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[Love Letter] Lady with Red Rosy Cheeks

[LOVE LETTER] Lady with Red Rosy Cheeks

[Love Letter] Lady with Red Rosy Cheeks

Dear my red rosy cheeks bestfriend,

The moon shines so bright, the wind flowing through the night. How are you ?

I didn't really notice you 13 years ago when i saw you for the first time in that class.You're just one in a hundred of new girl in the crowds. You are plain, short haired, black wavy hair, you always hit me when i teased you, you are not smart though. I clearly remember nothing special about you except those red rosy cheeks.

I can't remember people's faces right, i don't even remember how my father looks like, but ....
Your red rosy cheeks .....
It haunts me everynight.
It robs my head, kills my mind, stab my heart, probably you'll never know, that is the reason why i teased you everyday as payback for what you've done to me at night. Teasing you, hiding your things, makes you mad, those the only things i know to keep you around me. Call me stupid, call me idiot, anything you want.

time always goes by, and we have to stay apart
i dont know

I am young , i am stupid, and i have to move away from this town.
10 years ago you watched me leave, why were you there cursing me with your words?
Why did you tell me that you are my best friend ?
I want to scream! I want to shout that i like you! But your red rosy cheeks leaves me speechless.
I wish i can hold you , i wish i can stay with you forever.
In the end, nothing i can do.

living without you aroud

Reading your message everytime, asking how's your bestfriend's day.
It makes me really happy, but why ? My heart froze harder and harder.
The pain cuts deeper and deeper.
I never told you, how i felt.
It took me 5 years to wrap this feeling, gather some courage, to come back home and tell you everything.

that morning

I was really excited.
Does mother nature hate me? was i naive? or was it stupidity to think you will still be free ? I dont know !
I didnt tell you because i want to surprise you.
I went to your house and saw you with him. "My Bestfriend looked happy as can be, like a sunflower blooms in a sunny day ".
That day,
I told everyone that i am glad, I told everyone that you have a happy life.

i feel.. this pain... It really hurts...
why have you never mentioned him to me ?
I asked the moon.. Why ?.. I asked the nightsky.. Why ?
Why would seeing your happy life makes me hurt this much ?
Is this regret ? Is this a broken heart ? I dont know !

oh god why ?

I cant think anymore, but you my lady with red rosy cheeks ?
I cant see anymore, but you my red rosy cheek ?
Is this another curse ? or i am too stupid to realize that i love you?

my red rosy cheeks, tonight under this moonlight,
i want to tell a few words.
If youre there in your bed, in your dream, i want you to know that I LOVE YOU !
I will always pray for your happiness, for your health, i wish you all the best.
I am sorry, & Thank you for everything.

[Love Letter] Lady with Red Rosy Cheeks

( your bestfriend, your secret admirer )

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[Love Letter] Lady with Red Rosy Cheeks

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