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US to Russia: kami tidak mengincar pergantian rezim di Suriah
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US to Russia: kami tidak mengincar pergantian rezim di Suriah

US to Russia: kami tidak mengincar pergantian rezim di Suriah
Following lengthy talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow today, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has said the United States is not seeking regime change in Syria and that the U.S. and Russia see the conflict "fundamentally very similarly."

The United States and its partners are not seeking so-called regime change as it is known in Syria,” Kerry said in a news conference inside the Kremlin, before immediately adding that the U.S. continues to believe that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has no possibility of remaining the country’s leader in the future. However, Kerry said the talks didn’t focus on “what can or can’t be done immediately about Assad” but rather on establishing a political process where Syrians will be able to choose their own leader.

The statement appeared to be the most explicit sign yet that the U.S. is softening its policy towards Assad and marked a significant rhetorical shift for the U.S. towards Russia’s policy in Syria, which previously American officials have said was almost fundamentally at odds with their own.

Kerry in Moscow for Tough Syria, Ukraine Talks With Putin
John Kerry Likens Syrian Challenge to Charting a 'Course Out of Hell'
Washington had been insisting Assad must step down immediately, although recently U.S. officials have suggested that he could remain in power during a transition period. Kerry’s efforts to shift the discussion away from Assad’s personal future, seemed to bring the U.S. closer to Moscow’s position that real peace talks might be able to begin prior to Assad’s removal.

“Despite the different positions of our countries, we have shown that Russia and the United States are moving in the same direction,” Kerry said.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was also upbeat, calling the talks “substantive.”

Kerry’s unusually long, three-and-a-half hour meeting with Putin followed a day of discussions with Lavrov, trying to explore ways of inching forward a peace process for Syria, which recently has taken on a new urgency.

The massive influx of refugees into Europe -- as well as recent terror attacks by the Islamic State -- have prompted the U.S. to begin more actively looking for diplomatic solutions to the crisis. Russia, which has launched an air campaign to prop up Assad, has also been pressing for talks and calling for the US to combine efforts to destroy the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

Both countries have been moving to try to line up a new round of negotiations that would include regional powers, such as Turkey and Iran, as well as Assad and groups from the Syrian opposition. Following today’s meeting, Lavrov announced that an international conference discussing further steps towards a peace process would now go ahead on Friday in New York.

But while Kerry’s comments appeared to mark a certain warming in relations between Russia and the U.S., it was still unclear how this would translate into a peace agreement on the ground in Syria. The Assad government remains embattled in a bitter fight with hundreds of opposition groups, many of which are still determined to topple the regime. Kerry reassertion that Assad must step down in the future may also still prove unacceptable to the Syrian regime.

Although both sides agreed to work on a list of Syrian groups they considered terrorists, there was little indication the U.S. was now ready to work more closely with Moscow militarily against ISIS. Kerry again raised American concerns that Russia is targeting moderate opponents of Assad, rather than ISIS.

Moscow has generally treated most groups opposed to Assad as terrorists, including several groups armed by the U.S. The U.S. has said Russian offers to coordinate strikes against ISIS are not sincere.

Recently, there have been incremental steps taken towards peace talks. In November, negotiations in Vienna for the first time included Iran -- Assad’s chief military backer -- as well as his key regional opponents, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Last week, a meeting in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, saw some Syrian opposition groups agreeing to form a united group for negotiating with Assad. However, Russia has rejected the initiative as containing some groups it considers terrorists.

Kerry said he had come to Moscow to find “common ground” and many of his statements appeared intended to clear space for a more functional working relationship after two years of confrontation with the Kremlin following the Ukraine crisis.

We do not seek to isolate Russia,” Kerry said and appeared to downplay the significance of economic sanctions imposed by Washington over Moscow’s seizure of Crimea, saying they “were to register our disapproval of what had happened," but adding that they would remain in place until Russia fulfills a peace agreement with Ukraine. He emphasized though that “the United States stands ready to work with Russia.”

Opening today’s meeting, Putin was also unusually warm with Kerry, joking that he couldn’t keep up with Kerry’s grueling schedule of foreign trips and that the secretary of state ought to get some sleep and “relax.”

Kerry did take a brief break to walk in central Moscow. After meeting with a prominent human rights activist, Kerry visited a souvenir store on a main street and talked with a group of surprised Russians, who surrounded him.

