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OrangTua Jerman dihimbau untuk melarang anaknya pakai rok mini
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OrangTua Jerman dihimbau untuk melarang anaknya pakai rok mini

OrangTua Jerman dihimbau untuk melarang anaknya pakai rok mini sejak kedatangan kaum Muslimin

Parents warned to dress kids modestly on arrival of Syrian 'refugees'

OrangTua Jerman dihimbau untuk melarang anaknya pakai rok mini

What happens when two opposing cultures meet up, one based on permissive Western values and the other on repressive Islamic doctrine?

If the latest news out of Germany is any indication, the latter wins.

Earlier this month, 200 Syrian refugees arrived in Pocking, Bavaria, and the local school system set up an emergency shelter right next to the gym of Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium, Die Welt reports.

The gym has been closed, and physical-education lessons have been relocated to a nearby primary school, but the school is still worried about the refugees interacting with students, reports the Local, an English-language newspaper in Germany.

So worried were school officials that they sent a letter home to parents warning them not to let their daughters wear low-cut blouses or short skirts, because emergency accommodation for refugees has been set up next to the gym.

The headteacher’s letter tried to reassure parents about extra security measures being put in place.

“For the refugees, access to the school gardens and buildings is strictly forbidden. The same goes for the school grounds during the day. The number of teachers on duty during breaks has been increased,” stated the letter from headteacher Martin Thalhammer.

The letter continued with instructions for students:

“The Syrian citizens are mainly Muslims and speak Arabic. The refugees are marked by their own culture. Because our school is directly next to where they are staying, modest clothing should be adhered to, in order to avoid discrepancies. Revealing tops or blouses, short shorts or miniskirts could lead to misunderstandings.”

The school also asked to students to refrain from “direct eyeballing, ogling or taking pictures.”

‘Overwhelmed by the bikinis’

The letter has reportedly met with some push back by parents, but a local politician, who did not want to be named, told Die Welt the move was “absolutely necessary.”

“When Muslim teenage boys go to open-air swimming pools, they are overwhelmed when they see girls in bikinis,” he said.

“These boys, who come from a culture where for women it is frowned upon to show naked skin, follow girls and bother them without realizing. Obviously this is concerning for us,” he continued.

Thalhammer told Passauer Neue Presse he has received resistance from some parents and many questions from media outlets.

“There have never been uniform rules at this school and there never will be,” he told the newspaper. “It is my duty to look after the children. Therefore I wanted to inform everyone about what is going on at school and what the gym is being used for.”

Questions about assimilation not being asked

Germany has agreed to accept 30,000 Syrians designated as refugees by the United Nations, which has at least 130,000 Syrians it wants to resettle in Western countries. About half, 65,000, are being reserved for the United States although Congress has resisted the White House efforts to take in anywhere near that number. So far, the U.S. has committed only to take 2,000 by the end of fiscal 2015. More than 660 Syrians have already arrived in the U.S. since January and about 1,000 have been resettled in the U.S. since the civil war broke out in late 2011.

So far all of the concerns voiced by Congress have had to do with the security risks of bringing large numbers of Syrian Muslims to America. WND reported last week on the latest congressional hearing in which Congress was warned about the likelihood that ISIS or other terrorist organizations could infiltrate the ranks of Syrian refugees.

But others worry about the troubles that other refugee groups, such as the Somalis, have had assimilating into American culture.

Ann Corcoran, author of the Refugee Resettlement blog and a longtime watchdog over the resettlement business, said perhaps there could be a “silver lining” when Muslim refugees arrive and make demands that impose upon Western social mores.

“Maybe this next generation of Western young people will understand how threatening an Islamic supremacist ideology is to their freedom,” she mused. “In fact, yesterday’s news that ISIS killed four gay men by throwing them from rooftops should convince some leftists that maybe the enemy of my enemy is not my friend!”


Warga Jerman musti tau diri dan menyesuaikan gaya hidup mereka sejak kedatangan pengungsi Muslim, karena kedatangan mereka membawa cahaya hidayah dan barokah bagi negara Jerman, karena ga bisa dipungkiri bahwa Bumi Eropa adalah milik Awlloh, makanya yg berlaku di jerman dan seluruh daratan eropa adalah hukum Awlloh, tak ada yg bisa membantah itu, dan nikmat Awlloh apalagi yg hendak kau dustakan wahai tapir emoticon-Mad
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OrangTua Jerman dihimbau untuk melarang anaknya pakai rok mini

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Kaum muslimin sih gak, nyatanya lumayan banyak kok pendatang turki muslim di jerman.
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