Peach & Blue

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Peach & Blue
Lives is like peach and blue.
Loves more like ayah dan ibu.
And leaves just like me and you.
Peach & Blue
Just rerun my one of most favorite KDrama in 2005.
I love the way he admitted that he had fallen for another woman to his current woman.
But nothing to do with that....just let it go.


(2005) My Lovely Kim Sam Soon
Peach & Blue
JH: I've changed too. Let's end it here.
HJ: Do you love her?
JH: I keep thinking about her.
HJ: I asked you if you loved her.
JH: I miss her.
HJ: Do you love her?
JH: I'm happy with her.
HJ: As time passes by.. it'll become just like our relationship. Are you still going to to her?
JH: People know that they're going to die but still go on with their lives.