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[LOVE LETTER] i love you, today, tomorow and forever

[LOVE LETTER] i love you, today, tomorow and forever

Semua surat cinta ini saya buat untuk calon isteri saya yang pada tanggal 1 Oktober 2016 kami bertunangan dan pada tanggal 1 Oktober 2017 kami akan menikah
Mohon doa restunya teman2...

Ini sebagian yang sempat diselamatkan sama calon isteri saya, mudah2an menghibur dan memberikan inspirasi

Someone said everything happen for a reason
I think it is
Thats when i found out about u
U are the reason for everything that happen in my life
For i cant see any flaw within u
And i will love u for no reason

Your love in your soul is infinity beyond the edge of the world...
Your beauty is eternaly consume my love...
And for the math symbol for infinity and eternal...
You are my unlimited soulmates...

When you fall in the depth of despair
Where u cant see nor hear in the darkest place

I will jump through and swim in your sorrow
Just to safe and let u hold me
I will ignite to be ur light
Just to show u the way
I will be the bridge for you to cross from your sadness to your happyness
I will be glad to give u my all and be ur life lines

Good morning sayank...

Setiap hari aq akan berusaha membuat kedua sudut bibir ayank ku ini
Tertarik ke arah pipi bukan ke arah dagu
Karena lengkungan senyum itu yg selalu kutunggu
Tapi kalo km cemberut krn khilafku...
Aq kan sulit memaafkan ke egoisan ku...

Jika setiap pasangan menuntut pasangannya untuk menjadi sempurna...

Maka aq bukanlah pasangan itu...

Aq hanya ingin km menjadi dirimu sendiri...

Karena dirimu adalah kesempurnaan bagi ku...

I luv u ica
Today, tomorow, forever...

for everytime you and i were united
i promise myself
u will always be the one and only my number one
luv u ayank
today tomorow forever

for the most beautiful girl in my whole life
her smile is unconventionally charming from the inside of her hearts
her laugh will always brighten my day and warm may cold night

and why does all of this things happen?
because that girl is you
and that's why i will always love you
with all my heart and with all my life
you are my forever

if our boat is shakin cos of the storm
i will hold u down till everything is calm
if our home is spining cos of the wind
i will hold close till everything is settle

i promise u for counting on me
cos ur smile worth a thousand rainbow for me
cos ur life worth a million gold for me
but the most important part is
ur love worth a priceless time of my life

i love u
today, tomorow and forever

V for very beautiful
E for eternaly gorgeous
R for relay our passion together
O for originaly pretty
N for never giving up on us
I for integrated with all kind of love
C for caring so much for me
A for always understanding and keep our relation close

the most precious gift in my whole life
i will always love u
today, tomorow and forever

 My life have a lot of purposes
Every purposes have its own goals
But since i met you
I have change all that purposes and all that goals
My 1st priority purposes is to fulfil you heart desire and make you the happiest woman in the world
And my goal is to be married with you and bring you all the joy that i can give from all of my time

I love you ayank
Today, tomorow and forever

 In my life adventure
im trying to find my treasure

I thought i will never find that precious thing...
Until i met you

You change my point of view...
With your imperfection you make me perfect
With your perfection you cleansed my imperfection
You makes my missing pieces complete
You makes my whole life complete

Now i know
In this quest of life you are my conclusion
My everlast precious
You are my treasure

I love you
Today, tomorow and forever

 When i am down
I know i dont have to worrry
You will always be there for me

So i will do the same

When you have to much burden
Please share it with me
And i will put my back and shoulder to carry your problems

Im yours and you are mine
I love you
Today, tomorow and forever

Some said our desire come from our lust
But i said our desire come from the deepest part of my heart and yours

A lust easily come and go
But our heart desire will always stick with our body, mind and soul

So for the eternity i will devote my body, mind and soul
Just for one person
And who she is?
She is the one that i always put it first inside my heart
She is my fianceè
She is my Veronica

I love you ayank
Today, tomorow and forever

Calon isteri nya cape copy paste hape nya katanya
tata604 memberi reputasi
Thread sudah digembok

Love... If u feel life is never fair with you...
Please dont be sad
Cos i'll be there to make u glad...
Everytime you get something bad
Please dont get mad
I'll step ahead and put my risk to counter all of your rage...

