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OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

Totally fresh new full renewal server! OMG! Ragnarok Online created to be fun to play. We have 1000x/1000x exp rate and custom drop rate (med-high). Many item for quest and many instance to explore.

OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

[o] Gepard Shield v3
[o] Full Renewal
[o] 1000x/1000x/custom drop
[o] Episode 17.1 (quest & instances fully implemented)
[o] Job3 MaxLv 200/70
[o] Max ASPD 193
[o] Latest 2020 Client
[o] roDEX System
[o] Daily login reward
[o] New Player Reward (Newbie, Facebook, KasKus)
[o] OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server) Star Emperor & Soul Reaper new jobs!
[o] Advanced Doram skill
[o] Lasagna Town / Field / Dragon Nest
[o] Rockridge, Banquet for Heroes, Terra Gloria, Illusion
[o] Many new official item for many creative build and game play
[o] All item farm-able

Main Language: Indonesian & English

OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

[o] All new 3rd job sprite available
[o] Achievement System Enabled
[o] Title System Enabled
[o] NPC Job Changer
[o] NPC Reset Stat & Skill
[o] NPC Costume Quest
[o] NPC Equip Quest
[o] Mining area for farming some item and zeny
[o] Fishing Area
[o] OMG! Mall will lots of quest
[o] NPC Hat Maker
[o] Party EXP share limit 15 level
[o] Healer with VIP Buffer
[o] Hourly automatic event (Poring Catcher, New Devil Square (able to get free cash point), Find the Mushroom, Super Poring, Disguise)
[o] Super Poring Event
[o] Custom Battleground
[o] Battleground Shop
[o] Hourly Points and Shop
[o] WOE Shop, Mr Boxie
[o] Weekly event every Saturday 9 PM (GMT +7) and surprise event
[o] Illusion Dungeon (Teddy Bear, Labyrinth, Luanda, etc)

OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

[o] Old Glast Heim     [o] Isle of Bios     [o] Bakonawa Lake
[o] Faceworm Nest     [o] Malangdo Culvert     [o] Endless Tower
[o] Nightmarish Jitterbug     [o] Sara's Memory     [o] Geffen Magic Tournament
[o] Horror Toy Factory     [o] Buwaya Cave     [o] Ghost Palace
[o] Charleston Crisis     [o] Morse Cave     [o] Sky Fortress
[o] Temple of Demon God     [o] Infinite Space     [o] Poring Island
[o] Central Laboratory     [o] Last Room     [o] Octopus Cave
[o] Sarah And Fenrir     [o] Wolfchev Laboratory     [o] Airship Raid
[o] Devils Tower     [o] Room Of Consciousness     [o] Monster Exterminator
[o] Heart Hunter War Base     [o] Werner Laboratory Central Room
[o] OS Mission     [o] COR Mission

OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

Spoiler for more screenshot :

OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

Siege Set, Vellum, BG, Godly, MVP Card, Angeling Card, Ghostring Card, Deviling Card, Maya Purple Card, Hall of the Abyss card

OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

@mi @go @whodrops @storage @refresh @whereis @at @rates
@autoloot @alootid @request @joinbg @listenbg @playtime @ etc...

OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

Newbie Reward
Facebook Group Reward
KasKus Reward

OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

All player (donation or without donation) can get all the item available. Many quest!

JOIN NOW and get your OMG! KasKus Reward

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Welcome to OMGRO gan emoticon-Wowcantik
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IGN : Bizarro

Aku ingin mancing om GM..
OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

All reward bisa di claim di NPC Reward Manager di Maintown 181 199 ya gan emoticon-Wowcantik




Wkwkwk... Welcome gan emoticon-Wowcantik
Drop dr MVP di guild dungeon gan, bisa di cek pakai @whodrops temporal transcendent
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ign Demon Witch
Absen gan
IGN: Dancing Rain

perasaan ane udah tau ini server dari 1-2 tahun lalu, kirain pernah main ternyata belom... sampe ane cek tiap halaman pernah posting absen apa engga emoticon-Leh Uga

btw numpang tanya temporal trancendence shadow eq itu dapet dari mana ya?
Absen : Gashani
Ranger newbe emoticon-Big Grin
OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

[o] Fix Skill
.. Deep Sleep Lullaby
.... Correct skill duration
.. Glooy Shyness
.... Fix the skill didn't correctly increase fixed cast time
.. Spirit of Savage
.... Fix cast time on level 5

[o] Fixed max Doram ASPD. #5513
.. Max ASPD of Doram updated to 193

[o] Item update
.. Traveler Shoes
.... Fix item description (refine rate corrected)
.. Shoes of Punishment
.... Fix item description (refine rate corrected)
.. Special Doram Hat
.... Renamed to Hugging Siamese Cat
.... Fix item description from bad translation
.... Fix itemscript to match with item description
.. Tree Sprout
.... Fix missing item description
.. Remove old fishing lure from boxes reward

[o] New Lotti Item - Ligaya
.. Judgement Scale
.. Persuit Ring

[o] New equipment at NPC OMG Equip Quest
.. Weapon
.... Axe of Ice Flame God's
.. Garment
.... Europa Robe jRO
.... Behemoth Muffler
.... Toddling Boar Bib
.. Shoes
.... Tengu's Shoes jRO
.... Rune Greave jRO
.... Chaser Shoes jRO
.... Illusion Millitary Boots jRO
.... Test Tube Boots jRO
.. Shield
.... Hervor
.... Hervor Alvitr
.... Illusion Shield A

[o] Fishing Arena
.. Update Fisherman Hat enchant
.... Need +10 fisherman hat for enchant
.... Max 4 enchant
.. Enchant List
.... Physical: Incrase physical damage +10% to fishing monster
.... Magical: Decrease magical damage +10 to fishing monster
.... Defense: Reduce 10% damage from fishing monster

[o] PVP & WOE Adjustment
.. Need further testing and player feedback
.. Reduce critical damage bonus only on pvp/woe/bg/gvg map to half
.... This is part of kRO official update to rebalance the crit skill damage
.... The official update will affect on all map (not implemented yet on OMGRO)
.... And won't give much effect either since the update will boost the skill base damage (/SWT)
.. Increase damage of skill with fixed damage by 10%
.... For the complete list, please check the NPC inside PVP Normal Arena
.... This means, skill with fixed damage, will get 40% damage reduction instead of 50%
.. Decrease skill damage that deal's way more than any other skill damage on PVP
.... Cross Impact will receive total of 75% damage reduction
.... Sonic Wave will receive total of 60% damage reduction
.... Hell Inferno will receive total of 60% damage reduction
.... Soul Expansion will receive total of 60% damage reduction

.. Fix wrong WOE damage reduction implementation
.... BEFORE, on WOE arena, players deal 80% of their normal damage
.... NOW, player will deals 30% damage of their normal damage
.... NOW, misc skill will deals 40% damage from their normal damage

.. Please help by testing it and share your thought after testing so we can improve
.. Hopes will more testing and feedback, we can make PVP fun again
IGN: Skrelpew

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OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

[o] Fix item translation
.. Thieves Thieves Guide Vol 2
.... Tension Relax -> Indulge

[o] Item Update
.. Imperial Boots
.... Remove limitation from previous implementataion
.. Remove stack pinaly on Blacksmith's and Magician's Glove
.. Perverse Demon Mask
.... Remove limitation from previous implementataion

[o] Mob Update
.. Update Contaminated Wanderer spawn
..... Now spawn 5 on the map (instant re-spawn)

[o] NPC Equip Maker
.. Demonish Helm - Headgear

.. Sniping Shoes - Shoes
.. Fluffy Dandelion Shoes - Shoes
.. Cute Little Boar Shoes - Shoes
.. Juggernaut - Shoes
.. Frontia Boots - Shoes

.. Demolish Shield - Shield

.. Spiritual Cloth - Garment

.. Demolish Armor - Armor

[o] Lotti Donita
.. Ring of Venus

[+] Halloween Festival [+]
.. 29 October ~ 9 November 2020
.. Talk to NPC Norah at Maintown
.. Talk to her again, and she will warp you to festival arena at Prontera Field 01
.. Register yourself to NPC Qunti (10,000 Zeny)
.. 3 Repeat-able quest available
.. All quest have 10 minute delay
.. If you didn't want to wait the delay, you can change to your other character
... Jomblo Killer
.... You will be asked to kill 10 Jomblo
.... Find their secret location at Nifelheim Field 01
.... Find a secret portal on the field
.... Finish the hunt and report back for 50 Halloween Coin reward
... Taiger
.... He will asked you to duel with him
.... Find a monster called Fake Cat at Prontera Field 01
.... After you defeat the Fake Cat, Taiger will appear to attack you
.... Taiger have 250 HP (plant type monster)
.... Report back and receive 50 Halloween Coin
... Pumpkin Ball Collector
.... With Salmon (get from Fishing Arena) on your inventory
.... Find kitten that hiding in the map
.... After you collect 50 balls, talk to back to NPC to receive 50 Halloween Coin

