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[LOVE LETTER] i love you, today, tomorow and forever
Semua surat cinta ini saya buat untuk calon isteri saya yang pada tanggal 1 Oktober 2016 kami bertunangan dan pada tanggal 1 Oktober 2017 kami akan menikah
Mohon doa restunya teman2...

Ini sebagian yang sempat diselamatkan sama calon isteri saya, mudah2an menghibur dan memberikan inspirasi

Someone said everything happen for a reason
I think it is
Thats when i found out about u
U are the reason for everything that happen in my life
For i cant see any flaw within u
And i will love u for no reason

Your love in your soul is infinity beyond the edge of the world...
Your beauty is eternaly consume my love...
And for the math symbol for infinity and eternal...
You are my unlimited soulmates...

When you fall in the depth of despair
Where u cant see nor hear in the darkest place

I will jump through and swim in your sorrow
Just to safe and let u hold me
I will ignite to be ur light
Just to show u the way
I will be the bridge for you to cross from your sadness to your happyness
I will be glad to give u my all and be ur life lines

Good morning sayank...

Setiap hari aq akan berusaha membuat kedua sudut bibir ayank ku ini
Tertarik ke arah pipi bukan ke arah dagu
Karena lengkungan senyum itu yg selalu kutunggu
Tapi kalo km cemberut krn khilafku...
Aq kan sulit memaafkan ke egoisan ku...

Jika setiap pasangan menuntut pasangannya untuk menjadi sempurna...

Maka aq bukanlah pasangan itu...

Aq hanya ingin km menjadi dirimu sendiri...

Karena dirimu adalah kesempurnaan bagi ku...

I luv u ica
Today, tomorow, forever...

for everytime you and i were united
i promise myself
u will always be the one and only my number one
luv u ayank
today tomorow forever

for the most beautiful girl in my whole life
her smile is unconventionally charming from the inside of her hearts
her laugh will always brighten my day and warm may cold night

and why does all of this things happen?
because that girl is you
and that's why i will always love you
with all my heart and with all my life
you are my forever

if our boat is shakin cos of the storm
i will hold u down till everything is calm
if our home is spining cos of the wind
i will hold close till everything is settle

i promise u for counting on me
cos ur smile worth a thousand rainbow for me
cos ur life worth a million gold for me
but the most important part is
ur love worth a priceless time of my life

i love u
today, tomorow and forever

V for very beautiful
E for eternaly gorgeous
R for relay our passion together
O for originaly pretty
N for never giving up on us
I for integrated with all kind of love
C for caring so much for me
A for always understanding and keep our relation close

the most precious gift in my whole life
i will always love u
today, tomorow and forever

 My life have a lot of purposes
Every purposes have its own goals
But since i met you
I have change all that purposes and all that goals
My 1st priority purposes is to fulfil you heart desire and make you the happiest woman in the world
And my goal is to be married with you and bring you all the joy that i can give from all of my time

I love you ayank
Today, tomorow and forever

 In my life adventure
im trying to find my treasure

I thought i will never find that precious thing...
Until i met you

You change my point of view...
With your imperfection you make me perfect
With your perfection you cleansed my imperfection
You makes my missing pieces complete
You makes my whole life complete

Now i know
In this quest of life you are my conclusion
My everlast precious
You are my treasure

I love you
Today, tomorow and forever

 When i am down
I know i dont have to worrry
You will always be there for me

So i will do the same

When you have to much burden
Please share it with me
And i will put my back and shoulder to carry your problems

Im yours and you are mine
I love you
Today, tomorow and forever

Some said our desire come from our lust
But i said our desire come from the deepest part of my heart and yours

A lust easily come and go
But our heart desire will always stick with our body, mind and soul

So for the eternity i will devote my body, mind and soul
Just for one person
And who she is?
She is the one that i always put it first inside my heart
She is my fianceè
She is my Veronica

I love you ayank
Today, tomorow and forever

Calon isteri nya cape copy paste hape nya katanya
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