Love... Please be patience
Know that i'll always put my loyalty for you
Yes you... Just for you
The one and only you
My beloved fianceé

I love you Veronica
Today, tomorow, and forever

 If you are sad
Please tell me
I will make a fun of myself just to make you laugh

If you are mad
Please tell me
I will put my leg and head upside down just to say how sorry i am

I know the world can give you everything better
But i know better that the world can not beat how much i love you with my everything

I love you ayank
Today, tomorow and forever

 When im with you
Everyday seems like a brightful day
Everyday seems like a holiday
Everyday seems like the greatest day of my life

When i hug you
All my anger will be gone for true
All my sadness will be wipe away and my day will never be blue

So please
Always stay with me
Always hug me
Cos i will never let you go

I love you ayank
Today, tomorow and forever

 I dont care how many pimples that you have
I dont care how much do you weight or height
I dont care how many people will fight againts us
I dont care if the skies is the only blankets that we have

As long as you love me
I care only about you and your happiness
Not about your flaw or imperfection
As long as you love me
You will always be my gold and diamond

I love you sayank
Today, tomorow and forever

 I love your lips when it touch mine
I love your face when you give me smile
I love you hair when it smells funny
I love your neck when i put my face on it
I love your back when i give it a rub
I love your tummy when i can play with your navel
I love your leg when i can give u a massage

I love you for everything that you do
I love you for being you
I love you
Today, tomorow and forever

 Something magical is happening everyday
You dazzle me with your smile
You impress me with your laugh
You empower me with your heart
You tangled me with your love
Your love is the only miracle i know

I love you ayank
Today, tomorow and forever

 Ketika jenuh hari mu melanda
Karena monotonnya aktivitas dunia

Genggam tangan ku
Peluk tubuh ku
Tatap senyum ku
Dengar tawa ku
Ku kan selalu memberimu warna
Ku kan datangkan ceria
Ku kan tuangkan rasa bahagia

Seringnya kata ku hanya menampilkan makna
Tapi sadarlah sayank
Hadirku kan selalu menyejukkan dunia

Karena mu ada kuat ku
Karena mu adalah cinta ku
I love you
Hari ini, esok dan selamanya

 When your sight felt so blurry
I will share my eyes for you
When your step felt so muddy
I will share my feet for you

I know you will do the same for me

Grab my hand and shake all our fear
Hug my heart and throw all our tired
You are my better half and i am yours
I love you for the way you love me too
Today, tomorow and forever

Hai mentari ku
Sinar mu yg selalu ku nanti saat tidur ku
Hangat mu yg selalu kurindukan dalam dinginnya malam ku

Biar lelah membawa mimpi ku terbang
Tapi terbit mu selalu mengindahkan mimpi ku
Kan ku biarkan cahaya mu meresap dalam tubuh ku
Karena pijar mu mengindahkan rindu ku
Ku kan selalu mencintaimu mentariku
Tapi sinyal telkomsel lebih bagus disini drpd mentari

Eh salah
Aku sayank ayank ku
Hari ini, esok dan selamanya

 Good morning
Semangat pagi ku karena suara mu yang terbangun karena telepon ku
Semangat pagi ku karena melihat foto wajah mu tersenyum yang kamu kirim setiap hari

Waktu mungkin terasa singkat di dunia
Tapi ketika hati yang berbicara, waktu bukanlah batasannya
Karena kamu ada kita
Karena kita ada cinta
Karena cinta ada bahagia
Masa depan kita mengembara menembus ruang dan waktu
Melawan arus masa
Ku yakin cinta kita bisa

I love you sayank
Hari ini, esok dan selamanya

 Tell me baby what to do
And i will do whatever you tell me to do
Easy or hard, scary or not
I will do whatever you tell me to do
As long as you dont tell me to leave you

Point your finger at anything you want
And i will try my best to give everything

For every night i dream of you
I know you already say "i do"
And we have been together feels like forever
I dont have anything to offer you
But my heart tell me to go along with you
And when you say "i do"
Im convinced that you love me too
Just the way i love you

When you feel a tingling in your stomach
Rise up to your heart and stop at your throat
Know that the feeling feels the same within me
And i will never loose that feeling
Cos i know i will feel that thing forever with you

I love you
Today, tomorow and forever

 You are my diamond
Everlasting on every inch of your smile
You are my gold
Flawless on every word from your lips

There will be no one but you inside my heart
You are my only reason for me to wake up every day and sleep every night
I want to be everything you need me to be
I will be your ride to finished your move
I will be your shoulder to cry on
I will be your shield and sword for you to face all your greatest fear
Because you are the reason for everything