.. NPC Halloween Machine at Prontera Field 01 - 87 197
.... Sold many costumes, item with Halloween Coin


Reward bisa di claim di NPC Reward Manager di Maintown gan... emoticon-Wowcantik
Welcome to OMG!RO
IGN : Tomioka Giyuu
Mohon bimbingannya suhu
OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

MAINTENANCE - 22 October 2020
[o] Adds Rebellion stat bonus for new job levels #5461
.. Adds some missing job stat bonuses for Rebellion
[o] Fixes damage reduction statuses/skills #5453
.. Resolves an issue with damage not being passed back to the parent function after it has been reduced by various statuses or skills
[o] Fixes Overheat behavior #5455
.. Fixes Overheat not properly accounting for the Mechanic during battle calculations
.. Minor cleanups and improvements
[o] Fixes Advent of Star Emperor behavior #5424
.. Adjusts the behavior of Advent of Star Emperor spheres to work like Millennium Shield
.. Fixes the spheres not visually being removed when the the status ends
[o] Fixes Magnetic field behavior #5423
.. Minor optimizations to core skill behavior
.. Adjusts the status timer to be stored in val4
.. Impose a unit lock before doing status damage
.. Check for status state before attempting to reapply the status timer
[o] Further fix Shield Chain damage
.. Now deals correct damage
.. Already implemented on 19 October 2020
[o] Fixes Flash Kick and Stellar Mark interaction #5400
.. Fixes targets getting stored into Stellar Mark if they are killed by Flash Kick
[o] Fixed the required skills for guild storage #5446
.. Added the missing prerequisite skills for the guild storage usage
.. Required:
.... EMERGENCYCALL, Level: 1
.... EXTENSION, Level: 10
.... SOULCOLD, Level: 1
.... HAWKEYES,Level: 1
[o] Fix Manhole and Land Protector behavior
.. Target under manhole effect will release immediately when Land Protector casted on the target
[o] Fix Soul Division
.. Now correctly increase enemies delay after skill by 50%
[o] Fix Acid Terror
.. Hit target 5 times like mini Acid Demonstration
.. Already implemented on 19 October 2020
[o] Fix temporal boots special enchantment script
.. Now correctly drain SP when unequipped
.. Bear's Power
.. Runaway Magic
.. Speed of Light
.. Muscle Fool
.. Hawk Eye
.. Lucky Day
[o] Fix item and script description of Mighty Black Threaded Armor
.. Remove any limitation from previous impelemtation
[o] Fix Ghostring Scroll didn't end Holy Armor Scroll effect
[o] Update Magician's Glove and Blacksmith's Glove
.. Update item description
.. Remove item limitation from previous implementation
.. Wear each gloves twice will disable all the gloves effect
.. Now can be equipped on right or left accessory slot
[o] Rename Thief Recommendation Lv.1 to Thieves Guide Vol 1
[o] Rename Cursed Mad Bunny to Mad Bunny Special
.. Fix item description
.. Fix script didn't cast Magic Mirror lv 8 correctly
[o] Update Striking Hat
.. Rename to Brave Hero Crest Hat
.. Update item description and add new combo script
[o] Fix Patent Dragonic Slayer weapon view
[o] Patent Avenger script
.. Reduce Axe Tornado by 1 second correctly
[o] Patent Barbed Wire Whip
.. Now correctly reduce Reverberation fixed cast time
[o] Fix Shiver Katar Combination Cube
.. Fix wrong item id check
[o] Update Green Ale consume delay to 3 sec

