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My Hidden Feeling for my Beloved Parent [LOVE LETTER]

My Hidden Feeling for my Beloved Parent [LOVE LETTER]

Dear Mom and Pa,

For all the times, I got this feeling inside me. Even people said I'm too connected to my parent, I dont care, that should be, and i dont expect them to understand, since they never in my shoes.

Back to the year of 2000 when the 1st storm came to us, something happen to Kaka.
I got back from school and found you dad, crying with the a plate of meal on your hands, you said : when she will come back? this is her meal, I'm prepared it"
I was speechless, I hug you. Nothing I could do. We pray that Kaka was ok where ever she was.
The Enrollment of Abang to police academy didnt help, your sadness was bigger than your great feeling.

We lost our home, we lost our small store, small store that we made living from it. But finally, God hear our pray and we got Kaka came back.
Then we moved to small rented house, I enrolled to collage.

Finished collage, I got employed and move to Bogor, It hard but in gratitute to loves and responsibility in my heart, I took the job.
Our lives more easier, even though far away from both of you was killing me. I decided to get back to Bandung after 6 months.
And Thanks God, I got new job, it was a perfect job in home city. Kaka and abang got married, then it came back to be only three of us.

Then, another storm came by, Mom got ill, we almost lost her because TBC and stroke attack. We fought for her recovery.
God gave back mom to us, no words that can say for His mercy and miracle. She become partially disable.

After the hard times we have been through, on 2000 and 2011,
Came the time that I have to leave you again, I got to marry.
Hard decision for me, but this man, convinced me that he will beside me to love you both always.
If I stayed un-married, I realized that you both will more get heartbroken time by times goes.
My wedding days was the sadness day in my lives.
after the ceremony, I saw you all went with the different car and different way,while I got in another car with stranger people.
In the morning, I woke up in stranger house.
Mom and dad, I wish I were a man, so I can stay with you both even I got married.
But we are Bataknesse that in the ideal condition, women should moved from her parent house.

I too connected to my mom and dad???
How it cant be?? I almost lost my mom
I saw my dad tears
Who can stand with all that and ignore their parents?

Mom and Pa, I love you with all my heart.
If now I'm not in the condition can make you happy, please don’t be disapointed to me.
All I need is your loves to get through every single day of my lives.

My Favorite picture of us

My Hidden Feeling for my Beloved Parent [LOVE LETTER]
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