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My Daily Journal about Translation and Writing

My Daily Journal about Translation and Writing

Hi guys, welcome to my thread. emoticon-Smilie

honestly, I need to improve my english. Especially in Translation and Writing skills. So I decided to make some thread to be my journal of my translation and writing activities emoticon-Big Grin

You can correct my grammatical structure. No problem if people learn from my mistakes. emoticon-Smilie

Hopefully, moderator may permit me to open this thread. Thank you emoticon-Smilie
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Kecepatan Puncak Internet Indonesia Peringkat ke-6 Dunia

Spoiler for :

Indonesian Internet Peak Speed Ranked 6th World

Based on survey of Akamai Technologies internet companies, internet peak speed in Indonesia hit to 6th world ranks.

Indonesia recorded having average internet peak speed at 79.8 Mbps on 4th 2015 Quartal. This marks the occurrence of increasing internet speed about 157 percent than last quartal.

Meanwhile, when we are seen the comparison of same quartal on 2014, internet peak speed in Indonesia shows increasing about 495 percent.

“Indonesia has the biggest escalation in average peak on 4th 2015 quartal by 157 percent,” Akamai from State of the Internet newest Journal.

“This big escalation is caused by Akamai additional servers which are placed at famous telecommunication operator in Indonesia” Claimed State of the Internet Journal.

They may be a relations about the 4G LTE implementation in Indonesia which will be started in late of 2014.

As reported by KompasTekno from Malaysian Wireless, Saturday (2/4/2014) rank below Indonesia are Mongolia, Taiwan, Qatar, and Romania.
First rank of internet speed is held by Singapura with 135.7 Mbps, the second is Hongkong with 105.2 Mbps, and the third is South Korea with 95.3 Mbps.

Furthermore, the fourth rank of internet speed is Macau with 83.1, and the fifth is Japan with 82.9 Mbps
8 Kandidat Bersaing Menjadi Sekjen PBB Pengganti Ban Ki-moon

Spoiler for :

8 Candidate for General Secretary of United Nations changing Ban Ki-moon

In the first time of history, Election Process of General Secretary of United Nations will be held openly and involve public discussion. Selection progress be held on July, and some candidates will be presenting their vision this week.

Since United Nations has formed, election process of General Secretary of United Nations has elected privately and only involve 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council. There are United Kingdom, France, China, Russia, and United States of America.
Since September last year, UN members decide to open the election progress who replace Ban Ki-moon as general secretary of United Nations who ends their working period by 31 December 2016. New General Secretary of United Nations will start their working period by 1 January 2017.

There are 8 candidates who have signed up so far. There are 4 men and 4 women. They will be presented on UN General Meeting then campaign and informal discuss for 3 days.

Informal dialog is scheduled and started Tuesday (12/4/2016). In that dialog, civilian can ask the question via social media.
As described in UN Press Release session last Friday, every candidate will get the chance to present their vision and mission and to answer from societies. This process will have been live broadcasted via television and internet for 2 hours.

8 candidates are UNESCO Director Irina Bokova from Bulgaria, Former Prime Minister of New Zealand and Head of UNHCR Helen Clark, former UNHCR Antonio Gutteres from Portugal, Former Slovenia President Danilo Turk, former foreign minister of Croatia Vesna Pusic, senior diplomat Natalia Gherman from Moldova, former Foreign Minister and Macedonia ambassadors for United Nations Srgjan Kerim, and foreign minister of Montenegro Igor Luksic.

There are 2 candidates who are predicted signing up soon, that is EU Commisioner Kristalina Georgieva from Bilgaria and foreign minister of argentina Susana Malcorra.

Selection process will be held on July and voting process will be held gradually until September when 15 board members will propose the nomination to General Meeting of United Nations.

“If they can’t present their vision or effectively communicate as simple as possible, it will be difficult for UN Security Councils to support them “. Said UK Ambassador for United Nations Matthew Rycroft.

The First Women

This time, UN Security Councils members challenged to choose first women candidate after 8 men have led United Nations. They are expected to give some chance from East Europe, the only one which has never been nominated to General Secretary of UN.
Until now, there are 56 nations, including Germany and Japan, who signed to give a chance to women candidates. The proposal is submitted by Colombia.

One of 5 security members, UK have stated to give a chance to women leading UN. Another security members stand to vote the best, both men and women.