[+] NPC Equip Shop inside OMG! Mall
.. Add new equip / weapon
.... Brave Hero Mail - Armor
.... Necromancer's Dress - Armor
.... Brave Hero Shoes - Shoes
.... Scientist Mantle - Garment
.... Necromancer's Manteau - Garment
.... Necromancer's Hand Mirror - Shield
.... Safery Rod - Weapon
.... Rainbow Foxtail - Weapon
.... Book of Exorcism - Weapon
.... Thieves Guide Vol 2 - Accessory
[o] Remove low end equip from Equip Shop and move it to Hunting Mission Shop
.. List of equip moved to Hunting Mission Shop
.... Flaming Ten-gallon Hat
.... Hunting Cap of Gust
.... Knit Cap of Water
.... Silk Hat of Earth
.... Flame Spirit Armor
.... Water Spirit Armor
.... Wind Spirit Armor
.... Earth Spirit Armor
.... Surfer Swimsuit
.... Kirin Armor
.... Boitata Armor
.... Military Mail
.... Love Dad Wings 2012
.... Fallen Angel Wings
.... Archangel Wings
.... Adventurer's Backpack
.... Aegir Mantle
.... Amistr Bag
.... Kirin Wings
.... Hood of Loyal
.... Oxygen Bottle
.... Immune Shield
.... Shield of Death
.... Svalinn
.... Unity Guard
.... Unity Buckler
.... Shield of Living Flame
.... Shield of Unnamed Wind
.... Shiled of Great Water
.... Shield of Formless Earth
.... RWC Memorial Ring
.... RWC Memorial Pendant
.... Recovery Ring
.... Shining Trapezohedron
.... Valentine Token

[o] New equip at Mission Hunting Shop
.. Each equip cost 100 point
.. Headgear
.... (itemid: 420030) Feather in Mouth
.... (itemid: 420031) Blue Ninja Mask
.. Accessory
.... (itemid: 490099) Thanatos's Necklace
.... (itemid: 490100) Red Force Pendant
.... (itemid: 490101) Blue Force Pendant
.. Shield
.... (itemid: 28948) Doram Shield
.... (itemid: 28950) Abyss Shield
.... (itemid: 28953) Poring Battle Shield

[o] Lotti Donita
.. Ring of Jupiter

[+] Bio Laboratory Headgear & Enchant
.... Arhi's Crown
.... Magaleta's Ribbon
.... Seyrandel's Hat
.... Ceryne's Hat
.... Cetio's Hat
.... Flaward's Hat
.... Germes's Horn
.... Kuken's Hat
.. Boost 2nd job skill, Super Novice, and transcended class
.. Each bio laboratory headgear can be enchant using Bio Laboratory Enchant
.. Bio Laboratory Enchant sold at NPC Item Shop > Poring Coin > Enchant
.. Bio Laboratory Upgrade can be used to update special enchant on 2nd slot of the hat
.. Special Enchant
.... Expert Archer Lv 1~5
.... Spell Lv 1~5
.... Fighting Spirit Lv 1~5
.... Sharp Lv 1~5
.. Special Enchant Upgrade Success Rate
.... Lv 1~2 : 100%
.... Lv 2~3 : 90%
.... Lv 3~4 : 70%
.... Lv 4~5 : 50%
.. When fail, special enchant level will be downgraded by 1 level
[o] Add new item to Headgear Box
..... 5548 Scarlet Rose
[o] Double monster spawn mining now permanent

.. Halloween Event
OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

19 October 2020

1. Skeptic | 1752 kills
2. AlreadyExist | 946 kills
3. Fayt Linegod | 825 kills
4. SallyCalmbell | 735 kills
5. Heavitree | 464 kills
6. Ginz | 408 kills
7. Millhiore F Biscotti | 389
8. Treu Wall | 389
9. Kokonoe Rin | 358
10. ZnizzBwadan | 350 kills

[o] All MVP Ladder reward can be claim at OMG! Reward Manager

.. Starting 19 October 2020
.. Update NPC MVP Ladder
.. Top 10 Daily, Weekly, Monthly, All Time
.. Add char and global statistic
.. Each week, MVP Ladder will be reset on Monday 00:00 (same as PVP Ladder)
.. Reward will be automatically send via roDEX
.. Remove MVP Soul Stone from killing MVP
.. Add 1 MVP Point each time you kill MVP
.. Add MVP Point Store at NPC MVP Ladder
.. Add OMG! Ticket at MVP Point Store for 50 point
.. Add Bloody Branch at MVP Point Store for 5 point
.. Cash Point reward update:
.... Rank 1 5000 CP
.... Rank 2 3500 CP
.... Rank 3 2500 CP
.... Rank 4~5 1000 CP

(*) Small update to fix Shield Chain damage explosion
..... Now deals correct damage

OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

PVP Event (Group of 3)
20 October 9PM Server Time (GMT +7)

.. Each group max 3 player (minimum 2)
.. No double job
.. ONLY for
.... Job 3
.... Summoner
.... Gunslinger
.... Oboro / Kagerou
.... Star Gladiator
.... Sour Reaper
.. All PVP enabled equip allowed
.. PVP Area global damage reduction: 90%
.. Map: PVP Morocc
.. Contact GM before the event for registration
.. NO trashtalk, all player must respect other player

