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Rusia ada bukti kalo turki masuk ke kawasan syria untuk menyergap pesawat SU-24

Rusia ada bukti kalo turki masuk ke kawasan syria untuk menyergap pesawat SU-24

Rusia ada bukti kalo turki masuk ke kawasan syria untuk menyergap pesawat SU-24

WHEN Russia began bombing in Syria in September, it hoped the mission would be short and telegenic. It is quickly getting longer and uglier. Last month Islamic State (IS) affiliates downed a Russian airliner over Egypt. Then, on November 24th, Turkish jets shot down a Russian fighter-bomber near the Syrian border, the first hostilities between Russia and a NATO member since the end of the cold war.

Turkey said the Russian Su-24 had violated its airspace and was warned ten times before Turkish F-16s fired on it. Russia says its aircraft stayed over Syria. One pilot survived, but the other was killed, as was a Russian soldier involved in a rescue mission. A livid Vladimir Putin called the downing a “stab in the back” by “accomplices of terrorists”, accusing the Turkish government of protecting IS and allowing its oil trade to flourish across the Turkish border.

For Turkey, the clash follows months of frustration over Russia’s intervention. Both countries are fighting IS, but their priorities are often opposed. Turkey wants to overthrow Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, and to prevent Syrian Kurdish militias from gaining territory. Russia wants to protect Mr Assad, its longtime client, and is friendly with the Kurds. “Turkey’s strategy collapsed with Russia’s involvement,” says Nihat Ali Ozcan of the Economic Policy Research Foundation, a think-tank.

Turkish anger was compounded by Russian air strikes against villages inhabited by Turkomans (Syrians of Turkic origin), which, Russia says, harbour Islamist terrorists. Turkey’s foreign ministry summoned Russia’s ambassador last week, and raised the issue with the UN Security Council. An estimated 1,500 Turkomans have fled Syria for Turkey. The Russian fighter-bomber was operating in a Turkoman region, but the decision to shoot it down was ultimately driven by border-security concerns, not sympathy for the Turkomans, according to Mehmet Yegin, a Turkish security expert.

In public, Turkey’s NATO allies backed it. In private, many wondered whether Turkey could have been less provocative. Western leaders, including Barack Obama, sought to defuse tensions. On November 25th Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said his country had “no intention of escalating this incident”.

Mr Putin’s anger aside, Russia has little interest in escalation either. “We’re not planning to fight with Turkey,” said the foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov. But Russia may strike back asymmetrically, says Fyodor Lukyanov, chairman of Russia’s Council on Foreign and Defence Policy, a think-tank. For example, joint energy projects, including the proposed Turkish Stream pipeline, could be put on hold. Turkey imports 20% of its energy from Russia; it may find those contracts at risk. The number of Russian tourists who visit Turkey, currently 3.5m a year, is likely to decline: Mr Lavrov advised them not to visit because of an alleged risk of terrorism, and Russia’s state tourism agency has banned tour operators from offering package trips.

Most troubling are the implications in Syria. François Hollande, France’s president, visited Moscow on November 26th to drum up support for an anti-IS alliance (see article). But NATO’s solidarity with Turkey has rankled Russia, which could intensify bombing of Syrian rebels with ties to Turkey, or give more support to Kurdish forces. Russia has announced it will arm its air base outside Latakia with its most sophisticated air-defence missile, the S-400. In Mr Erdogan, Mr Putin has encountered a fellow illiberal strongman given to macho posturing. Both are known for letting national pride drive their decisions; neither will back down easily.


***Terserah dah kalo udah sampai ada bukti mah....
Beri apresiasi terhadap thread ini Gan!
ditunggu release dr phak russia utk buktinya emoticon-Angkat Beer
Lama nih masuk berita lokal updatean nya
Rusia ada bukti kalo turki masuk ke kawasan syria untuk menyergap pesawat SU-24

A Turkish fighter jet launched a missile at a Russian bomber on Tuesday well ahead of the Su-24 approaching the Turkish border, the chief of Russia’s Air Force said. The bomber remained on Turkish radars for 34 minutes and never received any warnings.
Su-24 downing
The attack on the Russian Su-24 bomber was intentional and had been planned in advance, Viktor Bondarev, the chief of Russia’s Air Force, announced Friday, calling the incident an “unprecedented backstab.”

The commander shared with the media previously unknown details of what happened on Tuesday.

On November 24, a pair of Russian Sukhoi Su-24 tactical bombers took off from Khmeimim airbase in Latakia at 06:15 GMT, with an assignment to carry out airstrikes in the vicinity of the settlements of Kepir, Mortlu and Zahia, all in the north of Syria. Each bomber was carrying four OFAB-250 high-explosive fragmentation bombs.

Ten minutes later, the bombers entered the range of Turkish radars and took positions in the target area, patrolling airspace at predetermined heights of 5,800 meters and 5,650 meters respectively.

Both aircraft remained in the area for 34 minutes. During this time there was no contact between the crews of the Russian bombers and the Turkish military authorities or warplanes.

Some 20 minutes after arriving at the designated area, the crews received the coordinates of groups of terrorists in the region. After making a first run, the bombers performed a maneuver and then delivered a second strike.

Immediately after that, the bomber crewed by Lieutenant-Colonel Oleg Peshkov and Captain Konstantin Murakhtin was attacked by a Turkish F-16 fighter jet operating from the Diyarbakır airfield in Turkey.

To attack the Russian bomber with a close-range air-to-air missile, the Turkish fighter jet had to enter Syrian airspace, where it remained for about 40 seconds. Having launched its missile from a distance of 5-7 kilometers, the F-16 immediately turned towards the Turkish border, simultaneously dropping its altitude sharply, thus disappearing from the range of Russian radars at the Khmeimim airbase.

The Turkish fighter moved two kilometers into Syrian airspace while the Russian bomber at no stage violated Turkish airspace, Bondarev stressed.

The crew of the second Su-24M had a clear view of the moment the missile was fired from the Turkish F-16, and reported this to base.

Commander Bondarev noted that a pair of Turkish F-16Cs had been in the area close to the attack zone for more than an hour prior to the attack, which explains their presence in the area. The time needed to get the aircraft ready at the Diyarbakır airfield and travel to the attack zone is an estimated 46 minutes.

One of Turkish F-16Cs stopped its maneuvers and began to approach the Su-24M bomber about 100 seconds before the Russian aircraft came closest to the Turkish border, which also confirms the attack was pre-planned, Commander Bondarev stressed.

The chief of Russia’s Air Force also called attention to the readiness of the Turkish media, which released a professionally-made video of the incident recorded from an area controlled by extremists a mere 1.5 hours after the Su-24 was downed.

Commander Bondarev also mentioned the memorandum of understanding regarding the campaign in Syria, signed by Moscow and Washington on October 26. In accordance with this agreement, the Russian side informed its American counterparts about the mission of the two bombers in the north of Syria on November 24, including the zones and heights of operation.

Taking this into account, the Turkish authorities' statement on not knowing which aircraft were operating in the area raises eyebrows, Bondarev said.

The Turkish military not only violated all international laws on protecting national borders, but never delivered an apology for the incident or offered any help in the search and rescue operation for the Su-24 crew.

The Su-24’s pilot, Lieutenant-Colonel Oleg Peshkov, was shot dead by militants while parachuting to the ground, having ejected from the stricken aircraft. His partner, navigator Captain Konstantin Murakhtin, survived being shot at while parachuting and managed to stay alive on the ground in an area full of terrorists.

The rescue operation took several hours and eventually recovered Murakhtin, although one Russian Marine in the team was killed when the rescue helicopter was destroyed by a US-made tank missile launched by the extremists – an incident they filmed and published online.

Commander Bondarev specifically stressed that the Russian pilot who survived the attack was actively looked for not only by the jihadists, but also by a number of unidentified and technically well-equipped groups.

After Captain Murakhtin was rescued, the Russian Air Force delivered “more than massive, devastating” airstrikes against the militants in the region where the operation had been taking place, Bondarev reported.

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Rusia ada bukti kalo turki masuk ke kawasan syria untuk menyergap pesawat SU-24

bukti laen nya atas keterlibatan turki atas pendukungan terhadap terorisme :

A large cargo of shotguns without transportation permits has been seized by the Italian police at the Port of Trieste. The 847 Turkish-made Winchester shotguns worth about €500,000 were on their way to Belgium.
The weapons were declared along with other cargoes destined for Germany and the Netherlands on a Dutch-registered truck driven by a Turkish citizen. Gun shipments from Turkey are nothing new in Trieste, but this time the shipment was missing a key document: authorization for transportation in the EU.

The shipment consisted of 847 pump-action Winchester shotguns: 781 SXP 12-51 and 66 SXP 12-47 models, La Stampa

Diubah oleh bencana.korupsi

hajar aja si bang toyib cecep es doger
es doger mulai panas dingin.....
Pantes putin ngamuk, udah jelas ini diisengaja sama turki....

Eskalasi bakal membesar ini...
asikkkk perang dimulai emoticon-Genit
Sksikan episode selanjutnya dalam serial
emoticon-Angkat Beer
turki ini jd pengalihan issue doang kek nya

satu pesawat satu nyawa ribut

lah russia bombardir sipil di suriah pada dokem aja

melihat bagaimana gerilyawan Syria lari tunggang langgang tak berkutik melawan gempuran Russia membuat Turkey yang memang sebelum telah berkoalisi dengan ISIS dan rasa sympathy membuat Turkey lepas tangan menembak pesawat Russia .
Nasi telah jadi bubur insiden terjadi di tambah ke TOLOLAN gerilyawan ISIS yang merekam PENEMBAKAN pilot Russia saat melayang di udara maupun sesaat setelah gugur jatuh di Tanah dan MENG- UPLOAD insiden tsb ke jejaring sosial yang bukan hanya di lihat oleh seluruh warga Russia melainkan seluruh dunia .
Apa yang terekam di kamera , justru MEMBAKAR KEBENCIAN RUSSIA dan seluruh dunia.
Russia yang adalah salah satu negara SUPER POWER di mata dunia merasa harga dirinya di injak - injak terlebih dengan Fakta - DATA dari satellite yang di confirm oleh Russia , NATO bahkan Amerika menunjukan bahwa PENEMBAKAN tsb berada di luar wilayah Turkey .
Penghancuran peralatan - fasilitas MILITER Russia di luar wilayah Turkey merupakan PENGHINAAN AKAN SUPERIORITAS RUSSIA.
Sesaat setelah insiden tsb sikap Erdogan yang arrogant bahkan tidak mau meminta maaf secara terbuka kepada Russia di tanggapi sebagai suatu tantangan oleh Russia .
Sekarang ini melihat bagaimana Russia semakin menjadi - jadi dalam penghancuran gerilyawan ISIS melalui media Internet mungkin membuat Erdogan harus DIAM SEJENAK DAN MUNDUR tidak perlu berkoar - koar , karena biar bagaimanapun kuatnya Turkey bukanlah TANDINGAN RUSSIA .
Russia telah menempatkan Rudal S -400 di beberapa tempat , juga desakan dari pihak NATO - US yang TAHU BETUL tentang kekuatan Russia dan kepribadian MR PUTIN saat ini dalam taraf murka ,..
Tak usah lah Erdogan berperang urat saraf dengan Putin , apalagi bermain api dengan Russia karena hanya tinggal SEDIKIT LAGI KESABARAN PUTIN, Rakyat Russia sebaliknya ingin Turkey di hancur kan segera , begitupun parlemen Russia .
Lebih baik Erdogan meminta maaf secara terbuka kepada Russia untuk meredakan amarah Russia .
Berjiwa besar lah. Demi ketentraman Rakyat Turkey
parah nih bisa memicu perang dunia emoticon-Takut (S)
Ruski masih mewek aja nih emoticon-Ngakak (S)

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