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Brazil, April 5. A 30-year-old woman was found stabbed to death and her head crushed by a stone in a pit on a private estate. She had been missing since april 4.

Police arrested, at his home, a 20 year old man and apprehended a minor, 17, who confessed that they committed the crime. The teenager said that his participation was only loaning the knife to the 20 year old suspect and the older suspect confessed that he had lived with the victim maritally for a month and that she would have confessed that she betrayed him.

He took her to the pit area where the 17 year old one was already waiting with the knife and the 20 year old suspect threw her inside the pit from a height but she managed to get up and the younger suspect, in possession of a knife, stabbed her so she fell and then the 20 year old went to get a large stone and killed her crushing her head.

Another ex-lover of the victim, told police that he lived with her for 10 years, had three children together. They split up and he advised her to find a good man to take care of her, but a year ago her mother passed away and since then she started to drink alcoholic beverages and was wandering and ended up with the wrong guy.


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