I wrote this as an expression of my feelings to a woman i loved. . . at least until few weeks ago another woman with same name has stolen my heart while she was dancing with another men.. (i might write something about her later and probably publish it in [LOVE LETTER])
If we are getting married, i want to sing this song with her, but it looks like fate says otherwise. . .
Thank you Celline for everything until now

It was our first encounter
You walked with your high pride and bashful persona
Leaving unusual sensation within this petrified soul

It was our first talk
A strong willed woman with bright mind and sweet adorable smile
Like a bird following the trail of the sun

It was a year later
Our body and mind were getting closer and braver
Joyful memories of wonderful occasion we have shared
Cheerful laugh of unbelievable stupid things we have done


I have seen enough of your sorrow
Without being able to wipe the darkness within your melancholy lips
I have touched enough of your sore
Without being able to stop your screaming agony

Yet you never give me the key to that deepest part of yours
Yet you always try to stand up when the worlds are thrusting your feet

"I'm okay. . ."
A cry that you always whisper to my ears when i close to you
"We already know what it will be if you stay. . ."
A song that you sing when i want to be your sword and shield

Celline. . .

I don't want to be another tears on your eyes
I don't want to be another lies in your heart
I want you to be my another reason to sing
I want you to be my another pair of wing

I love you. . .
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