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Ilmuwan Cina Temukan Memory Chip Yg Gabungkan Fungsi RAM dan ROM
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Ilmuwan Cina Temukan Memory Chip Yg Gabungkan Fungsi RAM dan ROM

China invents new memory chip that may change modern computer structure
2018-04-12 09:12CGTNEditor: Gu LipingECNS App Download

Scientists in Shanghai invented a brand new type of computer memory that is both fast and durable, solving the trouble of previous types which can only maintain one of the two characteristics.
The research paper was published by science journal Nature Nanotechnology on Monday.
Memory is the chips in computers and phones that hold our photos and running apps.
The memories we use today can be roughly divided into two types. One is fast but would "forget" all the data when unpluged, which we call RAM. Another is relatively slow but can hold our photos for years, named ROM.
RAM can be considered as the table for our computers to do the jobs, while ROM is the library that keeps all our data.

Until now. The scientists in Shanghai-based Fudan University found a third type of memory, which is fast like RAM and durable like ROM.
Professor Zhang Wei and Zhou Peng led a team that made the discovery. They both work for the State Key Laboratory of ASIC and System, a lab in funded by the Chinese government.
Zhang told China Daily that the new tech has another feature: You can specify how long it holds the information.

"People in the future may receive a disc in which the data is only effective for, say, three days, which elevates the security of the information," said Zhang.
"People can also have tailor-made flash drives with the new storage technology. The data stored inside will be regularly emptied at an appointed time."

When the technology is applied to consumer market, the concept of RAM and ROM may become obsolete, and the hardware structure of our computers and phones may be revolutionized.
It's still unknown how long we are from mass-produced goods.
By Gong Zhe

di cina kok ngak ada yg ribut soal kitab fiksi ya?emoticon-Malu
Beri apresiasi terhadap thread ini Gan!
emoticon-Leh Uga
Post ini telah dihapus oleh azhuramasda
dulu juga ada, hengpon yang ada tipi nya.. antenenya bisa ditarik panjang.. untuk jaman itu, termasuk penemuan yang kerenlah, asli dari cina.. emoticon-Big Grin
emoticon-Leh Uga

trennya bakalan bergeser nich

emoticon-Leh Uga

Wah iya tuh praktis banget. Sempet heran knp hp buatan amrik n korea gak masukin fitur tv. Mungkin supaya user terus internetan, kan fb dan segala macamnya itu company nya amrik.

Stok di gudang masih ada sob !?? emoticon-Matabelo
wah ntar komputer dan Hp ganti lagi dong rom dan ramnya jadi satu... hp bisa jadi lebih tipis lagi nich.

Wah klo itu, cepet hubungin koray bray..
Owner hape tiger emoticon-Big Grin
mesti cepat2 dipatenkan, kalo nggak nanti dicuri sama AS emoticon-Big Grin
jumlah paten teknologi china berkembang luar biasa, jangan heran AS jadi cemas dan frustasi menghadapi china emoticon-Big Grin
Paling juga isinya ram yang dikasih batere ............................................... emoticon-Ngacir
mantap ne teknologi bisa jadi ntar Hendphone atopun komputer bisa lebih murah karena biaya produksi yang biasanya untuk RAM dan ROM bisa dipangkas jadi satu
Surga semi conductor
jangan biarkan US bule paok penjajah mengambil alih emoticon-Big Grin

makasih sob infonya emoticon-thumbsup

wah mirip ama video player jaman dulu donk, kalo baterenya mokad ya harus ganti baruemoticon-Big Grin
kalo open source bakalan miring harga barang kompi emoticon-Belo
Ilmuwan Cina Temukan Memory Chip Yg Gabungkan Fungsi RAM dan ROM

mereka udah nyampe sorga dengan layanan special 72 pecunemoticon-Mad (S)

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