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Xiaomi Yi Ants 720p smart wifi ip cam HD CCTV

Xiaomi Yi Ants 720p smart wifi ip cam HD CCTV


Spoiler for Xiaomi Yi:

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Ini adalah sekuel dari thread lama Xiaomi YI ant camera...IP camera CCTV

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Main Features:
● Xiaomi Xiaoyi 720P HD Smart WiFi IP Camera
● Built-in microphone and speaker, support two-way remote dialogue
● You can get to know the situation where you want to know by phone or tablet at anytime or anywhere
● Automatically start smart security model when you leave home
● Observe the photograph and video whenever necessary
● 4x digital zoom, every detail are viewed on the screen
● 110 degree wide-angle lens bring a sense of immersive screen
● Installation within 1 minute, easy to use
● Playback at anytime, in addition to real-time viewing, it can insert a micro SD(TF)
memory card to store video for look at any time
● Perfectly fit for Xiaomi AC router, you can record video directly on the router 1TB hard drive
● Storage: Support Micro SD card up to 32GB
● Cloud Video: Yes, support local cloud (more secure)
● Talkback: Support
● Adaptive Stream: Support
● Support Agreements: IPV4, UDP, TCP, HTTP, RTP/RTSP, DHCP, P2P
● Wireless Standard: IEEE802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n Draft

Model: Xiaomi XiaoYi
Shape: Mini Camera
Color: White
Technical Feature : Other
IP camera performance: Real-time video capture and recording
Protocol: IP
Wireless: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
System and Hardware Info
Mobile Access: Android
Local-storage: Micro SD card up to 32GB
Video Image Audio
Pixels: 1000000 pixel
Resolution: 320 x 240,1280 x 720,640 x 480
Audio Input: Built-in mic.
Dimension and Weight
Product weight: 0.260 kg
Package weight: 0.330 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 11.5 x 8.0 x 3.0 cm / 4.52 x 3.14 x 1.18 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 25.5 x 10.0 x 5.0 cm / 10.02 x 3.93 x 1.97 inches
Package Contents
Package Contents: 1 x Xiaomi XiaoYi 720P HD Smart WiFi IP Camera, 1 x USB Cable
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Frequently Asked Questions
Yi Smart Home Camera

Q1).Why can't I find my device when searching for it on the app?
We recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of the YI app. Then you can try to reconnect following these instructions to resolve common problems:
1. The blue or yellow light is blinking but the camera isn’t connected:
Please connect to Wi-Fi. Ensure that the device number you searched on your phone corresponds to those below the QR code on the back of your camera.
2. The blue light is blinking but the camera isn’t connected to the router:
Please check the configuration of your router. Currently, the camera only supports 2.4G connection (not 5G). Also, Chinese characters, passwords with special symbols or letters, or no password at all aren’t accepted. We recommend changing the Wi-Fi mode to 11g only; and avoid adding a firewall or Mac address filter.
3. I can‘t find my device after entering the Wi-Fi password:
If you already have the latest version of the YI app but still can’t find your camera, the camera will enter “Adding QR code” mode. If the problem persists, please turn off the app separation in the router setup or contact us at
4. The connection fails when I click "connect" after I found my camera in the app:
Make sure you’re using the latest version of firmware. If you can‘t upgrade from the app, try to do so manually through the website When the upgrade is complete, just reset and follow the above instructions to reconnect.

Why can't I find my device when searching for it on the app?
In case of a hardware issue, such as light malfunction, missing accessories (power adaptor, power cord), or blurred images, please contact our customer service at

Q3).How can I reset my camera?
Use a thin needle or safety pin to reset the camera. Reset button is located on the camera’s back left upper side, above the QR code. Please hold down on reset button until the yellow light comes on. The yellow light or “reset is successful” voice indicates the reset was successful. Step-by-step guide:
1. Plug in the power (from the USB port) on the backside and wait for 20 seconds
2. Press and hold the reset button until the yellow light stops blinking or listen for the “Reset is successful” audio
3. Wait until the yellow light blinks or you hear “Waiting to connect” audio, and then open the app.
Press '+' on the upper right corner4.
Log in to your YI account via Facebook
Press '+' on the upper right corner
Press 'Waiting to connect'
Enter Wi-Fi + password and press 'Next'
Press 'Next' then scan the QR code from the app with the camera
After 'QR Scan is successful, connecting to Wi-Fi' audio, press 'Next'
5. Wait 2-3 minutes while the blue light continues blinking
6. Wait until 'Wi-Fi is connected' audio
7. When the blue light stops blinking it has successfully connected to the router. Also, you will hear 'Pairing is successful, you can start using your camera now' confirmation.
If it fails:
Check the device numbers on the app matches those on the back of the camera. If yes, press 'Connect.' If not, press 'Keep searching.'
Contact for additional help.

