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It’s not only Christians who get into the Christmas spirit in the UAE

It’s not only Christians who get into the Christmas spirit in the UAE

It’s not only Christians who get into the Christmas spirit in the UAE

The name itself is a giveaway – Christmas is a Christian celebration. However, decorating homes with lights and candles, and enjoying family time and feasting on good food has become such an attraction that some Muslims too get into the festive spirit.

Basma El Lakkis, a Lebanese chemical engineer, celebrates Christmas with her family because it is the day of Jesus’s birth and brings family and friends together.

We have celebrated Christmas since I was a kid. Even my mother’s family celebrates the occasion, and the idea of the celebration is due to the birth of Jesus, who is one of the prophets in Islam. It brings joy and happiness, and my whole family and relatives gather on Christmas night.

“We make Lebanese food, Christmas cakes and cookies, and decorate the whole house and dining table with Christmas decorations,” the 24-year-old said.

“And one of my relatives plays Santa Claus and we exchange gifts. My sister and I do secret Santa with our cousins.”

Ms Lakkis, who has lived in the UAE for six years, grew up in Russia and Africa, so she and her family look at the celebration of Christmas as a tradition.

Her mother, Lokadia El Lakkis, said Christmas was an occasion that brought happiness and delight to children and adults alike.

“We believe in Jesus, so we celebrate his birthday. It is also the day when the family gathers and gives gifts, which makes everyone smile,” the 45-year-old said. “It also makes a person feel that their life is beautiful.”

Alaa Masad, from Jordan, celebrates Christmas not as a religious event but to spend time with family.

“Because my family lives in Greece and most of my friends are Christian, we celebrate Christmas like a habit or traditional thing, not religious,” the 35-year-old said.

Mr Masad decorates his home with a Christmas tree but he does not exchange gifts with relatives, he said. “We have a Christmas tree at home and we make dinner or go out [on Christmas Day] but I do not give and receive presents.”

“I like the lights, the Christmas environment, family time and everyone comes back home. It is really a special day.”

haiyaaa ciilaaka luuwa weelas waaa

Meely meely Keelismas waaa

It’s not only Christians who get into the Christmas spirit in the UAE
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Ya mungkin krn xmas itu bawa joyfull dan happyness makanya bisa diterima seluruh manusia dunia baik muslim budha hindu. Agama yg baik agama yg bawa damai sukacita ke semua manusia tnp terkecuali. Tidak ekskusif spt yahudi radikal dan islm radikl.

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