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Bestiality In Indonesian Literature

Bestiality In Indonesian Literature

Indonesia is one of the most populous country in the world with more than eighty percent of its population is Muslim. According to its constitution, Indonesia recognize six different religious groups which are Islam, Catholic, Christian, Confucius, Buddhist, and Hindu.
Based on that fact and the geographic location, we can assume that religion and its social norm has taken a huge part for Indonesian to consider on how they present themselves in daily life.

Besides living in "strict" values, they still see the conversation about sex is a taboo and should be shut behind the close door. Yet, do religion and social norm really prevent some Indonesian to explore their sexuality?

At this time, the hot topic that people talk about is LGBT, however in this article, I'll discuss more about zoophilia or bestiality in Indonesia.

In 2007, Vice news filed a report about Pony, an Orangutan that had been enslaved as prostitute in Borneo. It was shocking to find out how some people overuse their power to intimidate the Orangutan activists to safe Pony. These people who have poisoned knife were not doing that to safe Pony's life, what they did was protecting the lust of bestiality.

Besides the real case above, some Indonesian folklore have also exposing the bestiality. I'm mentioning this not to offend any tribe, yet what I'd like to stress about is the fact that indirectly Indonesians have acknowledge bestiality as one of the ways to explore their sexuality. Back to the folklore that contains bestiality. Some of Indonesians may be familiar with the folklore of Tangkuban Perahu or Lake Toba.

In Tangkuban Perahu folklore, it mentions how a wild pig being impregnated by licking the king's urine. As a folklore, anything like this can be possible, but in reality, there has never been any scientific proof of a female creature gets pregnant by licking or drinking male's urine because the substance will go through the digestive system. Thus, indirectly this folklore tells us that the king has a tendency to commit bestiality. Still in the same story, Dayang Sumbi, the daughter of the king, is clearly stated that she takes a dog as her husband and they have a son called Sangkuriang. Indirectly, this story represents how bestiality has been embraced within the Indonesian society not only by men, but also its women.

The famous Lake Toba folklore even more blunt in addressing the bestiality. The first part is when the fisherman takes the fish as his wife and secondly when he swears at his son saying, "Son of a fish!" We can see that he admits his bestiality even after keeping it as a secret for years.

These Indonesian folklores above have been printed in many books and read by many children across the country, and there is a possibility for all these information to be recorded in their brain as a subliminal message.

All these raises several questions:
1. If your kid happens to be a critical one, what will you explain to them about this bestiality?
2. Will the government take action in creating a policy to protect the animal from being used sexually by the human?
3. If anyone around you commit bestiality, how does it affect you personally?
4. At some point,do you think social norm can help people to explore their sexuality?
Urutan Terlama
1. "son, you see then, there are bunch of sexually lunatics that driven by their infelicity detestable zoophilic desire which makes them sexually retarded".
2. it must.
3. ew disgusting.
4. social control is necesary.

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