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[LOVE LETTER] Some Words for Imiro

[LOVE LETTER] Some Words for Imiro

[LOVE LETTER] Some Words for Imiro

Dear, Imiro.
I'm sure you already know how it feels to love somebody in quiescent way
You feel like you want to talk about her all day, but you'd rather keep it to yourself
You feel like you want to talk with her all night, but you'd rather write something about her
And every day, you hope she reads all the words you posted for her

Hey, Imiro.
I've been fighting my desire to let you know, to tell you
That I've adored you since the first time you sat at that chair
But, I guess it's too late since you obviously fall for someone else
So, let me write this letter for you and I hope you read this

I am not a poet like Khalil Gibran
So, my words can't rhyme like what's on his mind
I am not an author like JK Rowling either
Yet I can write down the feeling through a letter

I knew it from the very first time
That you'd be the harbor I'd drop the anchor in
The sun that I'd always revolve around
The book that I'd read all over again

With your thoughts, I've become wiser
With your words, I've written better
With your presence, I've become a whole new me
But without you, I'd fail to love again

I thought I had a chance to love you more
Or just to say a little hello
But now I have to wave you goodbye
From the distance you can't even imagine

If love basically means letting go,
Then I have flawlessly loved you
And I believe that if we are meant to be together,
We will meet again someday in somewhere


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