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Muslim extremist organisation ‘claims south London mosque is its overseas base’

Muslim extremist organisation ‘claims south London mosque is its overseas base’

Revealed : Muslim extremist organisation ‘claims south London mosque is its overseas base’

Muslim extremist organisation ‘claims south London mosque is its overseas base’

A MUSLIM extremist group which calls for the deaths of members of a minority sect has allegedly claimed a south London mosque as its overseas base.

Worshipers at the Stockwell Green mosque have reportedly received leaflets demanding the killing of heretics.

The mosque was being used by Khatm-e-Nubuwwat (KN), a sectarian organisation which targets Ahmadi Muslims, according to an investigation.

KN held its annual conference at Stockwell mosque last year and even names the address as its overseas office on its website.

In most cases, KN regards Ahmadi Muslims as heretics who should be killed, according to Human Rights Watch.

The group does not inflict violence itself, but it reportedly provides the environment for other people to.

The leaflets found in the building are said to have labelled Ahmadi Muslims apostates, claiming they deserved to die.

One allegedly said: “All possible efforts should be made to clarify the doubts of someone who abandons Islam, otherwise he should be given the punishment of capital punishment.”

It comes as tensions involving the Ahmadis in Britain grow after a Glasgow shopkeeper was allegedly stabbed to death by a Muslim.

Asad Shah was allegedly stabbed to death for reportedly dishonouring the Prophet Mohammad.

The BBC investigation discovered the ties between KN and British charity Alami Mails Tahaffuze Khatme Nubuwwat – which runs the mosque.

But the trustees claimed the group mistakenly claimed the mosque’s address as its office.

Toaha Qureshi MBE, who is listed as a trustee, reportedly suggested to the BBC that Ahmadis may have planted the leaflets.

He told the Times: “I am very much involved in deradicalisation”.

Lutfur Rehman, an Ahmadi living in Britain, fears violence seen in Pakistan against minorities could be spreading to the UK.

He said: “That hate is spreading in the UK. We have seen incidents here and in different areas.

"There have been leaflets distributed in shops, certain hotels have openly announced they will not serve Ahmadis, different clerics inciting in their Friday sermons against Ahmadis."

Hayo lho ahmadi muslims... udah dicap heretics (bidah) tuh... ati2 noh...
Beri apresiasi terhadap thread ini Gan!
4L mau apa lagi emoticon-Cape d... (S)
Takeemoticon-Angkat Beer

di pakistan dibunuhi, di inggris pun ahmadi diancam ancam.

padahal ahmadi adalah muslim yang paling toleran dan penuh kedamaian.

hanya ahmadiyah islam yang bisa berintegrasi dengan dunia barat.
4L ya? Udah ga heran emoticon-Big Grin

yg di indonesah di bakar itu yah gan, sambil di video emoticon-Najis
Well, isn't that pretty common?
islam yang damai yah ahamdiyah bray
tp malah dicap sesat bray pusing kan bray

yang damai dibilang sesat
yang teror dibilang benar

ya begitulah emoticon-Angkat Beer
Makin radikal makin sesat.
Makin sok taat dan disiplin makin engga bener.

Ya Kalo Gt atheis yg paling tepat
Kmarn ada jga yg dibunuh krn ucapkan selamat paskah itu kalo ga salah ahmadi juga.

Diubah oleh irvingberlin
gila emoticon-Gila

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