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Haleluyaaa,'Do you remember Paris?' Man 'stabbed in REVENGE for France attacks beca

Haleluyaaa,'Do you remember Paris?' Man 'stabbed in REVENGE for France attacks beca

'Do you remember Paris?' Man 'stabbed in REVENGE for France attacks because he's Muslim'
A MUSLIM man was allegedly stabbed in a random street attack in apparent revenge for this month’s France terror.

Haleluyaaa,'Do you remember Paris?' Man 'stabbed in REVENGE for France attacks beca
A Muslim man (not pictured) was attacked in apparent revenge for this month’s France terror

The 21-year-old was reportedly slashed while on his way to a petrol station.

He was left seriously wounded after being attacked near Norway’s capital Oslo by a man who allegedly asked him if he was a Muslim before he pulled out a knife.

The stab victim said: ”I was alone. I was pretty sure I was going to die. I looked at my clothes, my leather jacket, my slacks, everything was covered with blood.”

”He took out the knife very slowly. That’s when I understood something bad was going to happen right there and then.

“He tried stabbing me. The knife didn’t hurt me but then he tried again with more force and the knife stood out of my body.”

The next thing the 21-year-old remembers is the alleged attacker standing over him asking “do you remember Paris?”.

Haleluyaaa,'Do you remember Paris?' Man 'stabbed in REVENGE for France attacks beca
'Do you remember Paris?' the alleged attacker said

When the victim didn’t answer the attacker allegedly said ”f*****g muslim”, pulled out the injured man’s phone and threw it back at him saying ”you can call the police now” as he walked away from the scene.

The alleged victim called the police and was rushed to hospital where he had emergency surgery.

Police spokeswoman Laila Stenersen confirmed they received the 999 call.

She said: ”The victim has told us that the incident happened without provocation and that he didn’t know his attacker. His injuries were serious and he needed emergency surgery."

Haleluyaaa,'Do you remember Paris?' Man 'stabbed in REVENGE for France attacks beca
The alleged victim called the police and was rushed to hospital where he had emergency surgery

Police have yet to catch the alleged attacker and the investigation is on-going.

Ervin Kohn from the anti-racism centre in Norway said that several Muslims in Norway have been attacked.

He said: ”The facts that these attacks are happening right after Paris indicates a connection. For some people the line between muslim and terrorist is gone.”

haiyaaa ciilaaka luuwa weelas waaa

Viking strikes back waaa
Beri apresiasi terhadap thread ini Gan!
eropa itu masih sama seperti dulu ..

sebelum teroris ISIS masuk ke eropa bomb serang bunuh umat yg beda agama
kota2 di eropa itu aja udah dari dulu jadi ajang perang agama ..

paus dianggap bapa suci & wakil tuhan oleh katolik
paus itu memerintah suruh catholic crusdaders utk membantai protestan ,yahudi,muslim di eropa

1096 Roman Catholic crusaders slaughter half the Jews in Worms, Germany.

1098 Roman Catholic crusaders slaughter almost all of the inhabitants of the city of Antioch.

1099 Roman Catholic crusaders massacre 70,000 Muslims and Jews when they capture Jerusalem.

1208 – 1226 The Albigensian Crusades in southern France. Roman Catholic crusaders slaughter approximately 20,000 citizens of Beziers, France, on July 22, 1209. Albigensian Christians and Catholics were slain. By the time the Roman Catholic armies finished their “crusade,” almost the entire population of southern France (mostly Albigensian Christians) has been exterminated. During the six centuries of papal Inquisition that began in the 13th century, up to 50 million people were killed. Read what J. A. Wylie's The History of Protestantism has to say about the Crusades against the Abigenses

1236 Roman Catholic crusaders slaughter Jews in the Anjou and Poitou regions of western France. The Catholic crusaders trample to death under their horses 3000 Jews who refuse baptism.

1243 Roman Catholic mobs burn alive all the Jews in Berlitz, Germany (near Berlin).

1298 Roman Catholic mobs burn alive all Jews in Rottingen, Germany.

April 26, 1349 Roman Catholic mobs burn to death all Jews in Germersheim, Germany.

1348 – 1349 The Jews are blamed for the bubonic plague. Author Dave Hunt tells us, “Accused of causing the ‘Black Death’ Jews were rounded up [by Roman Catholic mobs] and hanged, burned, and drowned by the thousands in revenge.”

1389 Roman Catholic mobs murder 3000 Jews in Prague when they refuse to be baptized.

1481 – 1483 At the direction of the Roman Catholic inquisitors, authorities burn at the stake at least 2000 people during the first two years of the Spanish Inquisition.

1540 – 1570 Roman Catholic armies butcher at least 900,000 Waldensian Christians of all ages during this 30-year period.

1550 – 1560 Roman Catholic troops slaughter at least 250,000 Dutch Protestants via torture, hanging, and burning during this ten-year period.

1553 – 1558 Roman Catholic Queen Mary I of England (aka “bloody Mary”) attempts to bring England back under the yoke of papal tyranny. During her reign, approximately 200 men and woman are burned to death at the sake. Her victims include bishops, scholars, and other Protestant leaders.

1572 St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. French Roman Catholic soldiers begin killing Protestants in Paris on the night of August 24, 1572. The soldiers kill at least 10,000 Protestants during the first three days. At least 8000 more Protestants are killed as the slaughter spreads to the countryside.

1618 – 1648 The Thirty Years’ War. This bloody, religious war is planned, instigated, and orchestrated by the Roman Catholic Jesuit order and its agents in an attempt to exterminate all the Protestants in Europe. Many countries in central Europe lose up to half their population.

1641 – 1649 Eight years of Jesuit-instigated Roman Catholic butchery of Irish Protestants claims the lives of at least 100,000 Protestants.

1685 French Roman Catholic soldiers slaughter approximately 500,000 French Protestant Huguenots on the orders of Roman Catholic King Louis 14 of France.

Circa 1938 – 1945 Catholic dictators such as Adolf Hitler and Monsignor Tiso slaughter approximately six million Jews in Europe prior to and during World War 2.

1941 – 1945 The Roman Catholic Ustashi in the fascist state of Croatia butcher up to one million Serbian Orthodox Christians. Roman Catholic killer squads are often led by Franciscan priests, monks, and friars. This genocide is choreographed by two Jesuit prelates: Aloysius Stepinac and Ivan Saric.

obama samakan kebiadaban crusade dgn teroris ISIS

udah gan jangan buka aib lama, generasi sekarang sudah lupa itu.
pki aja di indonesia sudah mulai dilupakan, malah mau dianggap pahlawan, anti penjajah kok...


Diubah oleh Moh.Ichwanuddin
tanggapan orang normal berempati :
"turut berduka cita sedalam-dalamnya.."
"Kasian, dia ga ngapa2in jadi korban.."
"teroris terkutuk, bikin eropa yang adem ayem jadi ladang perang!!"

tanggapan pecundang : 
"Sokoooor..gara2 kelakuan umat lo tuh. Rasain"
"Emeng seharusnya Parasit diginiin.."
"Viking strikes back waaa!!!"

Ada diposisi manakah anda?

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