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Basic steps to be confident in communicate with foreigners

Basic steps to be confident in communicate with foreigners

I am going to study abroad, so I want to learn to speak English. Where should I start to study now? (My grammar is good already.)
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If you study abroad, you should practise English with native people, otherwise you cannot understand when they use their accent.
I want to study academic English for a long time, now I want to learn speaking English. Anyone has experience on it, please advise.
Hey there darkfire

I am studying abroad as well atm so i have first hand experience
I've been here for almost 10 years and when I just got here
I was just like u. fresh out of high school with a very good grammar knowledge at my disposal.
It certainly helped so if you really wanna jump into english used in higher learning
you have a few options such as ESL or just take an assessment test that would place you in appropriate english class
These will prepare you for writing skills needed to write college/university level papers, essay etc

Speaking wise, well... living with native speakers kinda habituate you to using it daily so dont worry so much
you might wanna take some speech or public speaking class in college/univ since most of the times it is required to finish your degree anyway
There are many online courses on communicative English, bro. You can study with native teachers. The fee is reasonable but the result is good, and it's very convenience
thank u <3 but I go to aboard accordding to my company policy, Im not a student emoticon-Frown
My friend share with me about english programme at Topica Native, he said that he has had a private advisor guiding and supporting him about roadmap, homework during the course. Now I see his english is improved fastly, even better much than me so I'm really jealous. Therefore, Im going to register a course here, is there anyone want to join with me:
i'm ALM for reach of Study emoticon-Smilie
sorry for my grammar. correct me please. thank you.

when i met english foreigner, i just keep communicated with them. the point is they ve got what i was talking about.
first it was so hard. i kept repeating words or sentences till they understand. ever i had to find another words, that make them smile saw my effort. but they appreciated it.
then conversation went on and on.

the most important thing is your manner on them. your behave on them. the politeness is number one.
they will accep you wt kindheart and teach you how to speak english properly.

i didnt take english course, but my sorrounding are emglish speaking foreigners.
i dont realise at all that so many english lesson i ve got from them.
it is just on and on
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