Whatsapp English Group - Private English Room [Public]

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Whatsapp English Group - Private English Room [Public]
Do you LOVE to learn ENGLISH pretty much?

I myself started to learn from books, movies, music and even anything written on products. But then i realize that it's not enough and i need a community, some people that i could talk with to improve my english speaking, writing, knowledge and much more.
I met some people in KasKus at some english thread and i made some friends too, it's been really fun, Then that's where the idea of creating a chat room come.

If you ever feel want to speak english but has no one to speak with and also in need to apply your knowledge then you just come in a right thread.

So yeah, now we give you an oportunity to join us because now PER chat room goes public.
No approvement needed and no test.
You can just click or scan the QR code below from your phone! Let's chat!

Click to join PER chat room!

Whatsapp English Group - Private English Room [Public]
Learning english is actually fun when you're with people, come join us!
You got any girl in the room whom I can fap to?emoticon-Shutup
Whatsapp English Group - Private English Room [Public]

is that the right group, Private English Club ??

Yes this one! Be sure to join us! emoticon-Smilie
Refer to this thread

Thus, this thread will be closed and evetually deleted emoticon-shakehand: