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Breaking News..UK Lawmaker Vote Yes on Airstrikes ISIS in Syria

Breaking News..UK Lawmaker Vote Yes on Airstrikes ISIS in Syria

MPs have voted by 397 to 223 to authorise UK air strikes against so-called Islamic State in Syria.
Prime Minister David Cameron argued in a Commons debate that action against the "medieval monsters" of IS was legal and would "keep our country safe".
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the case for war "does not stack up" - but his party was split, with senior Labour figures voting with the government after the 10-hour debate.
RAF bombing raids could begin soon.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said UK planes would be deployed "very quickly", potentially as early as Thursday.
The BBC estimates that 67 Labour MPs, including several members of the shadow cabinet, voted with the government to back air strikes after their MPs were given a free vote - although Labour MP Emily Thornberry told the BBC her estimated figure was 57.
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