Any correction will be apreciated. emoticon-Smilie

Great translation!
Gak mudeng ane emoticon-Hammer2

Might wanna fix this one

Nice translation overall,
But I think this would be more correct for the above: Selection progress will be held on July, and some candidates will be presenting their vision this week

(because the sentence is not complete without the will)

Also generally it is written "[UN] Secretary-General"

sure mr. emoticon-Smilie


ah i'm sorry, i forgot to add the "Future Tense" to this sentence emoticon-Nohope


thank you. noted emoticon-Smilie
Rakyat Marah karena Tarif Naik, Raja Salman Pecat Menteri Air dan Listrik

Spoiler for :

People getting mad because of rising price, Saudi Arabia’s King fire his minister of water and electricity.

Cutting subsidy of electricity, water and other primary needs has made Saudi Arabian getting mad. So that the king fired his minister of water and electricity.

Agence France-Presse news agency, Sunday (24/4/2016) reported that King Salman has fired Minister of Water and Electricity Abdullah al-Hussayen.

The post of Minister of Water and Electricity was held temporarily by Minister of Agriculture, Abdel Rahman al-Fadli. Salman has issued decree replacement on Saturday (23/4/2016).

Hussayen’s dismissal happened when public had angered because of rising price of water and electricity base price and other needs.

Previously, the Government has cutted electricity, water and other services tariff subsidies.

Last march, Arab News inform that Hussayen has asked that citizens can be given some permission to have own well. The government needn’t to supply water because people will be difficult to pay the paycheck.

Last April, as reported by the newspaper, Syura Board Advisory wasn’t sure at the Hussayen request and all of their staff to solve electricity and water problem.

Last December, Riyadh had done some reformation which never ever happened before in that nation. The nations’ economy was struck by falling price of crude oil in last 2 years.

Crown Prince Deputy, Mohammed bin Salman, which is regarded as reformation architech, Monday (25/4/2016), will announce the program which aims to economic diversification to solve dependence of oil.

All the time, Saudi Arabia’s economy is tremendously dependent to oil. 70% national income comes from oil and gas.

Reduction of subsidies of water and electricity are happened because of world oil price failing.

any correction will be apreciated emoticon-Smilie thanks
Diubah oleh Ivancadel
nyimak gan, ane jg lg belajar translate

Excuse me..

You know that this forum is called english forum, right?
Do you see anyone using bahasa indonesia in this thread?

Please use english. Respect those who use it and respect the first forum rule
I am amazed. emoticon-Wow. Actually I am waiting you to continue the works.

It has been 2 days.

I am learning from you. How to make a good translation. Hehehe.

I think you will be a great contribution to Cooperation Sector.
While I appreciate your effort, in my opinion, you can enhance your writing skill by using grammar check apps or software. I would suggest the use of Chrome browser with Grammarly extension.
Keep it up

wow, it's really good extension. I was using it when I read your post. it helps me a lot.

Diubah oleh

Held or presenting?
Hmmm... I have a problem with it.
When I translate an article and confuse to decide which more proper word is.



Moga-moga ane tidak salah dan bisa membantu agan.
-----------> penggunaan was karena citing dari old news on 2014.

Moga-moga bisa membantu agan, ane juga masih harus banyak belajar lebih banyak lagi, hanya beberapa tips :
Tidak semua frasa di kalimat Indonesia bisa diterjemahkan mentah-mentah di bahasa Inggris.
Kalo agan suka tolong kasih cendol yakk emoticon-Smilie)
Diubah oleh davidchenx

Kalau masalah urutan dari statistik, biasanya yang dipakai held. menurut ane sih, lebih enak didengar ya.
Spoiler for Kompas:

Jokowi: Investation Facility Continuing to be made

SHANGHAI, KOMPAS- Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo said that effective repairing steps for bureaucracy and permission service continued to be repaired to facilitate investment around the world, including China’s industrialist.
“Until now, we have issued 13th economics packet policies, aiming to more effective bureaucracy and repairing permission service to be faster and easier,” said President Jokowi as reported by Kompas’ reporter Andy Riza Hidayat, when Mr. Jokowi gave speech about Indonesia’s economic improvement at Business Forum in Shanghai, China, Saturday (3/9).
Before Mr. Jokowi gave his speech, Industrial Minister Airlangga Hartanto, Trading Minister Enggartiasto Lukita, and Chief of Funding Investment Coordination Ministry Thomas Trikasih Lembong also gave the presentation about investment chance. In the occasion, Financial Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi, and Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung also attended the forum.
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