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A paradigm shift in the effort to eradicate corruption is more incentive to do to make the community more aware of the dangers of corruption. Nevertheless, law enforcement and prosecution of corruption that do not currently guarantee that corruption will be increasingly eroded or even disappear from the Earth Indonesia.
Incessant efforts to combat corruption have a significant impact for government personnel in carrying out duties kedinasannya, especially with regard to the use of so good that berumber state budget of APBN and APBD. As we know that in fiscal year 2015, uptake state budget both in the national budget and the budget is still in the range of 25% - 30%, even though the budget year is already melweati mid-year, it brings the effects of reduced volume development in Indonesia which will indirectly cause berukurangnya the level of welfare.
Low absorption of state budget can not be separated from their cowardice of the apparatus of government in mengalokasian and using the state budget. The government officials are caught in the paradigm of law enforcement in the field of combating corruption, which led to government officials prefer to resign rather than having to use the state budget.
Fear of government officers in the use of the state budget is not only caused low volume development of the country but also an impact on decreasing the level of welfare because without economic development it would be costly and take a long time in any economic activity. This causes people to be difficulties in meeting hajad life so it will not create efficiency in social economy.
Nowadays, every apparatus of government is in charge as Acting Budget User (PPA) will count more careful in any policies that would use the state budget, as well as any responsible government ditunjuka as Committing Officer (CO), more are choosing to resign rather than having melaksnakan duties in the use of the state budget, but leads to the hotel without cost for alleged corruption, so this time, corruption has become a terrible threat for government personnel.
Indeed, if any government officials have been carrying out its duties as outlined in his TUPOKSI respectively, then certainly need not fear the threat of punishment due to suspected corruption. In addition, each aparatu government has the authority to make policy, wide open to discretionary measures taken along the policy is in the interest of the public and not for profit-making private or group.
Keep in mind also the existence of article 3 of Law No. 31 of 1999 as amended by Act No. 20 of 2001 on Corruption Eradication is considered a deadly weapon for each of the apparatus of government in making decisions related to the use of the state budget. It is necessary votes ter; prior to any policy of government personnel in the use of the state budget, where the role of the State Administrative Court can play an active role to judge whether the policy of the use of the state budget from the state apparatus, either as PPA and CO can harm the country, so that when a policy paratur countries in the use of state does indicate the presence of state losses as stated in the decision of the state Administrative Court (Administrative Court), the administrative court ruling could be followed up by law enforcers, both KPK, the AGO and the Police to act PRO Justitia, in order to save the financial country.
If the steps that involve PTUN actually executed, it is no longer fears for the state apparatus in a policy of use of the state budget, so it does not hamper the pace of national development and the result of follow-up was the government able to function in serving the public in an effort to meet hajad life.
At the next level of development progresses, the public welfare increases and no further development projects stopped or stalled because of allegations of corruption. Walahualam.
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