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For the Worship of the Heart
I want to discuss heart problems
You know the heart I just found out about the heart since I first met in front of internet cafes. When a person feels a feeling, be careful with his role.
The heart I mean is not one of the human organs, it's not.
But, heart with another name is qalbu.

Yes, qalbu
I only know I always think, why when someone is injured, they hold the chest, but in the chest there is the heart, not the heart.

It turns out all along, his heart is heart. The heart is not shaped, can not be split, can not be seen, and can not be touched. But the heart has a feeling function. Feel love, affection, likes, happy, sad, sick, sick, and sick.
And the owner of this heart who writes word for word wants to say that this heart has loved someone named Rosana Suci Ramadhani Baamran, Angel of the Heart. The owner of this heart also wants to ask, "You want to be my girlfriend?"

Best Regards,

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