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US government threatens India and Turkey not to buy Russian weapons

US government threatens India and Turkey not to buy Russian weapons

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Turkey Rejects US Demand to Cancel Russian S-400 Deal - Reports - Sputnik International

Last month, Kaidanow reportedly visited New Delhi where she engaged in “exceptionally good, very, very productive conversations” with Indian officials on a number of matters, including the US sanctions imposed against Russian companies including Almaz-Antey – the manufacturer of the S-400 surface-to-air missile systems that India reportedly intends to purchase.

Kaidanow also said that US diplomats held similar discussions with a number of other parties, which might be interested in purchasing Russian-made military hardware, “in order to help them identify and avoid engaging in any potentially sanctionable activity.”

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Amerika dan Rusia perlu hentikan perang dingin. Ini pengaruhi seluruh dunia. Kita bisa mengarah ke Perang Dunia III. Tensi diplomatik mereka benar2 memanas. Aku harap dua negara ini bakal meninjau ulang kebijakan luar negri mereka.

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