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Desperate for a job, graphic design or website programming, anything to do w computer

Desperate for a job, graphic design or website programming, anything to do w computer

Halo gan, Saya Daniel. Saya berlokasi di Kuta Selatan Bali. Saya bisa bicara english dan Indonesia.

I've been told, that I'm an excellent coder / web designer.. Yet I'm jobless, because I didn't finish high school, and no "work experience" dalam bidang graphic design maupun pemrograman.

This is my works so far:
- ( designed and coded 1 year ago)
- ( designed and coded 1 month ago)

I've been entering many design contests but with no luck. Too many competitors in a single contest, even tho I made it as finallists few times.

So, yeah.. desperate for any job, anything to do with computer .. I can type very fast. I master all microsoft office tools, seperti Ms. Word, Excel, dan Powerpoint.

Please, beri saya a job. Design agency is very much preffered. But anything to do with computer will do.

WhatsApp/Line : +62 85105629989
Line user ID : dngr_tyler
WeChat ID : DNGR_Tyler

Terima kasih.
Diubah oleh mr.dant
Beri apresiasi terhadap thread ini Gan!
I don't know where else to look. LinkedIn doesn't help much.. Banyak lowongan pekerjaan membutuhkan minimal lulus high school.. But please, take a look at for example, I designed from scratch on Photoshop, and then coded the whole thing myself so the site will work on any kind of devices. That's my skill. I can do ecommerce site if needed. I can design logo/branding, brochure/flyer if needed. I can work tirelessly in front of a computer for hours if needed. I'm used to computer 😃
Saya tandain dulu ya

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