.. 45~60 minutes game (depends on situation)
.. When the event started, all party will be teleported to event area
.. Each player who got killed, will be automatically teleported to random location and will receive VIP Buff
.. When you kill enemy, you will receive 1 pc Skull
.. There will be 1 player who help the event as Disturber
.... Disturber will attack any player with some debuff, trap, etc
.... The damage from Disturber will not letal
.... The Disturber can't be attacked

.. Group with the most Skull in their possession
.. The Skull will be char bound

.. FIRST (each member will receive all)
.... 10K CP
.... Lotti Premium Ticket 50 pc
.... Donita Ticket 5 pc
.... Ligaya Ticket 5 pc
.... Blessed Oridecon 5 pc
.... Blessed Elunium 5 pc
.... Poring Coin 50 pc
.... Fishing Lure: Plugs 50 pc
.... Bag of Gold 25 pc
.... Proof of Donation 10 pc
.... Costume Box 1

.. SECOND (each member will receive all)
.... 5K CP
.... Blessed Oridecon 5 pc
.... Blessed Elunium 5 pc
.... Bloody Branch 2 pc
.... Proof of Donation 5 pc
.... Bag of Gold 25 pc
.... Donita Ticket 5 pc
.... Ligaya Ticket 5 pc

.. THIRD (each member will receive all)
.... 2,5K CP
.... Blessed Oridecon 5 pc
.... Blessed Elunium 5 pc
.... Bloody Branch 2 pc
.... Proof of Donation 5 pc
.... Bag of Gold 25 pc
.... Donita Ticket 5 pc
.... Ligaya Ticket 5 pc

Participant will receive:
.... 1K CP
.... Poring Coin 100 pc
.... 1 Headgear Box
.... Blessed Oridecon 5 pc
.... Blessed Elunium 5 pc
.... Proof of Donation 3 pc
.... 1 pc WOE Attendance Box
.... Battleground Badge 100 pc
.... OMG Badge 100 pc
OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

Changelog 7 October 2020
[o] Multi currency vending
..... Please see the NPC inside vending area before starting vending
..... Zeny, POD, 1/2 POD, 1/3 POD

[o] NPC Recycler
..... Update list to include all latest headgear
..... Update list to include all latest shadow equipment

[o] Fix RMSC 2011 headgears series can't be refine

[o] Pet updates
..... Enable Deleter pet autofeed
..... Enable pet evolution Aliot > Kiel

..... Reduce Lord Kaho Horn quest so it can be created
..... Bring back Almond Chocolate to Mission Hunting shop
..... Increase Odin Relic drop rate to 3%
..... Increase Hand of God drop rate to 20%

[o] New Patent Weapon
..... Upgraded version of Ancient Heroes series weapon
..... Great Hero Boots
[o] Patent weapon list
..... Patent Narcissus Bow
..... Patent Shadow Staff
..... Patent Iron Nail
..... Patent Madogum
..... Patent Red Lotus Sword
..... Patent Avenger
..... Patent Iron Staff
..... Patent Oriental Sword
..... Patent Aquatic Spear
..... Patent Exorcist's Bible
..... Patent Katar of Shiver
..... Patent Thousand Sun
..... Patent Spirit Pendulum
..... Patent Meowmeow Foxtail
..... Patent Crimson Rose
..... Patent Master Soul Rifle
..... Patent Demon Slayer Shot
..... Patent Golden Lord Launcher
..... Patent The Black
..... Patent Surudoi Kaze
..... Patent Kiri no Tsuyu
..... Patent Clarity Huuma Shuriken
..... Patent Dragonic Slayer
..... Patent Light Blade
..... Patent Slate Sword
..... Patent Trumpet Shell
..... Patent Barbed Wire Whip
..... Patent Meteor Striker
..... Patent Blade Katar
..... Patent Scarlet Dragon Leather Bow
..... Patent Fatalist
..... Patent Ray Knuckle
..... Patent Saint Scepter
..... Patent Blue crystal Staff
..... Patent Chilling Cane
[o] How to?
..... You will need at least +9 Ancient Heroes weapon
..... Use Modification Cube (at NPC Item Shop - OMG! Mall or Cash Shop)
..... When convert to Patent, you will receive +7 Patent Weapon
..... All enchant and card are removed from the weapon

