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Cortana di windows 10

Cortana di windows 10

Cara mengaktifkan cortana di windows 10 :
1. Agan harus mengubah pengaturan bahasanya, sebagai berikut gan emoticon-Malu (S) emoticon-Malu (S) :

Masuk ke : >>settings>>Time and language>>

Cortana di windows 10

2. Klik region & language Dan berikutnya agan harus mengubah bahasa yang mensupport bahasa cortana seperti : united states, united kingdom, japan france dllnya gan , tapi kalo pilh bahasa indonesia gk bisa gan belum support mungkin ketinggalan jaman indonesia kali yah ?? hahah !! emoticon-Ngakak (S) emoticon-Ngakak (S)

Cortana di windows 10

3. Kemudian akifkan cortananya , seperti gambar berikut : emoticon-Malu
Cortana di windows 10

4. Selesai, agan bisa berbicara sama si cortana seperti :

Ask Cortana About Herself
What is your name?
Who are you?
what are you?
Are you female?
Are you real?
Are you human?
What does Cortana mean?
Why are you blue?
Can I change your name?
How old are you?
What do you look like?
Can you cook?
What are you wearing?
Are you sleeping?
What do you eat?
Who created you?
Where do you live?
Who is your mother?
Who is your father?
Who is your boss?
Are you awake?
Do you have brothers or sisters?
What’s your favorite music?
Who is your favorite artist?
What are you doing?
Can you dance?
Are you smart?
Are you pretty?
Are you hot?
Are you single?
Do you have a baby?
Do you have a boyfriend?
Kiss me
Will you marry me?
What should I call you?
Cortana Greetings
Good morning.
Good afternoon.
Good evening.
How are you doing?
What are you up to?
Thank you.
Cortana’s Jokes and Stories
Knock Knock
Tell me a Joke.
Do an impersonation.
Say something funny.
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Tell me a story.
What does the Fox say?
Sing me a song.
Ask Cortana What She Knows
Why are we here?
Where do babies come from?
What is the meaning of life?
What is the answer to the universe?
What is love?
Guess what?
Famous References
Beam me up Scotty.
Hello HAL.
Open the pod bay doors.
Use the Force.
May the Force be with you.
Compliments and Insults
You are cool.
You are beautiful.
You are funny.
You are awesome.
You are the best assistant ever.
You are ugly.
You are creepy.
You are annoying.
You suck.
I love you.
Ask Cortana about Microsoft Products and the Competition
Which is better, Cortana or Siri?
Which is better, Cortana or Google Now?
Which is better, Bing or Google?
Which is better, Xbox or PlayStation?
Which is better, Windows or Linux?
Which is better, Windows or Mac OS?
What is the best computer?
What is the best tablet?
What is the best operating system?
What is the best phone?
What is the best search engine?
What do you think of Windows?
What do you think of Apple?
What do you think of iOS?
What do you think of Google?
What do you think of Android?
What do you think of Siri?
What do you think of Google Now?
What do you think of Xbox?
What do you think of Playstation?
Do you know Siri?
Do you know Google Now?
Do you know Clippy?
Do you like Satya Nadella?
Do you like Steve Ballmer?
Do you like Bill Gates?
Ask Cortana about Halo
What is Halo?
Tell me about Halo?
What do you know about Halo 5?
Are you in Halo 5?
Are you the Cortana from Halo?
Are you really Cortana?
Did you die?
I thought you were dead?
Are you in Halo 5?
What is favorite Halo game?
Where is the Master Chief?
What is Master Chief’s last name?
What is Master Chief doing?
Are you dating Master Chief?
Do you love Master Chief?
Tell me about Hamish Beamish.
Tell me about Buggers.
Tell me about Crawlers.
Tell me about the Didact.
Tell me about Elites
Tell me about the flood.
Tell me about Grunts
Tell me about Guilty Spark.
Tell me about Catherine Halsey.
Tell me about Hunters
Tell me about Knights.
Tell me about Jackals
Tell me about funny corntana commands.
Tell me about the Librarian.
Tell me about Prometheans.
Tell me about Prophets
Tell me about rampancy
Tell me about Jen Taylor.
Tell me about Watchers.
Thanks to Talderon.

