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Destiny 2
To protect the City with Light on Next Generation potatoes & PCMR.

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Quote:I know somebody that works at Activision.

And he was on a plane and then a train and saw a presentation on another person's laptop.
(No, serious mode: This is what is being internally communicated to employees.)

Vicarious Vision and High Moon will help out.
Raid matchmaking is in.

Quote:Originally Posted by jschreier

I have also heard that D2 is coming to PC and that Vicarious Visions is working on it. Don't know about raid matchmaking (that'd be dumb imo unless they finally make matchmaking an option rather than a setting).

I expect D2 to feel more like a new game than a continuation of D1. What I heard is that the reason it was rebooted earlier this year (and is now helmed by GAF poster Luke Smith) is because the original version felt too much like an expansion. I'm expecting them to change everything. I don't think Bungie has decided yet what you'll be able to bring over from year 1 or what you'll get as a reward for being a long-term player. But I expect a fresh start.

2nd confirmation: