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Kolornya sobek
Kolornya sobekAccording to the info I got, this video was filmed in the state of Orrisa (aka Odisha) in India. It shows a biker dead on the road after an apparent head on collision with a hippie colored truck.

The biker died in such a way that left him with exposed asshole and balls sticking out. When he is picked up for a transfer onto a sheet and into a van, the balls dangle like a frigging devil’s pendulum.

maaf ts nubiKolornya sobek
the balls dangle like a frigging devil’s pendulum emoticon-Ngakak
   gijilee mrojol..... emoticon-Mewek
kantong biji keliatan emoticon-Coblos
balls oh balls
emoticon-Gotta catch 'em all!
Hii ada kantong kesukaan morguev emoticon-Busa
Trit ama TS nyah samak emoticon-EEK!
Sampai bocor
Eh sempak
ampe keliatan gitu kantongnya emoticon-Malu
Kantong menyan emoticon-Najis
Ndoghhh.. emoticon-Wow
Biji nya besar emoticon-Wow
Disenonohi turuck, sampek sobek kolornyah emoticon-Takut
biji biji emoticon-Embarrassmentmg
Bijiiiinya keliatan emoticon-Wow


Kesenanganmu emoticon-DP
ada telurr.. emoticon-EEK!
telurnya coklat gedhe.. emoticon-Takut (S)
Brijilane metuuuemoticon-Cape d...
Ndog wukan emoticon-Ngakak
Gembok di trit biji emoticon-Leh Uga emoticon-Big Grin