Atlantica Online Private Server [evior server]

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Atlantica Online Private Server [evior server]
Cuma mau share aja, gw nemu private server atlantica online yang baru buka dari forum elitePVPers:

The Server Gates are open Feel free to join our Alpha Build.

You may create an OutGame Account:
Note that this Account will not be your InGame Account, it is your Support-Account.

The Client Download (which will be needed to experience all features) will be Added as soon as it starts.

The Ingame register will be added as soon as it starts.

If you have any Game relevant Questions, please visit the FAQ or open a Ticket if your problem got not solved.

Please note: You may register first before you can view InGame/Download Sections.

About the Server:
Experience: 150% Monday-Friday - Saturday-Sunday: 250%
Quests:: No Main Upgrade Quest needed except Level 120 and 130
License: Various License Package can be quested.
Special Stuff: NPC in Rome, trades Special Items for Questable Items.
Hwarang-Quest:: Has been adjusted (No Nation Join required, No Gift for New Players required, Hackney can be bought from Market.)
Jackpot: 30 Day Jackpot has been increased to 365 Day Jackpot (1 Year) and can be bought at the Market.
Stamina: Everyone starts with 500 Stamina

If you are from the following Countrys you may not allowed to enter the Server at all:

China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

Please contact me personal, if you want to join but being restricted from the list above.

private server ini punya region lock buat yg main dari Indo, tp kalo kita emg niat maen dan janji gaakan macem2 di server ini (spam, cheat, dll) kita tinggal PM si TS (pake bhs.Inggris) di
supaya IP kita diijinin masuk server.

Buat download clientny, kudu register di web trus baru bisa keliatan link download di web tsb.

yok ramein private servernya emoticon-thumbsup

Gue ngetes pm dulu deh

semoga aja di kasih permission
VPN bisa kah ?
ada link lain buat download selain mega ? corrupted terus kalo download dari mega
gaada link lain gan ini servernya baru buka banget soalnya

add gw yah nick Forcimid yang uda main emoticon-shakehand

Gausa pake VPN gan tinggal ke link forum yg gw kasi, register, trus PM TS di sana pasti di kasi permission kok
Rame gak nih servernya? ntar kayak private server yang ada, gak lama jadi sepi lagi emoticon-Cool

gk bsa login bang, tulisanny please check our official
so far player nambah terus kok gan

soal gagal login lu dah register game id blom? jgn cuma register akun forum.

n jgn lupa cek terus ny trus install patch dari GM soalnya harus manual