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Famous zoos all around the world

Famous zoos all around the world

The structure of the zoos today has nothing to do with the way they used to look in the past. They are no longer consisted of cages with miserable wild animals.  They are now trying to create a miniature of wildlife in a zoo which is suitable for all these animals, some of whom are protected species.
Even though a lot of people disagree with the zoo’s existence, it is a common fact that a lot of species would have been lost if they wouldn’t provide them a shelter. Let’s now see the most famous zoos all over the world.
Beauval Zoo - Zoological Park de Beauval, Loir-et-Cher, France
It is located in France and it is a home for more than 4,000 wild animals. The structure of the zoo make guests feel like they are in a natural place, surrounded by wild animals. It is actually like you are transferred in a village in Africa.
Animal Kingdom, Florida, USA
This zoo is actually the first Disney’s park. It hosts almost 2000 rare species and it was actually Walt Disney’s idea, who was an animal lover and believed that everything starts and ends to the nature. There is a huge tree at the entrance of the zoo which is characterized as the tree of life.
Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta Indonesia
This wonderful zoo is situated in Jakarta’s city and it is considered to be the first zoo in Indonesia. Regunan zoo is a huge area with over 300 protected species that is visited by millions of tourists and Indonesians too. A statue of an elephant is situated at the entrance of the zoo and it is actually welcoming everybody in this wild and yet very clean and beautiful zoo. A visitor can see a lot of wild animals such as reptiles and mammals and also gorillas and white apes too. The younger visitors are thrilled by all these species! You can rent a bike or take the specially designed train in order to see every part of this magnificent zoo, without getting tired. If you happen to spend some days in a hotel central Jakarta has in a variety, do not forget to visit that zoo.
National Zoological Garden of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa
This zoo has first opened its door 100 years ago and it is the biggest zoo in Africa. It is located in a pretty long distance and is a home for almost 10000 species. The best way to admire all these animals is by riding one of the specially designed cars.
Singapore Zoo, Singapore
This unique zoo in Singapore is the first one that took off all the barriers that were forcing the animals to be prisoned. So this is actually means that if you visit this zoo you may able to walk around some rare monkey species and feed the elephants too! Of course all the visitors are well protected by the possible misbehavior of a wild animal. You can admire over 2000 species in this wonderfully designed area.
Berlin Zoo, Germany
It opened in 1844 and luckily was not one more war victim. It is worldwide known for its rare species which successfully reproduced in the zoo and finally given to other famous zoos all around the globe. The number of the animals a visitor can find there are over 10000, and they live in a huge area pretty similar to their previous wild life.
London Zoo, England
It is opened since 1874 it is one of the landmarks in the city. It is located in Regent's Park and is surrounded by fascinated buildings. It hosts almost a thousand animals and the majority of them are protected species.
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