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This Video Made Turkey Mad Enough to Summon the German Ambassador
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan doesn’t like being made fun of by anyone — not by people sitting at home in front of their televisions, not by Internet trolls who created a meme comparing him to Lord of the Rings character Gollum, not by the journalists he has imprisoned at an alarming rate, and not by Germany.

That’s why the Turkish Foreign Ministry formally summoned German Ambassador Martin Erdmann to discuss “Erdowie, Erdowo, Erdogan,” a song and video that aired on Extra 3, a satire program on German public broadcaster NDR.

The video shows footage of Erdogan’s most absurd public moments, intercut with krackdowns on protesters. “Equal rights for women: beaten up equally,” the song goes, as police beat women with batons.

Despite mounting human rights abuses, Germany can’t afford to be too hard on Turkey these days, with a refugee deal on the line. Turkey has agreed to take back refugees who reach Greece by boat, in exchange for the resettlement of refugees currently in Turkey and other concessions by the EU.

By summoning Germany’s ambassador, Erdogan has continued efforts to extend the reach of his krackdown on free speech beyond Turkey’s borders. This month, Der Spiegel, the magazine that broke the story of the diplomatic spat over the video, had to withdraw its Istanbul correspondent over concerns about the government’s treatment of the press.
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IMO videonya tidak lucu, yang lucu adalah reaksi Erdogan yang sampai sewot gara-gara video ini emoticon-Hammer (S)
Kesukaan siapa?
gue kira lagu nya Jokowie, Prabowo, Erdogan emoticon-Wakaka emoticon-Wakaka
Dogan sensinya lebih parah daripada beye emoticon-Big Grin

coba liat video propajanda nya

bnyk di komen am onta pesek wahaboy indonesyaaaah


Quote:Original Posted By kuda.unta
Kesukaan siapa?

erDOGan mah emang sultan wannabe emoticon-Wakaka

ingin mendirikan neo-ottoman empire lagi emoticon-Wakaka
Quote:Original Posted By aruloki

erDOGan mah emang sultan wannabe emoticon-Wakaka

ingin mendirikan neo-ottoman empire lagi emoticon-Wakaka

Dikira mudah kali ya? emoticon-Big Grin
erdo(wie) erdo(wo) erdo(wann)~~~

gapleki lagunya nena irgendwie irgendwo irgendwann jadi kek gini hahahah xD

kemarin gw dah nonton sih ini video

padahal lyricnya ga salah

1. erdowann ngikin istana kek gitu, ga ada ijin bangun juga ga ada yg bisa apa2x.
2. ngehajar journalist yg ga cocok ama dia
3. Weltfrauentag diakhiri pake kekerasan (mit Gewalt aufgelöst) hahahah sinting , negara kek gini jauh banget dari eu
4. katanya hajar is yg dihajar koq kurden doang?
Turki tidak layak jadi anggota Uni Eropa.