Why does my camera say I’ve entered the wrong Wi-Fi password?
You can check the Mac address setup in your router and see whether the filter has been turned off. You can also email and ask for help with the firmware flash.

Why does my camera say "connection time-out" and ask me to reset? Why is the app saying I entered the wrong password?
If you didn’t successfully set up and connect within 30–40 minutes after the yellow light started blinking, the camera will audio report 'connection time-out, please reset the camera.' If the server hasn't been connected within half an hour (starting when the blue light comes on), the app will signal 'wrong password, please reset the camera.' We recommend that you reset in both cases.

How can I connect if the camera is not responding to my password?
Please reset the camera and try connecting it again. If the issue persists, please contact so we can help you manually upgrade your camera’s firmware.


Can people from your company see my video?
No, all live videos are transferred using P2P (peer-to-peer) networking, and the histories are stored in your SD card or on your router. Our technicians cannot see them.

Video Storage

(Q8).How can I see my videos from the SD card?
You can use a card reader to export the videos from your SD card to your computer for viewing.

(Q9).Can I record (or use the router for data storing) without an SD card?
No, YI home camera requires an 8-32G SD card with FAT32 format. We recommend using a card that’s class 10 and above.

(Q10).What type of SD card do you recommend? Can I use my older card?
YI home cameras only support 8-32GB SD cards with FAT32 format for now. We recommend using a card that’s class 10 and above.

(Q11).How many hours can an 8GB card record? Without a router, what should I do if the card is full?
An 8GB SD card can record 18 hours. When the card is full, it will automatically delete the first hour of video and continue recording (automatic cycle).

(Q12).Will you develop a cloud drive?
We don’t offer this service currently, but please keep an eye out for future updates.

(Q13).What brand of router should I use?
YI home cameras support most router brands on the market.

(Q14).Why doesn't the video instantly store in the cloud?
Storage is currently only available between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m., but we’re making improvements for the next update.

Night Vision

(Q15).Are there only black-and-white images at night?
During the daylight, your YI home camera captures colorful images, but at night or in dim or dark conditions, it can only offer images in black and white.

(Q16).Will I be able to use my camera at night?
Yes, your camera features infrared night-vision technology, which makes it possible to capture images in dim or dark conditions.

(Q17).How far can I see at night? Are the images still clear?
At night, your viewing range is approximately 16 feet. In dim or dark conditions, the image will be black and white.

(Q18).Can I see the infrared light?
We use 940nm infrared light, which is undetectable by human eyes.

(Q19).How do I know if the infrared light is turned on?
Even though you can’t see infrared light, your phone can. Simply turn on your phone’s camera and face it toward your YI home camera lens. The infrared light will automatically turn on when the environment is too dark.

(Q20).How can I turn off the pilot light located at the camera's front side?
The pilot light can be turned off from the app (general setup).

(Q21).Why does the blue light keep blinking?
A blinking blue light indicates that your camera is searching for the router. Please make sure that the router is working and the Internet is connected. Your camera will reestablish an Internet connection every two hours; this process takes about 15 seconds.

(Q22).Do I need Wi-Fi to use my YI home camera?
Yes, your camera requires a Wi-Fi network connection with Internet access to set up, receive software updates, and stream live video on your phone.

(Q23).Do I need to use an LED lamp at night?
No, you don't need any outside light source because YI home cameras can capture images in very dark environments.

(Q24).Why can't I see anything at night?
Please, check to see if the infrared light is turned on directly from your phone by facing your phone’s camera toward the lens on your Yi home camera. If there's infrared malfunction, please contact us

Alert Notifications

(Q25).How do I turn on the alert notification feature?
Just follow the steps below:
Connect your camera to your phone
Go to the general settings
Turn on alert notification
Then, if there's a movement detected after 10 minutes of motionless image, an alert notification will be forwarded to your mobile phone. The speed of delivery is dependent on your Internet speed.

(Q26).Why does my alert arrive late? I set up the camera to send alerts from 7AM to 8 PM, so why did I receive one at 3 a.m.?
Your alert speed is currently related to the Internet environment of your phone and camera. We’re in the process of upgrading the software to make it more user-friendly.

(Q27).Why isn't there any sound from the camera when the alarm goes off?
Your mobile phone is the only device that will receive the alert for now. If you have suggestions or feedback, please contact, and we’ll share your ideas with our engineers.


(Q28).Can my family watch the video at the same time?
In sharing setup, you can share your camera with other YI accounts. When your family members log in to their accounts, they can accept your share invitation and watch your video.