[o] Patent Weapon Enchant
..... Great Hero's Bravery for physical
..... Great Hero's Wisdom for magical
..... You can also enchant patent weapon using Ancient Hero's Bravery/Wisdom, but you will not receive higher bonus

[o] New Fishing Arena v2
..... Add NPC Old Lure Exchanger inside Fishing Arena
..... This npc will exchange your old lure with old fishing reward almost instantly
..... Each type of rod will have different effect with different lure
..... Fisherman Hat from Vending Machine, will enable to use automatic fishing
..... Fishing Shoes, will reduce fishing time by 1 second
..... All fishing gear are tradeable
..... Default fishing time 7 second
..... Add pikachu at Fishing Arena

..... During this event, 7~14 October 2020
..... Costume OMG Neon
..... During this period, reduce fishing time by 1 second

..... NPC Joko
..... This NPC sell Beginner Fishing Rod and Fishing Rod class A
..... You can refine your Class A fishing to up to +7
..... You will able to upgrade to A+ class fishing rod with +7 Class A Fishing Rod
..... You will able to upgrade to S class fishing rod with +7 Class A+ Fishing Rod
..... You will able to upgrade to S+ class fishing rod with +7 Class S Fishing Rod
..... With better fishing rod you will able use better lure

[o] NPC Vending Machine Fishing Arena
..... You add add enchant to selected fishing rod
..... Shop with Fishing Point
..... Special pet shop category
..... More shop in future update
..... There's 3 type of enchant for Fishing Rod
....... Fishing Speed : reduce fishing time by 1 second
....... Fishing Accuracy : reduce a chance the fish escaping by 5%
....... Fishing Strike : increase strike chance by 1%

[o] NPC Bondan
..... Sells 3 type of lure
..... Exchange worm for a better lure
..... There's new digging spot inside Fishing Arena
..... You'll need Shover (obtain free at Box near Bondan) to digging the hole
..... Collect the worm and exchange it for a Fishing Lure : Plugs

..... Rearrange cash shop

[o] 5 Days Refine Rush !!!
..... Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
..... 8.30 ~ 9 PM

[o] Double spawn mining monster
..... Double spawn only to mining monster
..... etc/boss/mvp monster inside mine still normal spawn

[o] Donation Event
..... Period 7~14 October 2020
..... Get double cash reward during event period

MVP Ladder - 5 October 2020
=== Reward for MVP Ladder #1 Rank: ===
1 pc MVP Ladder Costume Box
1 pc Hiking Boots

1. you miss me | 578 kills
2. AnizzBwadan | 533 kills
3. SISKAE E NYA TIGA | 319 kills
4. Angelina | 282 kills
5. Heavitree | 270 kills
6. Skeptic | 217 kills
7. Mput | 163 kills
8. Schon | 136 kills
9. R 25 | 104 kills
10. SallyCaalmbell | 100 kills

[o] All MVP Ladder reward can be claim at OMG! Reward Manager

Claim reward KasKus di NPC Reward Manager di maintown 181 199 gan emoticon-Wowcantik



Pengguna firstmedia gan? Kemungkinan dns ny firstmedia lg trouble. Bisa di coba pake dns google / vpn
masuk kok kagak bisa ?
gan kok ane mw regis website ny gbsa kebuka
IGN : pengentidur
OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

Changelog 28 September 2020
[o] LapineUI
..... Enable support for ultra high itemid

[o] Add card drop
..... Maya Purple Card

[o] Add new item
..... Bork (itemid: 18920) to Headgear Box
..... Barrel Helm[1] (itemid: 19159) to Headgear Box
..... RMSC 2011 Champion Helm (itemid: 18515) to Headgear Box
..... RMSC 2011 2nd Runner Helm (itemid: 18516) to Headgear Box
..... RMSC 2011 3rd Runner Helm (itemid: 18517) to Headgear Box
..... Four Season Clover Necklace (itemid: 28428) at NPC Equip Shop
..... Imuke Upper Shield (itemid: 28910) at NPC Equip Shop
..... Giant Boots (itemid: 22106) at NPC Equip Shop

[o] Add Rental Equip (7 days)
..... Add Rental Spiritual Tunic
..... Add Rental Shell Of Resistance
..... Add Rental Half Asprika
..... Added on Poring Coin - Shop
..... Added on Cash Shop

