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Not Lives | ノットライヴス
Not Lives | ノットライヴス

Quote:Mikami is only in high school, but he is a game designer genius. He has created many popular games ranging from RPGs to Action titles, even puzzle games. At his classmate’s request, he decides his next project will be a romance game, so he begins to gather research material that will help him make another hit game. But when Mikami gets home, he finds a game called Not Alive that he doesn’t remember buying. When he tries to play the game, the CD seems to go inside him, and he awakens in a part of town that seems frozen in time.

Quote:Author: KARASUMA Wataru
Artist: KARASUMA Wataru
Genres: Action Drama Romance School Life Sci-fi Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status Scanlation: Ongoing
Status in Country of Origin: 9 Volumes (Ongoing)
Original Publisher : ASCII Media Works
Serialized In : Comic Dengeki Daioh (ASCII Media Works)
Scanlators : WaterFlame Scanlations

Quote:Not Lives | ノットライヴスNot Lives | ノットライヴスNot Lives | ノットライヴスNot Lives | ノットライヴスNot Lives | ノットライヴスNot Lives | ノットライヴスNot Lives | ノットライヴスNot Lives | ノットライヴスNot Lives | ノットライヴス
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Spoiler for 48:

Last fight?
Spoiler for 49, akhir vol 9?:
Spoiler for 50:
Spoiler for 52 :
Tamat :>
5 tahun coyyy
cukup logis sih sepertinya
lumayan endingnya

Amamiya balik, cita-cita Mikami bikin game juga akhirnya terkabul emoticon-Jempol