon-Wkwkwk emoticon-Ngakak

lebih bermoral lagi org asia yg lu hina sickman masuk ke negara2 barat sbg imigran
ketimbang junjunganmu bangsa eropa masuk dgn cara genosida penduduk pribumi & merampas tanah
bangsa eropa kulit putih genosida penduduk pribumi asli & merampas tanah amerika/australia/kanada
setelah sukses langsung berbondong2 bule domba eropa kulit putih pindah ke tanah rampasan & membuat keturunan
bule2 domba kulit putih yg skrg lagi di amerika/australia/kanada itu semuanya keturunan tukang genosida perampas tanah]

haiyaaa ciilaaka luuwa weelas waaa

si Ah Yan oowtak 10CC lagi delusi ria waaa!!! emoticon-Ngakak (S)

Tinggal sesuaikan tempat dan kondisi waaa!!!

For Survivors of a 9-Hour Chinese Exam, a Door Opens to America

For Survivors of a 9-Hour Chinese Exam, a Door Opens to America

For Survivors of a 9-Hour Chinese Exam, a Door Opens to America

si Ah Yan banci,impotent mane berani waaa!!!

Diubah oleh hahaiyaa.20

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Manusia macam kau itu memang super munafik,koar2 anti amerika anti bule keturunan tukang genosida,tapi kau juga mau sekolah kesana kan emoticon-Ngakak (S)


Pret lah si ayan ribut ama bule,ditampol sekali juga kumat tuh ayan nya emoticon-Ngakak (S)
Diubah oleh rue_jazz

si ahyan dah tua bre. dah 40an, jones pulak.
gak bakal bisa kuliah di amrik.

haiyaaa ciilaaka luuwa weelas waaa

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For Survivors of a 9-Hour Chinese Exam, a Door Opens to America

Wkt SICKmen of Asia masih melarat dan gw blom mengalami melihat sendiri cara tingkah laku mereka yg OBNOXIOUS gw sering bikin Threads belain DingDongLen krn gw pikir mereka kyk Cindo atawa Huaqiao laen nyeee waaa!!! emoticon-Big Grin

For Survivors of a 9-Hour Chinese Exam, a Door Opens to America

Gak tau nyeee rata2 Human TRASH,Parasites yg gak punyeee Harga Diri waaa!!!!

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Vietnamese aje yg termasuk sampah juga JIJIK ame SICKmen of Asia waaa!!!

Dengan segala cara mereka NIPU waaa!!!! emoticon-Najis (S)

Mereka tapi BANGGA sekali segala sesuatu yg bau Bule Barat waaa!!!

For Survivors of a 9-Hour Chinese Exam, a Door Opens to America

Diubah oleh hahaiyaa.20

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