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Translating English-Indonesian articles - Work from home!

Translating English-Indonesian articles - Work from home!

Hi All,

I need someone trustworthy and professional who can translate various articles from English to Indonesian on a regular basis. The workload might vary but I will always set a reasonable deadline for each task and you can always confirm your availability.
It will be great if you're also able to translate Indonesian-English texts, not necessary though for now.

Please PM me how many hours per week you'd be available to translate, and please kindly translate this small test ASAP (I will hire within 24 hours or less) for my review in selecting the best candidate:
"Raise your hand if this morning ritual sounds familiar: After punching the lights out of the snooze button a few times, you finally peel yourself off your bed and stumble into the bathroom. As you're brushing your teeth in slow-mo, with your hair standing up in every direction, you stare at your own hot mess in the mirror. For a quick minute, you seriously contemplate quitting your job and living in your PJs for the rest of your life. Everyone's been there and this morning drudgery is totally normal for many of us. But when the desperate need to catch some Z's starts getting in the way of your daily life, a real problem may be lurking beneath the surface."

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further details via PM.

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