(Q29).Can I edit someone else’s viewing permissions?
Sorry, that’s not possible at the moment. As always, please send suggestions or feedback for our engineers to and keep an eye out for future updates.

Recorded Video

(Q30).Why can't I see my recorded videos?
To record videos, your camera requires a micro SD card. If you’ve checked to ensure that you’ve inserted the card properly:
Does your micro SD card meet the requirements?
Recorded videos in the history are shown on the axis through orange marks. You can drag the axis to the orange marks and watch your videos. Please make sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi.

(Q31).Why doesn’t the recorded video flow normally? (e.g., Image is choppy, unclear, I can't drag the axis in the video)
Please check if the recording has orange marks between the axis. Thanks to your camera’s motion-detection feature, when movement is detected it will appear as orange marks on the axis for easy reference.
Please check your Internet connection.

Video Connection

(Q32).Why can't I connect my camera successfully?
Please try to reconnect following the instructions below:
Check the Wi-Fi blue light status:
Blue light is on: Check if your router is working normally, close and reopen your app, or restart the camera (remove and replug in the power cord).
Blue light is blinking: Check if the router is working normally, remove the micro-SD card, and change to another USB wire (due to low voltage). Restart the camera (remove and replug the power cord).
If you still have questions, contact

Video Quality

(Q33).How do I zoom in? How do I watch in full screen?
Zoom in: Double-click. You can also use your fingers to enlarge the area you wish to see closer. When the image has been enlarged, there will be 1.0x on the upper right corner showing the multiple.
Full screen: Click the white square at the bottom right corner.
Change the image quality: Click on the quality image sign (HD, Standard, or Auto), which appears on the bottom left of your image to access the video quality options.

(Q34).What do I do if the sound and image are not synchronized?
A difference of 5–10 seconds between image and sound is normal. For future app updates, we’re making improvements on the image and sound synchronization.
In case of a significant delay, please exit the video and reload it again.
Check the Internet connection for your device.

(Q35).Why are the videos blurry?
Please check your Internet connection and the video quality that’s been selected (HD or Standard). An unstable Internet connection can affect the video quality.
Export recorded videos from your micro-SD card to your computer and check if they’re clear.
If the videos remain blurry, the problem may be your device. In this case, please contact

(Q36).What’s the 1.0x on the upper right corner?
It’s the magnification of the current image.

(Q37).Why is the image in black and white?
In low light environments, the infrared lighting is activated and camera images will be black and white. You can restart the camera (remove and replug the power cord) or place the camera in better lighting. Please avoid backlighting.

(Q38).Can I rotate upside-down images in case I want place the camera on the ceiling?
Currently, we don’t offer this feature, but keep an eye out for updates.

(Q39).Why is the image round and curved rather than flat?
YI home camera has a 111ᵒ wide-angle (fisheye) lens, which provides a slight curve at the edge of the image.

(Q40).Can I change the brightness and exposure?
Currently, we don’t offer this feature, but keep an eye out for updates.
When there's insufficient lighting, the image may appear darker. You can restart the camera (remove and replug the power cord) or place the camera in better lighting. Please avoid backlighting.

(Q41).Can I turn up or down the sound of conversation?
Currently, we don’t offer this feature, but keep an eye out for updates.

(Q42).How can I watch the live videos on my computer? (video export)
Currently, we don’t offer this feature, but keep an eye out for updates. You can always export videos from your micro-SD card to view on your computer.


(Q43).Can I update online?
Yes, you can connect to the camera from your app and then choose “firmware upgrade” in the camera settings.

(Q44).Why do I have be online to update the camera?
There are two ways to update the camera:
From the app: check your version in camera settings. If there’s a new version available, press 'one-click upgrade.'
You can also update manually via the micro-SD card. Please contact for help.

(Q45).What kind of SD card supports the update?
YI home camera supports an 8-32GB micro-SD card with FAT32 format. Any app version released after April 2015 supports a 'no-card' upgrade.

(Q46).Do I need to reconnect the device after upgrading?
No, updating the device will not affect your account or Internet connection. You can continue using your camera normally after restarting.

(Q47).What should I do if the update isn’t successful? What if the yellow light continues to flash?
Please reset and reconnect the camera. If the problem persists, please contact

(Q48).How do I know if I’ve updated to the latest version?
You can check your version after updating through the app. The firmware release date is in the version description. Confirm the version date to determine if the update was successful.

(Q49).Why am I still receiving requests to upgrade the camera firmware after I’ve already done so?
Format the micro-SD card or try an alternate card and update online again. If the problem persists, please try the manual update.

