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English for Entrepreneur

English for Entrepreneur

By Sofie Riana
(Founder English Solution)

Does Entrepreneur need English?

Some of entrepreneurs will probably say “It’s not really matter if we don’t understand English”. In the other side, some of them will say English is one of the things that support their business. The entrepreneur is coming from one of the leading figures and high quality generations with a good self-value. No matter what side of the debate you stand, it will be better if entrepreneur knows English than it doesn’t. The strong ability to manage communication with people is one of indication that the Entrepreneur is having a good value.

English is one of the crucial things that must be owned by the entrepreneur. With a good English skill, it will be easy to make every deal with partner or consumer, especially if the entrepreneur wants to grab foreign partner and consumer. Furthermore, it will be able to compete in the business world where every entrepreneur vying to expand out of country. So, it is going to be more successful if an entrepren understands English.

I remember one of my students, a branch manager from one of Insurance company in Bandung, told me about her experience when she lost a great deal with Korean Company. She failed to manage communication with the Korean in English. That made her company lost a great chance to expand the business to Korea. This could be the turning point in her career that made her then decide to learn English with me. “At least I understand English and know how to communicate with foreign partner” She said. It is proof that how English affects someone’s business and career.

In addition, I got student who own online shop selling fashionable eye glasses. She is willing to sell her product to foreign consumers. She spends her time twice in a week to learn English with me. From that I learn that everyone is increasingly in need of English.

There is no reason for all Entrepreneurs not to learn English. You will be seen as a qualified entrepreneur who is ready to face business competition in or out of the country. Today, when every entrepreneur is vying to be success in business, one of the ways to win the competition is by introducing your business out of the country. But it is impossible if you don’t know English.

Start from now, support your business with English!

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