Standing outside a Dunkin Donuts, Kerry told the Russians around him, “I want to wish that the Russian people and the American people are good friends.”


Russia is about to win

oaaaku percaya Rusia akan bernasib seperti Uni Sovyet saat gempur afghanistan emoticon-Betty (S)
oaaaku percaya militer Rusia tdk dpt dihandalkan emoticon-Betty (S)
oaaaku percaya Amerika hanya sedang mengeluarkan siasat "liciknya" emoticon-Betty (S)
oaaaku percaya sanksi dicabut itu cuma siasat emoticon-Betty (S)

SCO is a better choose for indonesia's partnership emoticon-Cendol (S)

Spoiler for :

pihak yang benar selalu menang

emoticon-Kiss (S)

emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)

silahkan kaum 'terbelakang' beronani dan berimajinasi ria emoticon-Ngakak (S)
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Beri apresiasi terhadap thread ini Gan!
ngapain gabung sco disitu ada china yang jadi musuh potensial indonesia di laut china selatan, udah banyak kok kasus arogansi angkatan laut china yg ngelindungin nelayan2 mereka masuk perairan indonesia, udah bener pemerintah sekarang ga usah ikut blok blokan, militer masih lemah ekonomi gampang goyah,

yg ber ONANi ria itu yg ngarep bngt jk RI bs gabung ke SCO.... dasar otak kW BIN BOOL.... emoticon-Ngakak

ttg kerry ke om putin.... hny basa basi semata ttg nasib akhir si assad.... emoticon-Ngakak


si TS nya (yg RT news mania) lupa ama satu kalimat terpenting di paragraft utama nya itu sendiri.... emoticon-Ngakak
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baru juga beberapa post ts tukang baik k*njut puting udah dibuat asem


btw...hobi onani lu ya? napa gak laku?

SCO itu negara2 yg berada di wilayah asia tengah, RI itu berada di asia tenggara... emoticon-Ngakak

si TS nya mgkn mmg gak bs bedakan mana asia tengah, mana asia tenggara.... emoticon-Ngakak
Diubah oleh bigbullshit
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jika AS tdk menghendaki pergantian pemipun suriah berarti menghendaki suriah terpecah. karena support senjata pemberontak adalah dari AS.

di suriah, Amerika adalah starter dari berbagai perang dan kerusakan yg terjadi.
Diubah oleh sukirwan

udah selesai meweknya? emoticon-Stick Out Tongue
ente ga liat link yg ane kasih? Rusia udah ngasih penawaran ke indonesia kalau mau masuk SCO. indonesia tgl kirim permintaan doang. langsung masuk. bukan ane yg bermimpi blog blog goblog. indonesia baru sebatas kerjasama doang sama SCO. "belum" berminat. dicek silahkan dilink yg tersedia di post awal emoticon-Stick Out Tongue

apa hubungannya sama link yg wikipedia yg ente kasih..ane ngakak sendiri liat komen2 diatas. sengaja dibiarin ngeliat betapa tergundjaaangnya kalian melihat indonesia-rusia akur

pada kenyataannya sejak zaman bung karno kita emg sahabatan sama rusia emoticon-Stick Out Tongue
sengaja ane biarin org2 goblog diatas ini saling bercengkrama

bahu membahu dlm menghibur diri

pensboy USA&ISIS bersatupadu melawan kebenaran Rusia emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak

apah ente blg? cuma basa basi? what a naive

emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak

itu yg bawa2 tiongkok indonesia tdk pernah dirugikan masalah LCS oi. indonesia malah penengah konflik LCS. malah kita diuntungkan saat china-philipines ribut. filipina itu negara tukang nginjek martabat Indonesia. aneh2 aja emoticon-Ngakak
Diubah oleh Synaiderix

ngebandingin SCO koq sama ASEAN, salah satu goal nya SCO yg ga ada di ASEAN itu pakta militer, mirip" pakta warsawa jaman bahlul

kalo cuma negara asia tengah ngapain pakistan & india yg notabene ada diwilayah asia selatan ngarep pengen join emoticon-Betty (S)