[o] Item Fix / Update
..... Infinity Shadow Weapon item illustration
..... Few costume garment didn't show correctly
..... Fix Costume Piamette Roll Hair Silver layer priority
..... Piamette Ribbon and Mad Bunny, fix item description, remove effect limitation from previous implementation
..... Fenrir Chain fix item description, remove effect limitation from previous implementation
..... Fix Drooping Thanatos Dolor didn't have any effect
..... Kafra Blossoms Card, remove item stack limitation from previous implementation (wear two effect will stack)
..... Fix Recovery Ring item description, add 5% MaxHP
..... Magician Shadow Pendant item description, increase Firewall magic damage by 5%
..... Fix item combo script
....... Amistr Beret
....... Fancy Feather Hat
....... Ruff Officer
....... Spell Circuit
..... Add card illustration for Illusion Labyrinth dungeon

[o] Cash Shop
..... Add Ancient Hero Weapon for 10,000 CP
..... Add Joy of Victory for 500 CP
..... Few item prize adjustment

[o] Card Remover (Wise Old Lady)
..... Reduce the service rate from 200,000 Z to 100,000 Z
..... Remove all material requirement

[o] Add NPC Magazine Dealer Kenny to Maintown 325 254

[o] Merge NPC Poring Coin Shop and Quest Shop, merge the NPC into NPC Item Shop at OMG! Mall 59 75
..... Add POD - Shop inside NPC Item Shop
..... Reorganize and rebalance item cost on each shop of NPC Item Shop
..... Few item now more affordable by reducing item type and amount
..... Change creating pod material to 2 types
..... 100M + 100 Poring Coin, or 100M + 1 Mithril
[o] Update list of Shadow Equipment Box
..... Now will drop all shadow equipment randomly
..... List are the same from Battleground Shop
[o] Add OMG! Badge to Hourly Point Shop for 2 point each
[o] NPC Hunting Mission
..... Remove delay when taking another quest after finishing a quest
..... If you abandon the quest, it still give 5 minute delay
..... Reduce EXP bonuses
..... Add Joy of Victory for 3 point, it will give 2 random option enchant to your Victory Wing Ear[1]
[o] Victory Wing Ear Enchant List
..... [ 1st enchant ]
..... ATK 1~10
..... MATK 1~10
..... CRI 1~3
..... FLEE 5~20
..... MaxHP 50~200
..... MaxSP 10~100
..... HIT 5~10
..... %Heal effectiveness 1~5
..... %Reduce variable cast 1~3
..... %Crit damage 1~3
..... %Long range damage 1~3
..... %Reduce delay after skill 1~3

..... [ 2nd enchant ]
..... %ATK 1~3
..... %MATK 1~3
..... CRI 1~3
..... FLEE 5~20
..... %MaxHP 1~2
..... %MaxSP 1~2
..... %Heal effectiveness 1~7
..... %Reduce variable cast 1~3
..... %Crit damage 1~3
..... %Long range damage 1~3
..... %Reduce delay after skill 1~3

[o] Illusion Stone now dropped from almost all illusion dungeon monster (5% ~ 25%)

[+] Coming Soon on October 2020 [+]
[o] 3 year server celebration Event
..... Refine Rush Event
..... Sale Rush Event

MVP Ladder - 28 September 2020
=== Reward for MVP Ladder #1 Rank: ===
1 pc MVP Ladder Costume Box
1 pc Hiking Boots

1. Newbie01 | 4026 kills
2. Heavitree | 3421 kills
3. SISKAE E NYA TIGA | 307 kills
4. Millhiore F Biscotti | 167 kills
5. OniGiri | 156 kills
6. Lefty | 145 kills
7. Angelina | 111 kills
8. AnizzBwadan | 106 kills
9. Donald Trump Jr | 105 kills
10. Craigs | 95 kills

[o] All MVP Ladder reward can be claim at OMG! Reward Manager

Welcome gan.. Reward KasKus bisa di claim di NPC Reward Manager di Maintown 181 199 emoticon-Wowcantik

OMG! Ragnarok Online (FUN to Play Renewal Server)

