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September blood moon

September blood moon

What do you think about it ?

These days so many news about this,and so many passages for it.I think this is good for us.
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I dont think abot ded
ane simak dulu smua ny gan
These days so many news about this,and so many passages for it.I think this is good for us.
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Ga kuat waper gan, lg cekat kuota,,emoticon-Big Grin
Nunggu komeng yg laen aja lah,,emoticon-Hammer2
i think i ora iso wafer gan...
i do thinking that i can not wafer

kalo ga salah tgl 27 28 september ini kan
"God, Thy sea is so great, my boat is so small."
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I not understand what you congor to we are emoticon-Bingung
berdarah emoticon-Takut
i think i'm handsome and still tamvan emoticon-Cool
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wah merah darah yah gan emoticon-Matabelo
As if anyone think more?!

mendingan ente taruh di postingan habis videonya gan.. kan bisa di edit itu threadnya
This is noting anu. Were are are good morning.. emoticon-Nohope bodo ah pusing.. pada ngomong apa X emoticon-Mad: huh emoticon-Nohope good sore aja dah emoticon-Big Grin
Almighty God says,"When God chastises people of the entire universe, that is, when various kinds of disasters befall, the sun and the moon will have a change due to the ‘disasters.’ When the disasters are over, the sun and the moon will be changed. This is the ‘transition.’ It can be seen that the disasters in the future will be quite great. Maybe there will appear the reversal of day and night, maybe the sun cannot be seen all the year round, maybe a scorching sun will shine several months, maybe a crescent moon will ‘face’ all mankind all the time, or maybe there will emerge an unusual phenomenon that the sun and the moon appear at the same time, and so on. After several periodical changes, eventually they will be renewed with the days flowing away. "From that we know it is no accident that all things are changing in the world. The changes of the heaven and earth are under the sovereignty of God. God is awaking more numb people and the ones who have been waiting for the return of God for many years through many disasters and countless fact. God says, “God has already returned upon a ‘white cloud’.” The end-time gospel has been opened to us. It is our great blessing. Only if we come before God and accept the salvation of God,This happened precisely God to humanity and call alerts. The history of mankind and the future of humanity can not escape the hand of God's arrangement, the fate of mankind is also in the hands of God. Only if we all bow before God, and accept God's salvation, to accept God as master of our destiny, we have a good fate. God was calling humanity will soon come to God to give God saves.

Do you want to know the fate and destination of mankind? Do you wonder how to receive the compassion and tolerance of the Creator? This chorus of God’s word will reveal everything to you….

I Only If Mankind Worships the True God Can They Have a Good Fate
oh yes oh no emoticon-Cool
That is Mugen Tsukoyomi??

I dont tjink that coZ i nevee..never.. Believe it..
I'm sorry, i not understand babar blas lek...

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