pensboy nya di sini udah pada congkak gegara aksi rusia di krimea
tau tau nya ......
kerry sama putin salaman emoticon-Ngakak
gk ada yg lebih goblok dari pada pens rusky di mari apa emoticon-Wakaka

bingung dah tu pens soviet sukhoi svchyachennaya voyna parka ushanka rusia di bpln ..
"sikap gw harus gimana yaaa ???" emoticon-No Hope
"kemarin gw total dukung rusia di krimea .. kok sekarang pujaan gw malah salaman sama NATO ???" emoticon-No Hope

emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Wakaka

pens ruskaya memang manusia goblok yg termakan propaganda soviet .. emoticon-Angkat Beer
pokoknya pens rusky kasih berita rudal balistik nuklir sukhoi paling seneng serasa terbang ke surga... emoticon-Wakaka

ngomong apa si ente? lho kan moscow ga pernah ngunjungin DC/paris. tp DC/paris yg ngunjungin moscow. tau kenapa? karena mereka butuhin rusia agar kembali dipihak mereka tuolol. ini org ga jelas amat ci :3

masa hrs berantem trs. kita indonesia-rusia-EU-amerika beda kaya arab yg doyan perang. kita lbh seneng mensejahterakan rakyat. tuh pikirin arabmu yg skrg g dpt dukungan US jatuhnya bikin koalisi sendiri. US dan EU sama2 sadar rakyat lbh berhak menentukan masa depan syria. bukan rebels :3

kasihan si kepala panas yg satu ini. pgnnya dunia bertumpahan darah tp gagal emoticon-Frown

manusia zaman skrg lbh cerdas. beda sama manusia zaman purba yg megang2 pedang golok dan piso emoticon-Stick Out Tongue

zaman skrg pensil lbh tajam ketimbng pedang. blok ya bye emoticon-Stick Out Tongue
pens isis itu paling teguh pendirian ..
mengkafirkan seluruh manusia yg menurut syariat kafir ..

contoh ..
karena jendral sudirman anak pondok alim rajin solat itu berjuang untuk menegakkan berhala pancasila dan demi merah putih majapahit berkibar maka jendral sudirman anak alim rendah hati tersebut adalah kafir dan masuk neraka !
kami tidak ragu ! ..
itulah manhaj kami emoticon-Smilie

pens isis di mari tdk bertele2 ngeles sana ngeles sini .. kalo kafir .. kafirr !! emoticon-army:

lihat lah ketegasan kami wahai kafirun .. emoticon-Smilie

beda sama murtad pens rusky karbitan wannabe .. emoticon-Cape deeehh

putin serang krimea -> "putin ayam jantan dari timur satu2nya manusia yg berani lawan nato" emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)
putin salaman sama kerry -> " las les las les ngelessssss ,,, matematika a u a u gk bisa jwab tegass " emoticon-Ngakak (S)

sekian dan terima kasih emoticon-shakehand
dikarenakan banyak kesalahpahaman dlm bentuk "ane terlalu berharap indonesia masuk SCO"

oleh karenanya ane menarik isi berita tawaran Rusia thdp Indonesia utk gabung SCO. dan sudah diterima pihak Indonesia sbg tawaran "kerjasama"

Spoiler for :

semisal ada pertanyaan semacam:

1. Q=Apa untungnya sih gabung SCO?
A= dulu Pakistan adalah negara yg netral. sebelum doi kena 'wacana' AS utk diinvasi. Rusia berinisiatif menawarkan membership SCO agar pakistan terlindungi dr militer AS dan sekutunya. begitu juga dgn Iran saat diancam Israel&AS

2. Q= lah terus kita kan ga bermusuhan sama US gan
A= kata siapa gan? buktinya kita mulai dihembuskan isu yg serupa dgn isu yg digunakan utk memecah belah umat di syria. aswaja pun berpotensi dituduh sesat bin biadab oleh mereka.ujungnya itu minyak Suriah disedotin ke Turki lalu disetor ke NATO. nah dikita, kita punya freeport yg sedang disengketakan

3. Q= Terus buat rakyat untungnya apa gan? profit secara signifikannya itu loh
A= sejak dulu Indonesia-Rusia itu ibarat sepasang angsa gan. tidak bisa dipisahkan satu sama lain. dulu KRI irian itu pemberian Rusia. modal indonesia utk melawan Belanda. Rusia jg membantu dlm dukungan moril sehingga sewaktu Belanda hendak bertindak offensive. USA bikin direct order ke Belanda utk narik diri. agar blok barat & blok timur tidak ribut di Indonesia. setelah blok barat menelan kekalahan pahit di vietnam. dan sampe detik ini kerjasama dibidang ekonomi antara Rusia-Indonesia terjalin sempurna. ente bisa minta bukti dgn quote postingan ini. Tahun ini pejabat kita prefer gaet Rusia utk proyek2 besar.

