Art Of War: Red Tides (STEAM)

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Art Of War: Red Tides (STEAM)
Art Of War: Red Tides (STEAM)

Art of War: Red Tides is a multi-player strategy game currently in BETA with the core aspects of the game implemented. The rules of a battle in Red Tides are simple and easy to grasp, but you will have different experience in each game. Lead your troops of hundreds units to victory!
Art of War: Red Tides is a tug of war game, inspired the Desert Strike of Starcraft 2. The rules of a battle in Red Tides are simple and easy to understand:

  • Choose 1 race from 3 distinct races. Select 10 units from more than 40 units of each races and lead them into the battle.
  • Promptly adjust your strategy in the battle, such as the combination and numbers of units
  • Destroy 3 enemy turrets and then the base, so you gain the victory.


  • Stunning world with ultra-high fidelity graphic
  • Intense fighting with 300+ ground and aerial units on the battlefield
  • Battle system with in-depth tricks and strategies, such as selection of units and commander skills collaboration
  • Team cooperation are more important than anything else
  • Can be easily played with mouse only

Art Of War: Red Tides (STEAM)

Art Of War: Red Tides (STEAM)

Art Of War: Red Tides (STEAM)

Art Of War: Red Tides (STEAM)


Spoiler for GAMEPLAY:


bantu up de
ini tunggu official release baru main gw emoticon-Ngakak

Art Of War: Red Tides (STEAM)

Beta will end and server will be offline at:
25/01/2017 09:00 PDT
25/01/2017 11:00 EST
25/01/2017 16:00 GMT
25/01/2017 24:00 GMT+8
The server will then be shut down for few months before the full game released.

By Jan. 18, more than 350,000 players participated the beta test of Art of War: Red Tides. Frankly, this number is significantly better than what we expected, which is only 20,000 participants.

We have confirmed some uplifting things from this beta test:
Developing a strategy game having global players in the same server is entirely feasible for us.
Compared with those classic strategy game that inspired us, Art of War: Red Tides is still an quite innovative game, if you have played for 3 hours.
We see a large room for improvement in 3V3 game mode, which is considered as the core game mode of the game.
Routine scheduled balance adjustment based on detailed data analysis is quite necessary.
Yaoguai with traditional Chinese elements, are well accepted by global players.
Fair game means a lot for every player.

We have also noticed some things that we need to be cautious about:
As a beta game on PC, Art of War: Red Tides looks like a mobile game
Some units are so weak that almost no one used them.
Win ratio will drop dramatically if you don't queue in a premade team.
AI needs much more effort for further improvement.
At one time there are too many AFKers in the game.

We have read every review on steam store page, every comment on steam forum and every message on Facebook, and we firmly believe that no matther how harsh the criticism is, it is the players' true feelings.

To further improve the game and support more platforms means most developers and designers into game development instead of game operations. Game Science is only a studio with 20+ people, it is quite difficult for us to focus on game development and game operations at the same time. Based on the reasons above, we decided to shut down the server for few months on Jan. 25. Please beware that all the progress will be wiped out after the beta test.

In order to make all players have no much regret during the beta, after Jan. 20 5:00 a.m. (GMT+8), rewards for the first win of the day will increase to 5,000 coins + 500 gems. You can unlock the units you like and try the strategy you prefer.

Thanks again for your support and help during the beta. After few months, you will see a complete Art of War: Red Tides with more units, commander skills, better balance, smarter AI and better compatibility and stability.

Dear commander, we hope you have nice days during this break, and we will move forward with the trust of 350,000 commanders.

The Art of War: Red Tides Team

numpang pej one yak...

Ni game seru kalo bg yang suka dengan game tipe gini.. Maennya jg santai bs sambil maem ato ngupi..
Ibaratnya maen catur modern deh
Sayang betanya udah kelar jd untuk sementara ditutup.

Semoga ini game cepet dibuka lagi, soalnya ini game enak buat wasting time dan santai..
Ngantri obt..
Masih sepi ya