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Please help me with my linguistics school project

Please help me with my linguistics school project

Happy new year!
I am a Czech high school student and I'm working on a liguistic project studying the origin of language. For that, I need to know what do the Indonesians connect with certain words (the meanings differ so much that the concept is totally uncomparable). If you're willing to help me, please fill in one or both of the surveys I've created in this manner:

1. Arti formal kata:
2. Peresaan dan emosi:

In the Czech republic I will, then study how do the Czechs percieve those words (they don't know the meaning so they have to rely just on their emotional and formal feeling). I'll test the so called hypotheses ding-dong, pooh-pooh and bow-bow

Thank you! If you have any suggestions concerning the research, I'll appreciate it as well.

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