[o] Rename Celine's Brooch (itemid: 28513) to jRO Celine's Brooch
[o] Add Ice Pick[1] to Malangdo enchant list (NPC Mayomayo)
[o] Add Gemstone of Time to cash shop for 250 cp and to NPC Quest Shop inside OMG! Mall
..... This item will give random enchant to
...... Splendid Swift Armor
...... Excellent Dexterous Armor
...... Unexpected Fortune Armor
...... Strong Healthy Armor
...... Soaring Physical Armor
...... Robust Magical Armor
[o] Added Glass of Illusion
..... to Cash Shop for 100 CP
..... to Battleground Shop for 1 badge
[o] Add Young Leaf of the World equipment (lower)
..... Young Leaf of the World Tree STR (itemid: 420017)
..... Young Leaf of the World Tree DEX (itemid: 420018)
..... Young Leaf of the World Tree AGI (itemid: 420019)
..... Young Leaf of the World Tree LUK (itemid: 420020)
..... Young Leaf of the World Tree VIT (itemid: 420021)
..... Young Leaf of the World Tree INT (itemid: 420022)
..... To Battleground Shop, each headgear cost 1000 Battleground Badge
..... To Cash Shop, each headgear cost 5000 CP
[o] New Lotti item
..... Prontera Militia Glove to NPC Lotti Donita
[o] Rework Monster Hunting Shop
..... Organized by category (Etc, headgear, accessory, siege set)
..... Reduce old headgear price to 100 point
..... Added new headgear (100~125 point each):
....... Drooping Thanatos's Dolor (itemid: 400023)
....... CD in mouth (itemid: 420003)
....... Victorious Wing Ears (itemid: 400000)
....... Victorious Wing Ears[1] (itemid: 400001)(**)
[o] Add new shadow equipment to Battleground Shop
..... Infinity Shadow Weapon
..... Beginner's Shadow Armor
..... Beginner's Shadow Shield
..... Beginner's Shadow Shoes
..... Beginner's Shadow Weapon
..... Beginner's Shadow Earring
..... Beginner's Shadow Pendant
[o] Battleground
..... Increase reward for Tierra Gorge and Flavius
..... Win 40, loss 30 badge

[o] Implementing resistance cap(*)
..... All resistance now got 90% cap
..... Including element, size, race, class, melee, long range
..... Please test and play with this update and share your thought
..... This will enable the chance to implement other equipment without have to worry a player exceed 100% all resistance near future
[o] Add card drop
..... Angeling Card(*)
..... Deviling Card(*)
..... Ghostring Card(*)
..... Chaotic Ghostring Card
..... Arch Angeling Card
[o] Remove item limitation from previous implementation
..... Spell Circuit (itemid: 19249)
..... General's Helm (itemid: 19263)
..... Amistr Beret (itemid: 19308)
..... Ruff Officer (itemid: 19300)
..... Fancy Feather Hat (itemid: 19296)
..... Gray Wing Boots (itemid: 22172)(*)
..... Remove stack limitation on Captain Ferlock Card
..... Rainbow Muffler, remove bow requirement as combo (now only need arrow) (itemid: 20969)
..... Antonio Coat (itemid: 15249) Add missing all element resistance and DEF/MDEF original value
..... Medical Scrubs (itemid: 15205) Revert DEF to it's original value
[o] Fix Black Circle can't be equipped
[o] Fix Perfect Size Armor Shadow didn't increase DEF +10/refine and storage location
[o] Fix Aeon Shield fixed missing some element
[o] Fix Costume Pirate Hat sprite for female character
[o] Fix more wig costume layer
[o] Fix Volar (itemid: 21051) item description
..... Added description: At +11 refine, weapon can't be destroyed
[o] Fix combo script Kardui Ears and Tendrillion Card
..... Now correctly increase magical damage to Demi Human 2% per refine
[o] Fix Rapid Shadow Pendant (itemid: 24340) item script
..... Now correctly reduce after attack delay 4% at +9 refine

[o] Fix Soul Expansion skill
..... Fix damage didn't get double on enemy inside White Imprison
[o] Fix Shield Chain wrong damage calculation

(*) Please help by testing, feedback needed
(**) Enchant will come soon

[+] Refine Rush Event [+]
..... 17, 18, 19 September 2020
..... Start on 8:30 ~ 9:00 PM Server Time
..... During event period, refine rate will be increase!

MVP Ladder - 14 September 2020
=== Reward for MVP Ladder #1 Rank: ===
1 pc MVP Ladder Costume Box
1 pc Hiking Boots

1. Newbie01 | 775 kills
2. SISKAE E NYA TIGA | 322 kills
3. RAZOR | 230 kills
4. Angelina | 101 kills
5. Dont | 96 kills
6. Ginz | 84 kills
7. Zordas | 77 kills
8. Donald Trump Jr | 76 kills
9. Lily Scarlett | 61 kills
10. AlreadyExist | 24 kills

[o] All MVP Ladder reward can be claim at OMG! Reward Manager
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