And my reason is because i love you
Today, tomorow and forever

 Hey honey
Your words are my wisdom
Your sounds are my rythm
Your stares are my light

How would i think withour your word of wisdom
How would i dance without your sound of rythm
How would i walk in the dark without your stare to be my light

Please baby
Stay with me forever
And we shall acomplish all our objective of life together
I will never let my hands down
I will always keep you around
And will love you till the end of my time

I love you
Today, tomorow and forever

 You come to me so fast like the speed of light
But you stay with me like the eternal light
You always stick with me
And i will always treat you better

Kamu yang menciptakan indahnya jalan hariku
Kamu yang memulai sejuknya waktuku
Lelah langkahku tak terasa berat dengan senyum mu

In any distances and circumstances
I can only thing about one girl in my life
And she will be for live
I love you sayank
Today, tomorow and forever

 Honey honey honey
When you feel lonely
Dont you dare to bow down your head
Come to me and tell me your story
Its ok if sometimes you feel sad
But i am always here
To cheer you up

Ketika sendiri kamu merasa sepi
Berbagilah dengan ku
Karena hanya denganmu
Tanah yang kupijak
Dan udara yang kuhirup
Terpecah hanya bagimu

Stood up your hand and stand tall
Because together we hold each other we will never fall
In the happiest day of my life
Til the horroble time of our worse condition
I will always love you
Today, tomorow and forever

 Oh Lord my God my Saviour
I thanks Thou
For the present Thou gave to me
The most precious person in the world
The most prestigious soul in my heart

Besar kuasaMu Tuhan dalam hidup hamba
KasihMu yang memberikan kesempatan
Berbagi kebahagiaan dengan pribadi yang sejiwa
Bersatu padu dalam satu cinta

If its not because of destiny
I will never meet her
She is my proud, my soul, my heart
She is my love, my dream, my goal

Aku cinta padanya
Hari ini, esok dan selamanya
Aku cinta Veronica

 Hey my love
I never felt this way before
You make me feel this world circles arround you
I thougt there will be no more love than the love i had before
But when you came arround
My world fall apart
And you decide to build my world again pieces by pieces
To know how great is your love
To make me feel how is your caring and understanding
Make me feel you are the only girl in my heart

Setiap detik ku mengingatmu
Hatiku semakin jatuh dalam hanyutnya cintamu
Dadaku tak berhenti berdebar hanya karena senyummu
Mataku kerap berbinar kagum dengan pesona wajahmu
Tubuhku lunglai hanya karena pelukanmu
Kau lah jiwa ku
Poros dunia ku
Kamulah cintaku
Hari ini, esok dan selamanya

You are my precious
No one know about anybody future
Including our future
But i know for sure
God have His own destiny written for us
And i will and i am believing this
If i live until my age turn 65
I will spent my next 38.325 meals only with you my precious
I wanna hear the next 306.600 hours of your complaining about how misserable your pimple is
I want to hold u tight for the next 12.775 night when you sleep next to me
My 18.396.000 minutes will only be yours and to make you feel how precious you are for me
So i have only one Pray
Dear God for the power You gave within my hand and the blessing from The Holy Spirit
I will only use this Godly Favor to make my precious one happy
And once again i say to you
You are My Precious Veronica
i love you
Today, tomorow and forever

 Yes you
The one that i one to hold too
No one else but you
The one that never make me feel blue

Yes love
You are as pure as a dove
The one and only my love
I will always standing still even when you fell because a hefty shove

Yes dear
I will never let you fall down on tears
My beloved dear
You're the only person that i always wanted to be near

I love you Veronica
Today, tomorow and forever

 Im sorry if im not handsome enough for you
But it wont bother me
Cos what important for me is how to make you feel always beautiful

Im sorry if im not rich enough for you
But it wont bother me
Cos what important for me is how to make you feel happy even without any money on me

Please dont stop smiling
Cos your smile is shine brighter than a gold
Please dont stop loving
Cos your love is more everlasting than a diamond
Baby you are my little star but you always light my night
Baby you are my everything in my heart
I love you
Today, tomorow and forever

 Dont you know
Im trying so hard to be cool in front of you
But my heart is jumpin and something stoned me like a fool
everytime you stare at me

Dont you know
Its hard for me not to loose my mind
For everytime i watch you smile
And makes me wanna fly

Please stay always in my heart and my mind
Because all i wanted to do is stay beside you
Until we grow together grey and old
While we have each other

I love you
Today, tomorow and forever
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