Professor Murdered on Indonesia’s National Education Day

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Professor Murdered on Indonesia’s National Education Day
Indonesia’s National Education Day turns out to be a tragedy for the country’s education world. A student alleged to have slashed his professor’s neck and hands, thus killing her. Monday (02/05/2016) afternoon.

FKIP North Sumatra Muhammadiyah University (UMSU) lecturer named Dra Hj Nurain Lubis (63), breathed her last after suffering severe injuries in the neck and arm to the breaking point.

"It happened in FKIP. The victim was immediately taken to hospital with hand and neck slit by her own student. We still don’t know his motives," said Fajar (24), a student of Faculty of Economics UMSU.

The incident occurred in front of the bathroom of Building B campus, located at Jalan Mukhtar Basri, Eastern District of Medan.

Based on information obtained, the victim was heading for showers after talking with the suspect with initials RS. Before that, both were involved in serious conversation that according to our informant was related to the student’s thesis. The professor then left, and headed for the bathroom.

Allegedly offended by the attitude of his professor, the student waits for the victim to get out of the shower. Once she got out, he quickly injured her neck and slashed her hands. The victim screamed before collapsing on the ground.

He then hid in the bathroom. And did not dare to go out to face hundreds of other students waiting outside with anger.

Until the time this news was released, there has been no official statement from UMSU and Medan Police Department.

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