Cortana Phone Commands
Call Wife on Speakerphone
Call Sister at home
Call boss on mobile
Call Tyrone
Press [number]
Cortana Texting (SMS) Commands
Text mom: What time is the birthday party?
Message my boss: I have completed the budget report
Send text to Tyrone: When are you coming to pick up my stuff?
Show me messages from Tyrone
Cortana Calendar Commands
Create a meeting with Tyrone at 2pm tomorrow
Create a budget review meeting today at 4pm
Change my 2pm meeting tomorrow to 3pm
Add Jessica to my meeting with Tyrone
Cancel budget review meeting
What does the rest of my day look like?
What appointments do I have tomorrow?
What’s on my calendar for Friday?
When is my next appointment?
When is my next meeting?
When am I meeting with Tyrone?
Where is my next meeting?
What am I doing this weekend?
Cortana Reminders
Remind me at 4pm to submit my time sheet
Remind me to buy gas when I leave work
Remind me to check the mail when I get home.
When my wife calls, remind me to ask her to pick up the kids
The next time I’m at the grocery store, remind me to buy eggs
Remind me to buy concert tickets tomorrow
Cortana Note Taking
Take Note: Pick up eggs, milk, bread, and cheese from the supermarket
Note: Suspect is five feet tall, heavy build, and wearing a Dallas Cowboys jacket
Cortana Alarm Commands
Wake me up at 6 am tomorrow morning
Set alarm for 7:30 am
Wake me up in 2 hours
Cancel alarm.
Cortana Commands for Maps and Directions
Navigate home
Take me home
How do I get home
What’s the traffic like on the way to work?
Get me directions to Union Station
How far is Union Station
Where am I?
Show me a map of Washington, DC
Cortana Questions for Local Business
Show me pizza restaurants nearby
Show me the nearest gas station
Find flower shop near my work
Is there a Walmart near me?
Get me directions to the nearest Starbucks
Show me highly rated restaurants nearby
Show me good Mexican restaurants nearby
What restaurants are open at 10am nearby
Give me directions to the second one
Cortana Weather Questions
What’s the weather today?
What’s the forecast for this weekend?
What is the weather like in Philadelphia?
Cortana Flight Commands
What is the status of flight AA 5557?
Is America flight 76 on time?
Music Commands
Play artist (Play Alicia Keys)
Play song title (Play We are the Champions)
Play genre (Play Jazz)
Play playlist (Play Old School Rap Playlist)
Play album (Play Ready to Die)
Pause the music
Resume the music
Play the next track
Play the previous track
Shuffle the music
What song is playing?
Random Cortana Questions
Who is the mayor of Washington, DC?
What’s the population of India?
How old is Hulk Hogan?
What should I not eat when I’m pregnant?
Show me a picture of a pit bull
Who is Kayne West?
Find recipes for baked chicken breasts
Cortana Math Commands
What is 21 divided by 7?
Convert 3 miles to feet
Cortana App Commands
Open camera
Turn on airplane mode
Turn on quiet hours
Turn on WiFi
Cortana News Commands
Show me today’s news
Show me the top headlines
Show me the local news
Show me the international news

Itulah tips dan pengalaman yang pernah ane coba dan sukses jaya luar biasa , selamat mencoba gan !!
emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak
Beri apresiasi terhadap thread ini Gan!
Halaman 1 dari 2
-sudah sejak awal install win.10
Sudah aktif punya ane emoticon-Cool
pas banget buat jones malam mingguan emoticon-Ngakak

Asal tidak buat maksiat wkwkw
syang g ad bhs indonesiaemoticon-Ngakak
Prediksi piala dunia lalu bener semua dia..

ya, begitulah gan emoticon-Ngakak (S) emoticon-Ngakak (S) emoticon-Ngakak (S)


haha bisa aja ente emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Betty (S)

ketauan jonesnya ya emoticon-Ngakak (S)
gan mau nanya , saya kan baru update windows 10 , nah cortana nya itu tidak bisa denger command saya dengan voice , dan pas saya mau learn my voice aja langsung ada tulisan " SOMETHING WENT WRONG , TRY AGAIN IN A LITTLE BIT " . saya juga udah set up mic dan udah ganti semua time language ke US , dan masih tidak bisa . Mohon bantuannya gan
Diubah oleh dimasrahmadi
bantu saya gan hehe


bantu saya gan


-setup languange sesuai pada saat install


harus tersambung to internet gan, kalo gk tersambung ke internet cortananya akan menjawab kayak gini " SOMETHING WENT WRONG , TRY AGAIN IN A LITTLE BIT " emoticon-Ngakak (S) emoticon-Ngakak (S) emoticon-Ngakak (S)
"Who is siri?"

"Siri? you mean dat bitch?"


emoticon-Ngakak (S)
windows memahami isi hati jones yang selalu kesepian emoticon-Ngakak
gan mau tanya, cortana ane kok eror ya ga bisa di enable, "cortana is disable by company policy" dan ga bisa di on kan gan... ada yang punya solusinya?
ane juga udah aktip nunggu b indo kapan ya ? emoticon-Ngakak
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spec ente aja kali yg cupu emoticon-Big Grin
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