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[NEED HELP] Galang Dana utk Baby Iron, bayi dengan Congenital Heart Defect
Sorry to bother you but I'm trying to help my best friend's son here.
His name is baby Iron, a five months old baby with a very rare case.

About Baby Iron.
Baby Iron is a Heterotaxy Syndrome Baby with complex Congenital Heart Defect (ASD and VSD with Coarctation Aorta). His right ventricle is not well developed, causing the fresh blood mixed with the dirty blood. Additionally, the blood vessel to the lung has the same pressure with the blood vessel to entire body.

This syndrome is affecting his whole activity, even when he's just having cough and flu he have to be treated in hospital for 15days with various treatment because his organs didn't functions well.

Indonesian doctors already gave up with him, also doctor in KL have same opinion.
Now their parents want to try to get help from doctor in SG, but they need financial support.

Even your prayers are very much needed for him 😊

Should you want to support Baby Iro[NEED HELP] Galang Dana utk Baby Iron, bayi dengan Congenital Heart Defectn please contact,
Devitha Yosiana. 081281614860.
BCA ac. 5245014055
Kena penyakit apa ?. Gak bisa translate bhs inggris .
ngapa ga pake basa indo
Katakan pada teman anda, untuk tidak mengunci Akun Instagram Pribadinya.
ane cuma bisa bantu doa gan emoticon-Turut Berduka "angkat gwa jadi moduratur longe"
Bs d cek dengan hashtag #babyiron
cinca do'ain yach biar cepat cembuh
bantu doa gans.emoticon-Toast
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cinca do'ain yach biar cepat cembuh

halo cinca emoticon-Betty emoticon-Betty
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halo cinca emoticon-Betty emoticon-Betty

apa cih godain cinca, camu comblo ya, kacian
Mejeng di trit kaga mutu
Wah bahasa linggis kagak ngerti
Ane juga cuman bisa berdoa...
semoga cepat sembuh dari penyakitnya gan..
soalnya ane kaga paham bahas inggris gan..