4. Q= SCO itu kerjasama militer juga gan?
A= yoi gan, kenapa TNI lbh suka pake senjata buatan Rusia adalah MoU Rusia tidak serumit Amerika. bahkan kita membeli senjata dan pespur Rusia itu pake rempah2. bukan pake duit.

Pakistan sebagai anggota SCO bahkan menolak akusisi arab saudi soal keikutsertaannya dlm koalisi islam bentukan saudi

Spoiler for :

SCO itu bisa jd kebanggaan buat Indonesia
dan jgn bawa2 konflik LCS emoticon-Cendol (S)

spasibo emoticon-Kiss (S)
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ayo ayo bigbullshit & sultan.amerika plisshh balik terguncang lagi dong emoticon-Matabelo
keras dibacotnya doang, tukang rusuh emoticon-Najis (S)
persis junjungannya si ngisis yg kelakuannya tdk beradab emoticon-Betty (S)

asuw udah dicounter begitu malah balik sepi ini thread. bagusan di cuekin aja ya seharusnya biar pada onani ria lagi. ayo diletupkan lagi emoticon-Ngakak

barau sebatas penawaran, tp elo sdh main coli aja.... RI sdh pasti masuk SCO.... emoticon-Ngakak

itu yg br namanya ngimpi di siang hr bolong, tong..... emoticon-Ngakak


elo bs bc peta, gak sih gan?? emoticon-Ngakak

US to Russia: kami tidak mengincar pergantian rezim di Suriah

itu pakis & india berbatasan darat scr langsung ama negara siapa aja?? emoticon-Ngakak

negara2 yg jd anggota SCO itu skrg siapa aja ya?? emoticon-Ngakak


puadahal, si kampret tampan, si indo bersatu dkk, berikut seluruh para penjilat pantat asshole junior & pemuja pantat kaum mullah iran disana sini.... sk bngt bikin berita hoax di mana2----> mama rika & mas wahyudi dkk itu adlh pencipta teroris AQ & ISIS..... emoticon-Wakaka

pdhl, om putin itu msh berteman baik ama mama rika & israel skrg ini.... emoticon-Ngakak


elo termasuk manusia yg cerdas/tdk cerdas, tong?? emoticon-Ngakak

kalo elo itu manusia cerdas, secerdas apa sih elo disini?? emoticon-Ngakak

bahan colian elo slama ini disini itu -> hny sindo news & RT news aja.... emoticon-Ngakak


puokoknya rusiya super strongggggggggggg.......... emoticon-Ngakak


blum menerima permintaan scr resmi, tertarik bekerja sama blum tentu bakal jd anggota SCO.... emoticon-Ngakak

yg ngarep RI itu gabung ke SCO itu adlh bawahan nya om putin sendiri.... bukan RI.... .emoticon-Ngakak

lagi2, baca isi berita sendiri aja gatot gitu.... emoticon-Ngakak


pakis terlindungi dr militer amrik?? emoticon-Ngakak

elo lg mabok tinta cumi2 ya, tong?? pakis, india, afghan itu sesama sekutu militer amrik di asia selatan, tong.... emoticon-Ngakak

minyak suriah disedot ke turki & di bw ke NATO.... bahan colian dr RT news dkk nih ya.... emoticon-Ngakak


kena jebakan romantisme masa lalu jaman 1960-63.... emoticon-Ngakak

MOVE ON donk, tong.... skrg sdh 2015.... emoticon-Wakaka

bentar lg, malah 2016..... mau sampe kapan elo terpesona ama ORLA nya si BK ??emoticon-Ngakak


lah, RRC itu jd anggota utama SCO sekaligus msh pny mslh di LCS dgn RI.... kok malah mau di cuekin aja sih?? emoticon-Ngakak

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