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Lowongan Kerja di Sale Stock

Lowongan Kerja di Sale Stock

Sale Stock Pte, Ltd is a fast-growing multinational tech start up company that is currently specializing in mobile-commerce with a mission to break the status quo in the fashion industry.

We believe that everyone is entitled to easy access to great quality clothing at an affordable price. However, in the current status quo in the world of fashion, clothes are sold 5 – 10 times more than its actual production values, creating an unfriendly, elitist environment for customers. We are striving to change this by applying cost-leadership principles and optimizing the customer experience.

Sale Stock Pte, Ltd is looking for

Quality Engineer
1. Design, develop, implements and maintains reusable automated test cases and custom test solutions to support testing needs
2. Develop deep understanding of products behavior to better automate tests scripts and help identifying defects
3. Building automation tests solution for various products
4. Work together with QA analysts, development team in ensuring high quality software releases
5. Continue to improve testing processes, especially automation
6. Create documentation on methodologies and practices related to automation solutions

1. Good understanding on quality assurance related area such as test design technique,test processes, etc.
2. A passion for quality and a proactive approach to testing
3. Excellent problem solving skills
4. Have automation experience such as using selenium webdriver, appium, autoit, etc.
5. Bachelor degree in computer science or related engineering fields
6. Knowledge on performance, security testing is a plus
7. Knowledge on front end technologies and platform such as javascript, HTML, CSS is a plus

Data engineer
1. Design, develop, and maintain our data infrastructure.
2. Optimization/modification of data flow/pipeline to handle 3Vs of big data (Volume, Velocity, Variety).
3. Develop custom ETL jobs to cater custom requirements.
4. Coordinate with other departments (Tech, Business Intelligence, etc) to fulfil/adapt their data requirements/requests.
5. Make sure the end user of the data (Business Intelligence, Data Science, etc) can query the data seamlessly for their use.
6. Explore/learn new technologies that can complement or replace our current stack to improve it.

1. Background in server-side software development in Linux environment (It's a plus if can do front-end as well).
2. Degree in Computer Science/Engineering/Mathematics is a good start, but not a must.
3. Not scared of reading technical documentation or source code.

Programming language:
1. Python
2. Scala
3. Java

Relevant experience:
1. Hadoop (HDFS, MR, Yarn)
2. Hadoop File Formats & Compression (Parquet, ORCFile, Snappy, gzip)
3. SQL on Hadoop (Hive, SparkSQL, Impala)
4. NoSQL (HBase, Cassandra)
5. RDBMS (MySQL, Postgres)
6. Distributed processing engine (Spark, Flink)
7. Data Ingestion & Message Processing (RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, ZeroMQ, Kafka, Flume)
8. Stream processing (Spark Streaming, Storm)

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