(Q50).How can I perform the manual update?
For manual updating, please click the link and follow the instructions.

(Q51).Why can't I use my phone to connect to my YI home camera? What phone systems are supported?
Currently, we only support iOS and Android.

(Q52).Why can't I use my camera after the upgrade?
Check on your app that the device is still on the list: If yes, the camera is still connected; if no, the camera has lost connection.
Please check your Internet connection.


(Q53).What’s the pixel and resolution ratio of the camera?
1MP; 1280x720 pixels

(Q54).Why is the camera Internet-speed slow even though I have a good connection?
We use ADSL uplink bandwidth for data transfer, which is different from the family-use uplink bandwidth. Please ensure that no other applications are using uplink bandwidth (e.g., P2P apps). We recommend that you don’t connect your camera to a complex Internet network (multiple people connecting to the same router, such as company Wi-Fi).


Dishare oleh: joebarker182

Diubah oleh Handler
gan ane dah coba pake firmware itu..bisa connect bisa pas mau buka dr app hp..the camera is offline, please reconnect it (-3006)..kenapa yah gan?

Itu pake mihome ato pake yihome?
Horee rumah baru emoticon-Ultah
Ane ada 2 Yi Ant nah berkat TS neh time di cctv-nya dah bener cuma yg satunya lg masih belum beres...ane udh masukkin file test yg dari fix time file di thread sebelumnya belum bs jg, kenapa ya?

Oiya rtsp msih bisa ga sih? ane pgen buka di pc/laptop kantor pake vlc ato via browser jd beda koneksi. Tolong bantu bikin tutornya donk gan.

Ane pake FW
Dulu pernah camera offline gara2 ke-upgrade tapi bisa ane restore pake FW L itu jg, blm nyoba yg B sih. So far puas pake cctv ini, ane share akun mi ama bini dy pake ios dan ane robot ijo ga ada masalah dan bisa online bersamaan emoticon-thumbsup

Btw ane jg lg pesen yg tipe 360, FW-nya sama ga yah? tq
Diubah oleh Simsmudvine

Perlu di ketahui bhw ada 4 model cctv xiaomi yg saat ini sudah dirilis.
1. 720p tanpa night vision,
2. 720p dengan night vision,
3. 1080p dengan night vision.
4. Yg 360.

Untuk yg pertama dan kedua firmware nya sama. Yg ketiga dan ke empat lain.

Untuk mslh yg pertama coba di perhatikan bhw emang device nya 720p pny? Krn klo 1080p blm bs terlalu byk di otak atik, saat ini ak baru bs rubah suara ilangin logo dan enable telnet namun blm bs login.
Yg 360 blm pny. Jd blm bs komentar.
Wahh tq gan responsenya, lupa cantumin ane. Ane yg 720NV. Benerin jamnya gimana yah? yg satu sih udh sukses, sama pake total commander jd ane bisa cek hasil record tanpa perlu cabut sd card gmn ya gan? mungkin bisa dipajang di page one biar ga berulang ditanyain.

Udah bisa gan uninstal dl yi home nya trus pasang lagi..
Gan mohon bantuanya
saya punya 720p dengan night vision. Setup pertama gagal karena firmwarenya gak sengaja upgrade errornya "only be used within china"..
Saya update firmwarenya pake versi L, error ilang tapi gagal pairing sama wifi. Camnya bilang "Wifi password error" saya coba lagi sama versi K dan B errornya masih sama..
untuk router Saya pakai tplink mr3420

Sip deh klo dah bs...


Kemarin ada yg kejadian sama kyk gini. Dy Downgrade ke versi lalu reset cam nya. Dan pairing ulang. Di coba dl aja yah cara itu.
Diubah oleh Handler

Kalo pengalaman ane, pas coba2 FW yg rtsp-enabled ane kena problem yg sama "bla bla bla within China". Akhirnya ane cobain satu2 FW yg ter-listed di querex dan error semua. Saran ane sih pelan2 aja gan pas instal FW, karna mungkin kita buru2 ditambah panik dan lelah jadi ada step yg kelewat. Dalam case ane pernah sukses nyoba yg B tapi gagal pairing, akhirnya ane balik instal lg yg L dan berhasil. Kadang hal kaya gini srg terjadi gan jd kalo pas udh mentok coba diamkan cctvnya trus dicoba lagi. Sekarang ane udh bolak-balik bantuin temen yg punya case yg sama gara2 update FW dan ane pake yg L tapi memang kadang FW cocok2an jg CMIIW emoticon-shakehand

Diubah oleh Simsmudvine
Ini max memori brp Gb?
Kalo on 24jam aman ngak?
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